Fall pilots: Lipstick Jungle, The Sarah Connor Chronicles

August 30, 2007 at 6:40 pm | Posted in TV News | Leave a comment

I’m taking a look at the fall’s new shows, and here are two to avoid like the plague: Lipstick Jungle and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.I was dubious about Lipstick Jungle initially because of the cast: Brooke Shields? Lindsay Price? These are not actresses who’ve built up a lot of career goodwill. The plot: the problems of fancy women with fabulous jobs. Sex and the City managed to make privileged women bemoaning their lives without seem charming and relateable. On Lipstick Jungle, the women seem like ineffectual whiners, completely lacking in the stellar leadership skills we’re told that they possess. I turned this off within ten minutes.

Here are the problems with The Sarah Connor Chronicles: the new Sarah Connor is far less badass than the original. She’s wearing a skirt in the opening scenes, a skirt that is completely unsuitable for ass-kicking. They’re going for a tense, foreboding atmosphere, but it seemed more like a parody of the original instead of a continuation. And the Terminator who appears in the first few minutes is laughable. Seriously, I laughed out loud. He looks completely stupid. Thomas Dekker makes a good John Connor, but I still had to turn this one off early, too.

I’ll try to watch both shows in full to see if my opinions need to be revised, but ugh, the thought is so depressing. In the meantime, might I suggest that you try Friday Night Lights this fall instead? The DVDs just came out, and there’s a money-back guarantee if you don’t like them.


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