So You Think You Can Dance results show (August 2, 2007)

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It’s time to say goodbye to two more danceketeers! I really like everyone that’s left, so this episode’s going to be kind of a downer. Cat doesn’t look bummed, though, because she’s a professional. She’s sporting an Audrey Hepburnish sixties look tonight, and looks fab. However, her little black dress has a ginormous poufy skirt. Overall, it looks great, but she could be preggers under there and I’d never be able to tell.

Group dance! The kids are in a bunch, all dressed in gray, and Neil is winding Lacey up. No, I’m not being British — he’s literally winding her up while tinkly music box music plays. Is the choreographer subtly insinuating that Lacey’s dancing is mechanical and robotic? I don’t have time to speculate further, cause the beat kicks in and we’re treated to some Shane Sparks hip hop. I do have time to note that Lacey looks remarkably like her cousin Heidi in this makeup. Lacey does the robot while everyone else does the zombie, and then Lauren comes striding to the front of the stage, decked out like Trinity from The Matrix. She mimes killing all the robozombies with her magical powers. Don’t worry, the phat beats quickly revive the zombies, and they all break it down. Then the music slows down, and they all pretend they’re dodging bullets in slo-mo just like Neo. Then they get up and do the wave! This routines is both kinds of ridiculous.

Adorably, as Cat makes her big entrance through the sea of dancers, they all pretend to be blown away and go tumbling off backstage. Cat’s amused, and so am I. Then I become rapidly unamused when Cat refers to “your JIDDGGGZZZ” again. Get a new joke! Nigel gives a shoutout to the victims and families of the Minneapolis bridge collapse, and then continues depressing everyone by telling America how short and tough a dancer’s career typically is. Way to ruin escapist TV, Nige. Then he tells everyone not to buy tickets for the tour yet, because apparently people are scalping them already. D’oh! He reiterates that all dancers need to have a plan B. Adam chimes in to discourage everyone from pursuing dance careers, and blathers on way too long. Cat and Mary discuss whether a girl can win, noting that adorable season one winner Nick Lazzarini is in the audience. Mary thinks a girl can win it! (I sort of disagree, although I do think Sabra and Lacey are strong contenders this year.)

All the dancers are doing solos tonight, because we’ve got some time to fill. The girls are going first, and Sara takes the stage. Blah. She’s doing her b-girl stuff, but she can’t do any good tricks because of her upper arm strength, so it’s mostly a lot of posing with attitude. I think Sara could have nailed a jazz or contemporary solo, but she’s sticking with her street steez, and I think it’s going to cost her in the long run.

Lacey’s next, and quite underwhelming. I know ballroom solos are touch, but she’s doing this weird combo of a couple ballroom steps and Lauren-esque jiggling, and it does not work at all. She even flips her hair around like Lauren. She does a couple of Benji’s “Schwimmer Slides,” but even they look weak. Remember what I said about Lacey being a strong contender? I take it back. Next!

Sabra’s doing her best Tina Turner again, but it’s awesome. Even though she struts around like the other girls, she throws some harder stuff in, makes nice use of levels, and it’s just all-around better. (I should note that I voted multiple times for multiple contestants last night, but couldn’t get a single vote in for Sabra — the line was always busy. Methinks she’s the favorite.)

Last up, Lauren. She’s doing kind of a combo of hip hop and contemporary, but this one doesn’t work for me either. Still better than Lacey, though. Lauren’s going to have a great career, as long as someone else is choreographing.

Time for the boys! The crowd starts screaming before Cat introduces the first guy, and practically drowns her out — it’s Neil. Between the shirtless Latin jazz and the cutesy contemporary, Neil’s seems like the new audience favorite. He’s dancing to “Better Man” by James Morrison, and it’s a great choice. This is is his best solo by far; he’s still doing the pretty jumps and spins, but the choreography fits the music and the mood much better. Well done, Neil!

Danny’s next, and his choreography includes many moves that are similar to Neil’s, which makes me wonder if he’s trying to show Neil up by demonstrating his superior technique, or if they’re both just being unoriginal. Another great music choice: Elvis Presley’s “Fever.” I like Neil’s choreography better; although I think Danny’s fabulous and makes better use of levels, it’s a little disjointed overall. Also, in one complicated series of backflip things, I think he falls? Hard to tell, he covers very well. Good performance overall. Travis is in the audience sitting next to Nick Lazzerini, and Danny confesses that Travis makes him nervous.

