Paul Rudd’s such a drama queen

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Ever watch those clips of Lily Tomlin and David O. Russell screaming at each other on the set of I Heart Huckabees? Pretty sweet, I know.

Anyway, I’m pretty gullible, so at first I thought this video of Paul Rudd and Michael Showalter was real. I should’ve been more savvy: for one thing, it’s the second Lily Tomlin clip almost verbatim, for another, like Paul Rudd’s really gonna do television now that his Will Ferrell-sidekick career has kicked into overdrive. Still, Paul Rudd’s such a good actor … I didn’t figure it out until Showalter started talking.


Lost, argh

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I’ve got a love-hate thing with Lost, and lately it’s more hate than love. The Locke episode was cool, sure. I know a lot of people liked the Nikki/Paolo episode, but it kind of annoyed me. For one thing, the creators basically admitted they were written off the show due to bad viewer response. That’s so irritating — I want to watch a show with a clear direction and creative vision, not one that’s swayed by the whims of the masses. Did they not read the Federalist Papers?  If we don’t like the characters, make us like them!  It’s not that hard; give them a few funny lines or have them do something useful.

While I’m pointing fingers, I’d like to point another at Harold Perrineau, who is refusing to come back for the season finale. Dude, that’s fucked up. I understand he’s probably mad about being written off, but c’mon, he can’t take a week and go to Hawaii? He owes it to the show. It made him famous, and the fans deserve a follow-up to his storyline. Think about it: how cool would it be if we saw Walt and Michael living in New York, refusing to think about the past or talk about the time they spent on the island, just trying to live normally, but unable to forget? And then Desmond’s girlfriend Penny shows up at their door, somehow tracking them down? That would be an AWESOME cliffhanger, and now we’re not going to get to see it. Damn that Perrineau.

Some Buffy rumor-mongering

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Ain’t It Cool News is spreading a rumor that Sarah Michelle Gellar might be in the next Batman movie, and now I’m spreading it, too.

Fall pilot contenders

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We’ve got a month to go before the May upfronts, but the networks have already presented some pilots to media buyers. Here’s a rundown of some contenders, organized by network:


Action News: Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton, also starring Fred Willard (yay!) and poor dead Billy from Battlestar Galactica. Grammer plays a hot shot news anchor whose career goes down the drain and ends up back at his former local news station with Heaton, his old co-anchor. In a TV first, they will share a tempestuous love-hate relationship. Aw, I kid. This sounds pretty cute.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Lena Headey plays Sarah Connor. She is very pretty. Basically, this picks up where Terminator 2: Judgment Day leaves off. John Connor’s played by that Zach kid from Heroes.

The Apostles: About cops or something. Both the cast and the description makes me yawn.

Canterbury’s Law: Julianna Margulies is a rebellious defense attorney. Eh.

The Cure: Oded Fehr (the Egyptian guy from The Mummy who wasn’t the Mummy), Esai Morales and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon are doctors, but they’re like radical guerilla doctors raging against the machine.

The CW

Gossip Girl: I hate it when a CW pilot looks good, because that means it might bump Veronica Mars off the schedule. Anyway, this one features Carrie Bishop (Leighton Meester) from Veronica Mars and other pretty no-names in a fancy Manhattan rich kid school. I love a good rich kid high school drama, and actually, that Meester girl is really talented, so … dammit.

Wild at Heart: Brett Cullen has been everywhere lately (Lost, Tim’s dad on Friday Night Lights, that Beau-Mart guy on Ugly Betty), and now he’s a veterinarian who moves to a game reserve in South Africa with his undoubtedly brooding kids.

Dash 4 Cash: Jonathan Chase (murder suspect Josh from Veronica Mars) and a bunch of nobodies star in a fake racing reality show. Could be a lot of fun.

Aliens in America: Two teenagers, one Muslim, one Whitey, engage in some sort of wacky hijinks.

Reaper: A slacker becomes the devil’s bounty hunter. Seriously.


CBS didn’t meet with buyers, but two possibilities:

I’m in Hell: Stars Jason Biggs (remember him? American Pie, anyone?) as a Wall Street type who dies, then gets sent back to live life as a schlub.

Twilight: Amber Valetta, Rade Serbedzija (Eurotrip and tons of other stuff) and others in a show about a vampire private investigator. So basically, Angel.


The only project mentioned in the article is the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff (tentatively titled “Private Practice,” ew), but I wanted to highlight at least one other project …

Untitled Jon Feldman Project (a.k.a. Bedrooms & Boardrooms): Michael Vartan, Dylan McDermott, Josh Malina and Christopher Titus star. What a fantastic cast! A bunch of male CEOs who gossip Sex and the City-style. Vartan’s the lead, naturally. Dylan’s a “cosmetics CEO who can’t resist sex with his age-defying ex-wife,” just like Dr. Cox from Scrubs. Josh Malina’s a cheater. Titus is totally whipped by his wife (I’m giggling just thinking about this one). If this isn’t on ABC’s fall schedule … well, then it probably sucks, but it can’t suck! It’s got Vartan!

