So You Think You Can Dance (August 15, 2007)

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It’s here! THE FINALE IS HERE! Well, the pseudo-finale anyway, because the results show is tomorrow. But still — one of tonight’s four dancers will become America’s Favorite Dancer. (Benji’s like: “only the Favorite Dancer of 2007, thank you very much.”) This is super dramatic, yo.

Intro time: the top four strut around, all looking extremely attractive. No uggos in America’s Favorite Four!

You may be shocked to discover that I don’t like Cat’s dress. It’s gold. Beaded. With capped sleeves. Yeesh. Cat reminds us that all the contestants will be dancing with everyone else tonight, and then actually pronounces the word “judges” with her regular British accent! Dang, this episode is so great already.

Also great — Dan Karaty’s on the panel. I like his critiquing. Nigel sums up the season for us: stronger contestants, higher standards, et cetera. Cat comments that Mary looks gorgeous, and I am happy to report that both hair and outfit look super classy. Well done, Murphy. Then, just to ruin the moment, she screams. And then instantly redeems herself by calling Nigel, and I quote, an “English muffin.” Next, we get a clip show of everyone’s best moments. This is actually a treat, since we get to see parts of the four’s original auditions. Observation: Sabra’s afro used to be quite sizeable.

But let’s get on with the dancing. First up, all four are doing a Broadway routine with God of Dance Tyce Diorio. Rehearsals appear to go very smoothly. They’re dancing to a song from Cabaret called “Mein Herr,” and even though I know that musical’s set in Germany, I’m still wondering if we’re about to see some Springtime for Hitler. Neil kicks off the number by pirouetting while dressed like a mime, and the others push chairs on to the stage. It’s super slinky, super jazzy, and quite fun. There’s a brief kick line, lots of jazz hands, and they conclude by running over to the judge’s table and pose. Nigel loved it, but wants Lacey to focus on her partner more. He’s got nothing bad to say about Danny. Same with Sabra and Neil. Dan advises the folks to “take it to another level” if at all possible. Um, thanks Dan.

More pre-recorded footage: Cat’s doing sit-down chats with all the finalists. Lacey got conned into dancing by her parents, who bribed her with Barbie dolls. We get a slidehow of adorable baby pictures with Benji, then embarrassing ballroom photos, then super scary photos of Lacey in hair school. She loved doing the samba with Danny, and hated her solo from a few weeks back. We hated it too, Lacey. However, she said she kept forgetting her moves, which I empathize with. Back on stage, Lacey does tonight’s solo, and I’m pleased to say it’s really improved. It’s got a cool entrance, cool music (Daft Punk), and she works in some of her mannequin freezes throughout. She concludes by falling off the stage into the arms of some dudes. Way to step up your game, Lace! Nigel gets on her case again about the lack of emotional honesty. Mary demonstrates by some honesty by telling Lacey how much better she is when she’s with a partner. Dan’s nice, and calls her “pure entertainment.” Benji and his dad make an appearance with the electric sign.

Sabra and Neil are doing hip hop with Shane Sparks. Neil’s having trouble with the ass-grinding, so Shane’s assistant has to physically push his hips around. Neil’s comment: “Shane was like, asking me to be all sexy and stuff? And I was like, Shane, that’s like asking Nigel to be British.” Ah, I love Neil. And okay folks: this routine rocked. Shane really did a great job — a lot of really hard unison dancing, lots of cute interactions. My only complaint was that it looked a little cheerleader-y, and not that street. Nigel says that it was stiff and lacking in funk, which is true, but whatevs, I liked it anyway. Plus, it was way better than a lot of the hip hop we’ve seen already. Mary was also disappointed. Dan clarifies that he thought their earlier hip hop routines were better, and they were too bouncy. Yeah, valid, I guess. I still liked it.

Lacey and Danny are doing the Viennese waltz next. Jean-Marc Genereaux gets frustrated by Lacey and Danny’s kindergarden antics. Also, during a through-the-legs part, Lacey’s head hits Danny’s “goodies.” The kids are giddy! The routine is danced to Avril Lavigne but otherwise unobjectionable. Lacey appears to have fixed her limp wrists, and they do some beautiful tricky lifts. Nigel adored it, and asked Lacey if she worked on the wrist thing. Lacey claims she put a popsicle stick in her glove to practice. Danny’s reaction: “she totally made that up.” HA! Danny blew up her spot! Mary the expert loved it, and gives them a standing ovation. Dan loves Danny’s technique and Lacey’s performance ability.

Neil’s interview is next. He comments, “sometimes I like to dance.” His baby pictures are freaking adorable. Neil liked his Wade routine and disliked the Latin performances. He also likes the screaming girls in the audience. And we like him. Solo time! He continues his hot streak. Honestly, it’s kind of flawless. Also, it’s really a testament to his choreographing ability that his contemporary routines still command interest. Mary comments that his dancing has really matured.

I want Neil to have his own show. Possibly on The CW.

