So You Think You Can Dance results show (August 13, 2007)

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Happy Lefthander’s Day! Thanks to football, tonight’s show has been delayed a bit, but I was perfectly content to wait. For one thing, I like football. For another, two dancers are going home! Disaster! Last week’s voting determined which four dancers are heading to the finale.

Cat Fashion Update: It’s a bad scene. A perfectly normal dress has been ruined with what appears to be a giant Koosh ball stapled to the bodice. Cat’s normally bouncy hair is straightened, partially pulled back and plastered to her scalp. Poor decision-making by both hair and wardrobe.

Tonight’s group dance starts out confusingly — the danceketeers are a blob covered in fog. Then Lauren sticks a hand up dramatically, and we see that they’re all in Kiss makeup and enveloped in a fisherman’s net. It’s a medley of dance styles: Planet of the Apes, Electrocution, Power Lunges, Piggyback Ride. I think we have Wade Robson to thank for this.

Over ten and a half million votes cast on Wednesday! That would be surprising, except I probably cast a good nine million of them.

Intro rundown: Cat says “judges” with a hint of normalcy (THANK YOU!), Mary killed a zebra to make her shirt, and Debbie apparently killed an early nineties Queen Latifah to get a hold of the tracksuit she’s sporting. Nigel’s wearing a black shirt and a black suit jacket with inappropriately shiny lapels, but with all the other fashion crimes happening tonight, I’m inclined to overlook it. Debbie amazingly says something worthwhile: Cedric’s enrolling in the Debbie Allen Dance Academy this September. How nice! I just hope Debs doesn’t ruin his natural steez.

Debbie then introduces a guest dancer named Titus Fotso, who she claims to have discovered. Some awesome African drums start playing as Titus takes the stage, and … I’m a little confused. Debbie called him one of the most powerful dancers she’s ever seen, but the routine looks like a lot of bellydancing mixed with the chicken dance at first. Luckily, he’s just getting warmed up, and it gets much cooler.

Cat could just tell us who’s going home right now, but Fox had plenty of ad time to sell, so instead we’re watching more solos from the six dancers. Sabra’s first and dancing to Fosse. It’s fun, and more jazzy than the usual contemporary blahness. It gave me a little Vegas showgirl vibe, though.

Lauren’s dancing to Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker” — good choice! She wastes way too much time running around the stage, but then does a really great series of pirouettes.

Aaaaand Lacey. She’s dancing to an awful cover of “What I Like About You” and hiding on the back stairs. She keeps grabbing the rails, essentially using them to partner her while she does her ballroom spins. She does a neat series of kicks to the “hey, hey” part of the music, and then does an extremely weird floor split thing with her leg. Then she confesses to Cat that she improved a lot of it. Sigh. I miss Heidi.

Pasha’s next, and dancing to “Zoot Suit Riot.” GREAT CHOICE. Not so great choice: forgetting to put his shirt on before entering the stage. Don’t get me wrong, he’s fine and all, but even Dmitry couldn’t win by showing the skin. His ballroom solo is impressive, stylish, creative … everything Lacey’s isn’t.

Neil’s dancing to Rob Thomas. I don’t get it — does Neil listen to Rob Thomas? That doesn’t fit with his image. I think he’s really benefited from working with Mia Michaels, because once again, his choreography and musicality have really improved. He also does some amazing pirouettes.

Danny’s last, and starts out with a really cool series of leaps across the stage. The boy’s a gazelle. Danny’s also done some great choreography, matching the swells of the music perfectly.

More stalling: Nigel and the LA mayor’s office have gotten the choreographers to help local after-school program teachers improve their work. The teachers are adorably cute. Nigel also has the finalists make an appearance, but they’re all dressed up, clearly not participating in the workshop. I presume this is getting them ready for their future promotional appearances at bars and county fairs as the fame runs out.

But we’re still not done! Cat rolls out Li’l C and the Nephz Squad, or the J-Squad, according to whether you trust Cat or the onscreen titles. They krump all over the stage, and it’s awesome, and this just reminds me how bad Lauren and Dom were at krumping.

Seriously, Cat’s hair and dress are totally unflattering. Even more so in closeup.

Time to kick off a girl! As long as Sabra stays, I’m satisfied. Cat runs through Wednesday’s routine, and the only noteworthy new thing is a shot of Lacey embarrassed that she wiggled her butt at the camera. Good girl, I was hoping that was accidental. The first lady to make it into the finale is … Lacey! The other girls look quite happy for her, and Lacey takes a relieved walk off stage. It’s not really a surprise. Okay, so will it be Sabra or Lauren?

You’ll have to wait! Because Cat hauls the boys onstage to reveal one of the finalists. And it’s … Danny! Aw, I’m so pleased. He really turned things around. And poor Pasha and Neil get sent offstage to sweat.

Then Cat gets serious. She boots the studio audience out, hilariously referring to this move as a “lockdown situation,” in order to prevent the audience from spreading the word all over the internet. The teen audience gets herded out, but they get their revenge via boos and rude gestures.

The girl staying in the competition is … Sabra! WOO HOO!! Aw, poor Lauren. She was good, and she doesn’t even get a studio audience to cheer for her. Seriously, crew person yells “aw” and claps. That’s it. Lauren takes it well, but I think she’d feel a little better about it if she had some kids cheering for her right about now. Nigel thinks Lauren peaked too late. Probs.

Ugh, this silence is so awkward. Now it’s time for the last finalist … who will it be? It’s Neil! Yay for Neil! He’s genuinely surprised — but eek, Pasha’s leaving! GOODBYE, MY RUSSIAN LOVER. Lacey’s the lone ballroom representative in the finale now. Nigel calls Pasha a “charming gentleman,” and Mary cries. Awkwardly, Debbie tells Pasha to get some acting lessons, but I think she intends this to be a compliment. Pasha’s really sad, guys. Doing this without a studio audience makes thing more personal; it’s rough.

I’m so depressed … but who’s going to win? I’m thinking Sabra. Lacey and Danny are really polarizing — and Neil’s great, but Danny’s style is so similar, and I think his technique is better. We’ll find out next week, suckas!


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