More Grey’s Part Deux

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Shonda Rhimes hates spoilers, but someone at ABC doesn’t, because they ran and told the LA Times all about the new Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. Nothing too surprising, but here it is:

Following her recent disastrous romantic misfortunes, Addison (Kate Walsh) travels to Santa Monica to seek advice from her old medical school pals, Naomi (Merrin Dungey) and Jackson (Taye Diggs) whom she believes have it all: a beautiful teenage daughter, a great marriage and a highly successful health cooperative.

Addison quickly learns that Jackson, also a successful TV health guru, has divorced Naomi. During the visit, Addison also meets the rest of the gang at the cooperative: a widowed alternative medicine doctor, a self-doubting therapist, and a male gynecologist who knows little about women, and realizes she is on familiar ground.

Addison concludes that the personal lives of the people around her may be a mess, but professionally they stand out. (Sounds like those crazy interns, right?) So she decides to leave Seattle Grace behind and join the Oceanside Wellness Group team.

Predictions: The widowed alternative medicine doctor has got to be Tim Daly. (Alternative medicine? Ew.) The self-doubting therapist has Amy Brenneman written all over it. And the male gynecologist … Paul Adelstein? Interesting choice. This still doesn’t tell us who Chris Lowell and Sean Faris will play. I still say they look too young to be doctors!

I also don’t like this whole “health cooperative” nonsense. It sounds like the set will be some cheesy oceanfront property like the Melrose Place beach house. What’s wrong with another hospital? Oh, Shonda. First Izzie sleeps with George, now this. Don’t ruin this show, too …

Updated: Sean Faris, hilariously, will be playing the “sexed-up receptionist.”

Sean Faris joins Grey’s Part Deux

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Might I suggest “Sucks To Be You, Real Doctors Are Way Uglier” for the title of the new Grey’s Anatomy spinoff? Kristen Veitch at E! reports that the Tom Cruise-ish youngster Sean Faris has joined the cast. Both he and previously announced Chris Lowell starred on the shortlived ABC show Life As We Know It. I never watched it, but I think it’s that one where everyone kept calling Kelly Osbourne fat. But honestly, what roles could these guys possibly be playing? They look too Teen Beat to be doctors. Hot young paramedics? Hot young interns? Male nurses? I’m confused.

Anyway, this leaves the show short a girl. I figure Addison’s probably hooking up with Tim Daly, and Merrin Dungey’s probably getting with Taye Diggs. I think Paul Adelstein will be the show’s Bailey, so this leaves Amy Brenneman sans man. She can have one of the young guys, but then the other dude needs a woman. Unless Chris Lowell and Sean Faris are gay … Geez. The spinoff hasn’t even aired yet, and the sexual intrigue’s already rivaling the original.

Updated: According to Kristen at E!, Sean Faris will be the “sexed-up receptionist.”  HA!  I love this idea.  Male receptionists, so hot right now.

The Tudors

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Now that Rome is over, Showtime’s filling the period drama void with The Tudors. The first two episodes are available online and they’re definitely worth a look.

The cast is amazing, and by “amazing,” I mean “full of hot British guys.” Jonathan Rhys-Meyers plays Henry VIII, and spends most of the time with his shirt off. Callum Blue (Dead Like Me) and Henry Cavill also star. Henry Cavill had a bit part in The Count of Monte Cristo as Guy Pearce’s son, and even back then I was like “damn, give this guy a TV show.” Five years later, wish come true! I hate to gush, but he’s just so pretty. Sam Neill and Jeremy Northam round out the cast.

It’s not perfect. The sex is totally gratuitous to the point of being silly. The dialogue isn’t as well-crafted as in Rome, and the sets aren’t as opulent. And there’s no one to match the characters of Pullo and Vorenus; we’re stuck in the rafters of high society, even if it would be more fun down in the gutters.

Still, I can’t wait to see more. (Did I mention the hot British guys?)  And if you don’t want to take my word for it, TV Guide also gives the thumbs up.

Turtle power!

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TMNT got a few rave reviews, and more than a few bad ones. Allow me to state, for the record, that folks should quit player-hating and start participating. The animation is incredible, just really beautifully done, particularly the direction. The “camera work” creates a great sense of movement, making you feel like you’re on a ride instead of at the theater. The plot is silly but fun, and it stays true to the Turtles we remember and love. It’s definitely aimed at kids, which I think is a good thing — there’s no need to pack every kids movie with irony for the adults, especially when a lot of adults still have unabashed love for the Heroes in a Half Shell.  I hope they catch on with kiddies today and there are lots of little Turtles running around this Halloween.  Power Rangers get NO CANDY!

Save One Show 2007

March 23, 2007 at 5:05 pm | Posted in Friday Night Lights, TV News, Veronica Mars | 1 Comment

It’s back: E! Online’s annual Save One Show poll, in which you vote for the show you’d most like to see back on the air next season.

Vote! Mine was cast for Veronica Mars, but I’d also suggest showing Friday Night Lights a little love.

