So You Think You Can Dance (August 8, 2007)

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Dudes.  It’s So You Think You Can Dance time.  Get situated, because this is going to be an amazing hour of television.  Tonight, OUR VOTES determine who will be in the finale.  I love democracy in action!

Please welcome our hot host Cat Deeley, and our top six dancers … nothing worth remarking upon in the intro dances, except that Lacey is wearing a decidedly un-Mormon gold bikini top.  I know she’s a ballroom dancer and used to scandalous costumes, but I feel this one is especially scandalous.  Also, Neil’s hair is unattractively slicked down.  Let it run free, Neil!

Cat’s wearing some kind of mod gray print dress, and it’s not her best look, but it avoids major pitfalls like “big ugly flower in the hair.”  She says “judges” semi-normally this time, but I still yearn for last season when she said the word without hamming it up.  Tonight’s extra-special guest judge?  Debbie Allen.  GROAN.

Pasha’s paired with Lacey, and they’re doing smooth waltz and hip hop.  Yeesh, hip hop?  Dave Scott’s choreographing, and I suspect he’s new to So You Think You Can Dance.  He’s great though; he did You Got Served with Shane Sparks, and has been around forever.  But can he teach Pasha to get down?  They’re dancing an updated version of Coppelia, where Lacey’s a mannequin and Pasha’s trying to get her to wake up.  They’re also dancing to a crazy remix of “In the Morning” by Junior Boys (which is my jam — I’m just sayin’).  Pasha’s got a bit of a solo while Lacey acts wooden, and it’s pretty good, lots of hip shaking.  I think Pasha’s a little stiff in the shoulders, though, and it particularly shows when he and Lacey start dancing in unison.  Lacey is fierce.  More Dave Scott, please.

Nigel compliments Dave’s routine, and loves their characterizations, while pointing out that Pasha being geeky isn’t really a stretch.  Mary loved Pasha particularly, and Lacey too. C’mon, she’s not going to hate on her ballroom babies.  Then Debbie opens her damn mouth.  She says the word energy multiple times.  Moving on.

Sabra’s dancing a solo — we’re doing solos tonight as well, interesting.  It’s really cool; she’s departed from her bubbly persona, and instead does a contemporary routine that conveys strength and control.  It’s great.

Danny and Lauren are next, and they’re doing contemporary and disco.  First, contemporary with Mia Michaels.  SWEET.  This is going to rock.  In rehearsal, Mia says she wants “alien” movements, which … okay.  Makes sense considering they’re dancing to fucking Celine Dion, who is totally from another planet.  However, this dance is OFF THE HOOK.  They both make these dramatic, striding eighties video-esque entrances, meet up in the middle of the stage, and bust out some crazy partnering moves.  My favorite: Danny raises his leg by Lauren’s head, kicks it out, sending her spinning away.  They’re both hitting every beat of the music perfectly, and have, to borrow a word from Debbie Allen, joyful energy.  Another cool move: Lauren runs across the whole stage, about to leap in Danny’s arms, but instead pivots backwards, he spins her, and they both fall to the floor.  I think Lauren sneaks a kiss in somewhere.  Then they run over to the stairs and do a section before running up to the balcony.  Fantastic.

Nigel can’t even wait for the crowd to shut up before he starts yelling: “Incredible!”  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him so fired up.  Seriously, his voice is breaking up.  He even compliments the cameraman!  He says he thought Lauren totally lived up to her potential tonight.  Mary lets out a scream, uses several complimentary adjectives, and even drops that stupid hot tamale train phrase again.  Gross.  Debbie decides to alliterate: “passion and perfection personified.”  Grosser.

Pasha does a solo next.  I’m immediately thrilled to note that he’s dancing to “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” then weirded out to see that he’s got a mannequin in a ballroom dress sitting on center stage.  Gee, wonder where he got that idea.  He does his ballroom moves around it for awhile, and it’s kinda creepy and distracting.  Points for risk-taking, though.