Dominic brings a chair out onstage for his solo, and here’s what he does: sits on it, dances on it, dances around it, puts his legs through the chair arms, then spins on his head while wearing the chair. It’s cool. He has some trouble keeping the windmill going, but who cares: he’s wearing a chair. Plus, he’s dancing to “She’s a Bad Mama Jama.” Pure entertainment. It’s probably good that the judges didn’t get the chance to comment though, because they generally don’t like resorting to gimmicks. Remember Ivan and the roller skates? Dominic gives props to the Korean inventor of the Chair Windmill and hits on Cat some more. I think he thinks he’s going home tonight, and is trying to make the most of it.

Pasha’s also pulling out all the stops; he’s doing a paso doble with a giant red cape … and he’s shirtless. He’s hot, but those high-waisted pants aren’t doing him any favors. I would have preferred a low v-necked black collared shirt with this ensemble. Plus, I’m sure it makes more sense to wear a shirt when you’re fighting with a bull. But the paso doble’s pretty awesome, especially considering he’s doing it partnerless and barefoot. He throws this great intense eyebrow at the finish, too. It’s the facial expression equivalent of singing “U Can’t Touch This” and doing the Hammer Dance.

When we get back from commercial, Cat’s got the girls lined up like they’re in front of a firing squad. Sara vs. Lacey! Lacey wins, Sara loses, and heads over to the loser chairs. Sabra vs. Lauren! Sabra wins, Lauren loses, obviously, and takes her place by Sara.

An aside: This kind of reminds me of that old They Might Be Giants song, you know, “Particle Man hates Triangle Man, they have a fight, Triangle wins, Particle Man …” I know that’s weird, but it’s late at night, folks, and I’ll damn well type what I want.

Anyway. Now for the boys, who are all wearing copious amounts of eyeliner and lip gloss. Neil vs. Danny! This is a nail biter, I think they’ve got pretty even chances. Danny wins, Neil loses — man, even the super Mia Michaels routine didn’t save him! Dominic vs. Pasha! Pasha wins, Dominic loses! Aw, poor kid. He calms his nerves by grabbing Cat by the waist and refusing to let go. She sweetly allows this while they talk to the judges. Shankman’s surprised that Neil’s in the bottom two, and nicely reminds them all that they beat out over 7,000 dancers to make it to the top eight.

Cat disentangles herself from Dom and sends them all offstage, then introduces tonight’s musical guest: One Republic, performing “Apologize.” Never heard of it or them, but Cat reminds us that Danny and Anya danced a contemporary routine to this song. Aw, I loved that routine (watch here). And I totally love this performance. I’m a sucker for rock cello, I guess. But it’s really beautiful! I’m so pissed this song isn’t on iTunes right now. First performance I haven’t wanted to fast-forward through this year! The crowd absolutely goes crazy, too — One Republic earned some new fans tonight, which I’m sure makes their record company very happy.

Time to break some hearts. Sara vs. Lauren get their results first … I have no idea what’s coming. Sara’s going home, Lauren’s staying. Aw, poor Sara. She was fabulous, and in a lot of my favorite routines this season. She looks very pretty and accepts the result graciously. I’ve really come to like her a lot. Keep it real, Sara!

This leaves Neil vs. Dominic. I’m pretty sure Dominic’s going home … and he is. He looks immensely happy to finally hear the verdict, although a little teary-eyed. He also refuses to let go of Cat. Nigel takes the opportunity to point out what great role models Sara and Dominic are for young people, instead of Britney/Lindsay/Paris. Good point, and I don’t mean to be nasty, but you know who would be even better role models? The winners. Sara and Dominic are like “fuck this, we’re going to the beach tomorrow while everyone else is stuck in rehearsals.” Hilariously, Dominic gives Cat a huge bear hug, and her whole body turn bright red. Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone blush so much. He might’ve been pinching her ass or something.

So, we’ve made it through another Thursday, and we’re down to four dancers. Ooh, I think next week everyone will be paired with everybody else! It’s gonna be a great show … peace out until Wednesday!

Guess what? I love this show.


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  1. Hi,
    I liked reading what your wrte. OneRepublic is a great and and actually have that song on Timbraland CD. I have them as my ring tone from that CD. Again, I loved what your wrote about the show!


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