AMC’s Mad Men

August 7, 2007 at 11:32 pm | Posted in TV News | 1 Comment

I’m fascinated by Mad Men, AMC’s new original series.  It’s kind of irritating that niche channels like AMC and ESPN are experimenting with scripted series in primetime instead of sticking with what they do best, but I can’t complain when the results are this good.  Mad Men should be on HBO by all rights; it’s by a writer/producer of The Sopranos.  It’s hard to describe the plot without making it sound boring — intrigue at a glamorous advertising agency in the 1960s — but it’s totally enthralling, and not at all predictable.   The humor is black and razor-sharp; the writers seem to take a perverse joy in reminding us how bad parenting was in the sixties, with kids running around with plastic bags over their heads and pregnant women smoking and drinking constantly.  The cast is fantastic, too — experienced television actors, but mostly unknowns.  The only ones I recognized were January Jones and Angel‘s son Connor.

Check out the preview below, but be forewarned: it really doesn’t do the show justice.  See for yourself on AMC, Thursdays at 10.


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  1. If you’re a fan of Mad Men, which you seen to be, you have to read this woman’s synopsis after each episode. A 2-minute “attention deficit theater” production, written as a very funny play. Nice and sarcastic. Check it out. She has them for all three episodes so far. I can’t wait for this week’s!

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