Tickets to the tour go on sale Saturday morning!  But getting back to business: Sabra and Neil are paired up!  Aw, this should be good — they’re both goofy and charming.  They’re doing jazz and paso doble.  Jazz with Mandy Moore is first.  Excellent!  I loved her eighties workout jazz routine earlier this season, and this explains Neil’s flat hair — it’s in character.  This dance is “power lunch”-themed, which is weird, but I’ve got high hopes.  My hopes go sky-high when I hear the opening strains of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by the Eurythmics.  There’s a big table, and they’re “negotiating” around it.  Dudes, it’s hot.  Fave move: Sabra gets up on the table, then Neil fakes hits her leg and she collapses, and Neil pivots her almost completely around, then he lowers her down onto the table, puts his arms on either side of her, and holds himself above her — it takes amazing arm strength.  Their timing is impeccable.   I — I can’t even describe the rest, it’s just totally amazing.  I’m in So You Think You Can Dance heaven right now.

Nigel says he’s very worried, because he hopes the finale lives up to the greatness of this episode.  Me too!  He compliments the “plange” that Neil did over Sabra; basically, picture someone doing a push-up with their legs floating in the air, and that’s what he did, except with total muscle control.  Nige says Neil’s coming into his own, and that Sabra dances from the heart (which I think is a cheap shot at Lacey).  Mary loved it.  Debbie tries to compliment them, but her blather starts to sound vaguely pornographic.

Lauren’s solo is better than her earlier attempts, I think, but again, the choreography doesn’t exactly match the story of the song.  Needs work!

Lacey and Pasha are doing smooth waltz next with Hunter Thompson.  Lacey has zero waltz experience, Pasha has some.  (Yeah right; like Lacey didn’t at least practice a waltz after she got cast on the show?)  Their lines are beautiful, but their facial expressions are kinda cheesy.  Lovely, though.

Nigel thought it was beautiful, but faulted Lacey’s hand positioning.  Mary adored it, and reminds us that Pasha’s technical skills are off the hook.  Debbie … Debbie bores me.  Next!

Man, remember last week when I was negative and nasty about everything?  Not tonight, my friends!  Maybe it has something to do with the three margaritas I had at dinner, but I doubt it.  I think it has everything to do with tonight’s totally superior dancing.  Woo hoo!

Neil does his solo next, and the ladies go ca-razy.  I’m struck by his musicality again — he’s really improved over the course of the show.  Loving Neil right now.

Disco time with Lauren and Danny!  I never thought I’d be psyched for disco, but Sara and Neil really raised the bar last time.  Doriana Sanchez informs us that they’re doing a death drop in both directions, who knows what that means.  The song’s kinda boring, which hurts the performance, but both dancers look fantastic.  They lose some energy by the end of the dance.  Also, they scrapped the tricky death drop — they only spun one way!  On another night this might’ve wowed me, but it’s the low point so far.

Nigel’s impressed with the difficulty of the routine, and liked it overall.  Mary thinks Danny’s really come out of his shell, yawn.  She’s also awed by the difficulty level.  Debbie blathers.

Lacey’s solo — she’s definitely improved from last week, but she’s still not as fun to watch as Heidi.  Also, the camera guy attempts to give her a colonoscopy at some points.

Tony Meredith is choreographing the paso doble for Sabra and Neil.  There’s a lot of joking about Neil’s manly attitude, but I’d like to joke about Neil’s hilarious Lord Byron/Pirate costume.  Ah, I can’t even joke, because he looks super hot.  Leather pants!  Sabra’s in a sexy little flamenco number, too.  I don’t condone any “hot tamale train” comments, but they’re a fine pair.  They finish with a Benji-style donut drop.  It’s not my fave paso doble ever, but it’s pretty damn good.

Nigel calls them stunning, and confesses that he didn’t think either had a shot at the win, but now he does!  Whatevs, Nige.  Sabra’s been the favorite for weeks.  Mary said the routine included “twist-turns,” which are apparently hard, and puts them on the Train of Which We Do Not Speak Its Name.  Debbie was wowed.

Danny’s dancing the final solo, to Joshua Radin.  Good music tonight.  Man, if you want to learn something about choreography, compare his routine with Lauren’s.  When the lyric says “beauty,” he does this gorgeous jump, and when it says “fear,” he rises off the floor and kicks his legs out, then hits the ground again on “fall.”  It’s literal, but not in a trite way.  He’s storytelling.  Then the lyric goes “it hasn’t felt like this before,” and he shoots a heartfelt smile into the camera before running off.  It’s just miles beyond where everyone else is at.  Beautiful.

Oh my gosh, two of these guys are going home tonight.  Argh!  Tomorrow’s going to be rough!  I like the guys equally, so that will be sad.  If Sabra goes home, though, you will be able to hear my screams of rage for miles and miles.


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