NBC stands by 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights

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NBC’s Kevin Reilly told ad buyers this week that “nothing is guaranteed and the ratings are low, but I can’t help but believe that 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights have the potential to be St. Elsewhere and Cheers.”

I do, too!

Matt Roush from TV Guide praised Friday Night Lights this week more eloquently than I ever could. Bravo’s airing repeats of the show on Fridays and Saturdays through April, so hopefully it’ll pick up a few more viewers.

Bad, bad, bad movie accents

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ScreenGrab presents the Top Ten Worst Accents in Movie History (via Defamer).

Bad accents are by far my biggest film pet peeve, so I’ve got a few additions to the list:

Andie MacDowell in Groundhog Day. Andie desperately tries to hide her Southern drawl behind a cloak of bad acting, but the jig’s up when she says “believe it or not, I studied nineteenth century French poerrtry.” Guess what, Andie: I don’t believe it.

Keanu Reeves in The Devil’s Advocate. Keanu also can’t do British (Much Ado About Nothing), but his Southern accent in this movie is so atrocious that it becomes sort of endearing. He’s trying so hard! Giving 110 percent! And it’s still awful! Awww.

Drew Barrymore in Ever After. Drew’s one of those actors that just is not capable of doing an accent (see Reeves, Keanu), but I forgive her most of the time. That being said, what the hell is going on in Ever After? For one thing, the movie is set in France, but everyone’s doing British accents. Except for Drew, who’s doing Deranged. She can’t pronounce the French names either, so it’s just a big ol’ mess.

Julianne Moore in An Ideal Husband. I can’t explain it, it just annoys me.

Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire. I guess I could fault Tom Cruise here, too, but I find Brad’s more irritating. Exceedingly mumbly. I also don’t like his hair.

Gary Oldman in The Fifth Element. Mr. Zorg’s accent is supposed to be Southern, I think. Brits tend to do Southern well (e.g. Jude Law in Cold Mountain), so perhaps Gary was just having a little fun with this role? Whatever he’s doing, it’s distractingly weird — and if his accent is the one thing I’m singling out as weird in a Luc Besson movie, then you know it’s totally off the reservation.

My picks for the best accents? Hank Azaria’s obviously the master; my faves are The Birdcage and America’s Sweethearts. Other so-offensive-they’re-good performances: Gedde Watanabe in Sixteen Candles (ohh sexy girrrrlfriend!) and Sacha Baron Cohen in Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Cary Elwes (Twister, Kiss the Girls), Russell Crowe (The Insider), and Christian Bale (American Psycho, Batman Begins) are awesome at American accents.

Also, my pick for best intentionally bad accent: In Mickey Blue Eyes, Hugh Grant plays his typical British self but, after a series of wacky hijinks, has to pretend to be in the Mafia: “But what the hey? Me got it undew contwol. Fargettaboud it.” Must be heard to be believed.

Josh Charles joins Six Degrees

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Those sneaky TV bastards have done it again. They’ve taken a show I have zero interest in ever watching (Six Degrees), and added a fantastic new cast member, making me question everything I once believed in. Josh Charles from Sports Night, S.W.A.T., and most memorably, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead is coming back to the small screen! I can’t explain it, but I think he’s dreamy.  Goofy, but dreamy.

But Six Degrees? Ew. C’mon ABC, give him his own show. Or let him drop in on Grey’s Anatomy as McHottie or something.

Oh well. Read more about the changes to Six Degrees here.  And below, enjoy some Josh Charles from his glory days on Sports Night.

Burstyn-gate: VICTORY!

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You might recall my bitching over Ellen Burstyn’s Emmy win, which she earned with a meager 14 seconds of screen time. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has thankfully revised the rules, and supporting actor/actress nominees will now have to appear in 5% of the film/show to be eligible.

The nominees in the important categories will also be selected by a mix of Academy votes and panel selections. Whatever. The only way the Academy is getting back in my good graces is if Friday Night Lights gets nominated for a bunch of stuff.

Veronica Mars canceled?

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Kristin from E! Online reported this morning that Veronica Mars has been canceled.

Then she backtracked and explained that cancellation isn’t certain, and that the show might continue as is, or switch to a new format as described in the Hollywood Reporter. In the new format, the show would fast-forward a few years to Veronica working at the FBI. It could be pretty cool, as long as Jason Dohring makes regular guest appearances.

It would be an idiotic decision to cancel the show, considering that none of The CW’s shows have done very well in the ratings, Veronica Mars is their most critically acclaimed show, and they have plenty of holes in their schedule. The network’s still struggling, and this move won’t earn them any goodwill.

If it ends up getting canceled, I hope this leaves the writers time to resolve the show satisfactorily (i.e., get Veronica and Logan back together). There’s nothing I hate worse than a crappy ending.

Andy Barker, P.I.

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Andy Barker, P.I. premieres tonight on NBC at 9:30.  Andy Richter plays a CPA-turned-Veronica Mars, with Tony Hale (Buster from Arrested Development) as his sidekick.  Admit it, it sounds hilarious.  Here’s a TV Guide interview with Andy Richter and Conan O’Brien, who helped create the show.

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