Sabra and Lacey are dancing with Wade Robson next. Apparently, they will be mother and baby foxes. This looks a little wack in rehearsal. It also looks wack on stage — Sabra spends the beginning of the dance curled in a ball, while Lacey creeps toward her, biting a scarf in her mouth. The movement’s similar to Wade’s hummingbird dance. I dunno, they were good … it’s just a little flat emotionally for me. And I blame the choreography here, not the dancers. Nigel calls it extraordinary, but that he didn’t get it at all, and that he can’t critique them based on that routine. Mary agrees with Nigel. Dan sticks up for his buddy Wade, who seems to be taking the criticism remarkably well. Dan manages to tell the girls that they danced it well, which was more than the other two could muster.

Danny’s interview is next. He talks about getting adopted by Travis Wall’s mom Denise. Ooh, he danced his original audition to “Take My Breath Away” by Queen. Then they address the alleged arrogance problem — boring! It’s a self-awareness problem, which he managed to get under control, so let’s move on. And then — HAHAHAHAHAHA. Danny’s dancing to “We Are the Champions.” Now, he probably means “we” = the four finalists, not the royal “we”, but still, this won’t help the arrogance thing. It’s AWESOME, though. Instead of going for beautiful choreography, he does six amazing leaps around the perimeter of the stage, then at least fifteen ridiculously awesome pirouettes, and then, just to make sure no one votes for Neil, some gymnastics. Well done! Travis and Denise can’t even handle how great it was, and I think you can lip-read Travis dropping the F-bomb. Dude, even the judges give him a standing ovation. Nigel calls him the best dancer on the series, Mary screams, and she and Dan agree that they’ll never tire of watching Danny dance. Dan wonders what’s in the water down at Denise Wall’s Virginia Beach studio. Travis sniffles back tears in the audience. Like, normally, I’d probably complain that Danny doing millions of pirouettes is akin to Ivan’s roller-skate shoes — it’s a gimmick. But I guess I just appreciate that Danny really went for broke here.

Next, Neil and Danny are dancing with Mia Michaels. Newsflash: they’re both really, really, ridiculously good-looking. Storyline: two princes battling for the throne. Please, please let their music be Spin Doctors. Danny says they’re trying to dance masculine to impress Nigel. Heh. I’m let down on the Spin Doctors front, but the song is hot — “Are You the One?” by The Presets. The boys glare at each other whilst sitting in thrones, jerk around, and finally get up to lay the smackdown. They’re both kinda dressed like Ben Affleck in Shakespeare in Love. Also, they have canes. There’s swordplay! There’s angry clapping! Fake punches! Semi-lifts! It’s fun. A little too much chair-sitting for my taste, but the crowd loves it. Nigel likes it but isn’t overly enthused. Mary loved it, especially the angry clapping. Dan liked the athleticism and their characterizations.

Sabra’s interview: she’s a military brat. She liked Wade’s fox piece the best … okay … And then, we get a montage of Dom dropping Sabra. Oh my word, they show footage of him dropping her on her HEAD during the group Hairspray routine. Seriously, everyone stopped dancing and ran over to help. It looked vicious. Almost as bad as this guy. In case you’re wondering how nice Neil and Danny really are, they ran over first. She claims it didn’t hurt much. Aw, what a sweetie. It’s not her best solo, but still great and extremely passionate. Nigel loves her energy, Mary calls her a miracle. Dan admits that he thought Dominic was carrying her through the competition at first, but takes it all back. Way to catch up with the rest of America, Dan.

Lacey and Neil are doing the Lindy Hop. This should be cute. But remember those Lindy Hoppers from the auditions? They sucked. Anyway. Lacey doesn’t like all the flipping, which she needs to get over ASAP. That’s the fun part! She lands them at show time though, and her performing style really works well with this dance. Neil’s shoulders look kinda hunched, I hate to admit, but it works. Nigel thinks it was a success, and observed Lacey making more use of her partner. Mary comments on the difficulty of the lifts, screams, and refers to the Train of Which We Do Not Speak Its Name. Dan adored it as well.

Last up: Sabra and Danny are dancing the cha-cha with Melanie La Patin, a.k.a. Pasha’s Red-Headed Amour. They’re screwing up in rehearsal but getting along well. And ooh, they make a fine pair. Danny appears to have picked up some of Pasha’s Latin facial expressions. It’s hot and fun, but seems weirdly slow, or maybe careful, especially around the lifts (but the music is partially to blame). The difficulty level is really high, too. Just so we’re clear, though, Pasha is way better at this than Danny. Nigel loves Sabra and Danny’s partnership, but calls them out on their technique. He also recommends that Sabra pursue some ballroom training, because she’s naturally suited to it. Dude, she’s naturally suited to everything. Mary had problems with the beginning technique, but thought they dramatically improved by the end. Dan agreed with Mary as regards the performance level.

Time to wrap up: Mary and Dan remind the dancers just how proud they are, and Nigel flat out tells America to vote for a girl — hilarious reaction shot of Neil there — but says he’d be happy with any winner. Riiight.

And thus concludeth our show! Tune in for the live two-hour finale tomorrow … and Cat will dance with Nigel! This should be good; Nigel’s a professional, and Cat can’t dance at all, apparently. Hee!

Oh, and get voting!


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