So You Think You Can Dance results show (July 26, 2007)

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Get ready for another So You Think You Can Dance results show! Are you PSYCHED?? Well, calm down, because it will most likely be depressing. Most of the sucky people have been kicked off already, so there’s no more schadenfreude. Unless you’re one of the folks who hate Danny and/or Lauren. But nevertheless, on with the show!

Cat Fashion Watch: It’s like the reverse of what the Go Fug Yourself Girls call the “scrolldown.” From afar, Cat looks like she’s wearing a lovely cream-colored, Greek goddessish dress … and then as the camera scrolls up, we see Cat’s wearing a huge and heinous fake flower in her updo. Seriously, it’s bigger than her microphone. This thing looks like it’s eating her head, Audrey II-style. Sigh. Moving on.

Group number! Looks to be a Mia Michaels routine, what with the crooked legs and awkward arms. The beginning is basically a Danny solo — yeah, the judges will bitch about his attitude problem and his lack of personal connection, but they still put him front and center in all their routines. This one’s particularly cool, though — it starts off with the guys and girls dancing separately, then doing partner work, then everyone leaps off the stage and flails about. But in a good way. At the end, the all the guys surround Danny and freeze, as if the routine was all happening inside of his head, or maybe it was a pulse of dance energy radiating outwards, or something. Uh, anyway, it’s deep.

Before we get down to business, the judges have some apologizing to do. Apparently, Mia pissed off America by wearing her ugly knock-off military jacket yesterday. It had an upside-down Marines symbol on the arm, and people thought it was disrespectful. Mia humbly apologizes, and then Nigel apologizes for Wade’s anti-war routine. Oh, seriously? People complained about the stupid John Mayer song? It’s silly, but Nigel assures us that So You Think You Can Dance supports the troops. Noted, Nige. Then Mary reminds us that the judges have no input it who goes home tonight — it’s all based on the audience vote. Mary’s scared, and so am I.

Instead of getting to the results, Cat introduces Mika, who’s singing “Love Today.” I’ll admit that this song is catchy, but Mika gets on my nerves. (Who doesn’t?) For one thing, he looks like Paul Provenza. And he’s super talented, but basically stole Freddie Mercury’s whole persona. Also, all his lyrics are about how awesome he thinks he is … I mean, “everyone’s gonna love today” is fine, but then he gets to the punchline: “… love ME.” And the chorus from his other single, “Grace Kelly,” goes “why don’t you like me?” over and over. Dude, we get it, you’re needy. Write about something else. However, there are lot of good things to be said about his performance. He’s actually singing, he is wearing hilarious blue stretch pants, his female drummer’s wearing purple lycra, and he dances like a pogo stick. All in all, one of the better musical interludes, and he gets a wild standing ovation. They love you, Mika! Now, quit begging!

Then Cat gives us the rundown: the bottom two guys and two girls will dance their solos, but it won’t make any difference, cause whoever got the lowest votes will get the boot. The girls come out: Sabra’s in. Jaimie’s in the bottom two. Lacey’s in. It’s down to Lauren and Sara, and … Sara’s safe. Lauren’s in the bottom two girls. Rematch!

Now it’s time for the boys. Neil’s safe! I wasn’t expecting that, actually, but I thought he was wonderful last night. Danny’s next … and Danny’s safe! I guess he’s finally shaken off the “attitude problem” rep. Danny FREAKS out at this news, clearly as shocked as we are. Seriously, he like, karate kicks and punches his fists in the air. Dominic’s turn — he tries to head over to the chair before hearing his results. He’s got good instincts, because he’s in the bottom two. It’s all down to Kameron and Pasha now. Please let it be Kameron! Please let it be Kameron! … and it is Kameron! Pasha trots his Siberian self offstage, and Kameron heads over to the loser seats.

Judge reactions: Mia’s surprised that Pasha’s not in the bottom four. Mary refuses to pick a favorite among them, and Nigel reminds them that they’re all going on the tour anyway.

Jaimie does her solo first, and aw! She’s dancing to Stars! I love them. (See, I can be nice.) It’s her usual contemporary stuff, always nice, but nothing spectacular. The movements just aren’t that well connected with the music. Dominic’s next, somersaulting in, breakdancing to funk, and segueing into a million windmills. It’s funny and impressive — probably my favorite Dom solo this year. Then Lauren dances, and, well. She’s dressed like a cavewoman. Also, girl has serious choreography problems. There’s no progression, no cool moves … she spends most of her time running around the stage and gesturing passionately at the audience. She also flips her hair around a lot. I really do think she’s a great dancer, but yeesh, not an innovator, this one. Kameron’s last, and he does a Dan Karaty-esque hip hop solo, except it’s not good. I think Wade would say his musicality is off, and he’s not very expressive with his face. Maybe he’s just scared. Poor guy.

Before the eliminations, Mia tells both girls that they’re brilliant. Jaimie’s going home, though. (Read her post-elimination interview here; it’s quite gossipy.) Jaimie seems like she knew it was coming, and is very composed and cheery. She even shrieks a little, cause she’s going on the tour! Aw. Jaimie can be a little high-pitched for my taste, but she’s a beautiful dancer and it’s a shame to see her leave. Then Mary assures the boys that “this isn’t the end, just walk through the door and keep climbing …” Thank Mary for the confusing metaphor. Anyway, the guy leaving tonight is … Kameron. Reaction from the teenage girls in the audience: absolute silence, eventually punctuated with a horrified “NO!!” Kameron looks relieved that the suspense is over, and is quite thankful for the opportunity. He’s a doll. A nerdy, bemohawked doll, but a doll nonetheless. Plus, I will forever love him for mocking Lacey’s stinky weave on camera. Hilarious!

That’s it for the night — oh gosh, I don’t want anyone else to go home! Eeek! Dreading next week …


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