So You Think You Can Dance results show (July 19, 2007)

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Another So You Think You Can Dance results show, dangit! None of these contestants annoy me, so I’m sorry to see them go. This is an amazing top twelve. But I’ll quit my whining for the time being – I’m distracted by Cat’s dress. I had a Barbie dress just like that when I was little, and I made the Barbies I hated wear it. (The Barbies I liked got to wear pink faux-leather boots and jean skirts. Major hotness.) Also, why do they keep pulling Cat’s hair back? It’s okay in a ponytail, but a million times better down. But it’s still a vast improvement from last year’s fashion graveyard.

Tonight’s group dance: a kicky number to “The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” by Jean-Marc Genereaux. Choreographing, not singing, I mean. The danceketeers are practically unrecognizable in forties military uniforms. What can I say? It is super, super cute. It makes me want to rent On the Town.

Cat reminds us that only the top ten get to go on tour this year, and introduces Nigel, Mary, and Wade Robson. As much gibberish as Wade talks, I’m actually glad he’s got input into who’s going home this week. I’d rather have him judging than crazy Debbie Allen.

First to find out their results: Sabra/Dominic vs. Anya/Danny. Oh, shit! They both did a great job yesterday, and I’d really like Danny and Anya to make it to the top eight. (Sabra and Dominic, as far as I’m concerned, are the frontrunners.) Cat and America agree with me: Danny and Anya are in the bottom three. Anya looks resigned, Danny looks sad – which is an improvement from the usual clenched-jaw silent fury. Mary’s not pleased, and promises to keep them around. Well, at least she’s not being hypocritical about her blatant favoritism.

Next up: Jaimie/Hok and Sara/Pasha. If you recall, Sara and Pasha rocked, while Hok got ripped a new one. Jaimie is apparently trying to buy audience sympathy tonight by wearing a Victoria’s Secret push-up bra and not much else. Was America more turned off by the eighties workout gear and suspenders, or by that antiquated “Mr. Bojangles” tune? Uh oh, Bojangles loses! Pasha is safe! Pasha is safe! Nigel’s depressed over the outcome, and asks Jaimie who her teacher is. Answer: Denise Wall! (I totally called this back when I heard Jaimie was from Virginia Beach. It’s not a large town; there’s no way there were two studios in the area turning out such high-quality dancers.) Nigel continues on with a commercial for Denise Wall’s studio. Jaimie and Hok aren’t too worried; these two consistently rock their solos.

Last up: Lauren/Neil and Lacey/Kameron. Lauren and Neil danced an incredible routine in stupid costumes, Lacey did her best Fergie impression, and Kameron underwhelmed. And poor Lauren and Neil are in the bottom three. Lauren lets out this pitiful little whimper on hearing the news. Wade’s reaction: “WHAT?” He blames the goggles, and instructs them to “put blood on that dance floor tonight,” which I love. It’s super hardcore, but also literal – it wouldn’t be the first time blood’s been spilt on the stage. Gangsta!

Time for solos? Nope. Cat’s got an extra distraction for us: a tap-dancer named Jason Samuel Smith, whom she assures us is quite famous. Hey, I’m psyched! Jason Samuel Smith is rocking a giant white shirt and dreads, and doesn’t need no stinkin’ music. He’s doing this shizz a cappella. It’s awesome. I don’t get how they recorded the sound; he must have mics in his shoes. There’s kind of a gliding, moonwalk-y feel to his performance, which is amazing when you consider how hard he’s pounding the floor. Jason is Debbie Allen’s cousin, which I won’t hold against him, and teaches at her studio and at Alvin Ailey in New York. In case you’re interested.

Next, a little more self-promotion: Nigel congratulates Mia Michaels and Wade Robson on their Emmy nominations for their work on So You Think You Can Dance. Aw, how great! The Emmys are totally dead to me for ignoring Friday Night Lights, as well as practically every other show I like, but congratulations nonetheless.

Okay, now it’s time for the solos. Anya’s first, dancing to “Proud Mary,” and she’s sporting another one of those stupid mesh bodysuits. I don’t get it. Who told her mesh was cute? It’s covered with that ridiculous floofy stuff again. I swear, it looks like her boobs are drooling. Seriously, figure skaters would call this outfit tacky. Oh, Anya. She’s definitely stepped up her game, though – this is probably her best solo yet. I do feel compelled to mention, however, that Heidi’s solos last year were consistently better.

Danny’s next, and … what I am about to say is going to upset a lot of Danny-haters, but I think he delivered one of this show’s best solos ever. Despite his occasionally pissy reactions to criticism, he appears to have taken them to heart, because this routine was designed to reach out to the audience. He’s dancing to this yearning Brian McKnight song, and there’s a real story – he’s striving to reach upwards, but keeps getting knocked to the ground by unseen forces. He ends with his usual unending pirouettes, but there’s some real emotional resonance there, because for an instant, he’s broken free from what’s been holding him back. He manages to telegraph all this to the audience in thirty seconds. AMAZING.

I really don’t think Danny’s getting past the top eight; too many of the other dances have loyal fanbases. But I’ve been really pleased with his performance and his attitude this week. He even gives the audience a big, happy smile – probably looking at his mom. If he’d been this open and accessible a few weeks ago, I don’t think he’d be dancing for his life tonight. Oh, well. Let this be a lesson, danceketeers!

Jaimie’s solo looks a lot like her others, but quite good. Nice song choice, too – the vocalist plaintively cries “all I want is just one moment more …”

Hok’s dancing next, and it’s fine. For some reason, I’m just bored by the breakdancing tonight. Maybe it’s cause Jamiroquai is not particularly thuggish music. Whatevs.

It’s Lauren time. She doesn’t dilly-dally or strip this time, instead gets right to dancing. There’s still a little too much impassioned running, but she at least does a little more twirling and jumping than usual. Again, I think she’s really listened to what she’s getting from the judges.

Neil’s last, and great song choice – “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5. He comes running out to “how dare you say that my behavior’s unacceptable,” which is a nice, subtle “fuck you” to the voters. Then he jumps about twenty feet in the air. He keeps jumping around, and actually, too much jumping for my tastes. It’s gotta be connected to the music, not just a string of tricks, you know? He’s still super talented, though.

The judges retire backstage to deliberate, and Cat introduces Enrique Iglesias. Seriously? He still has a recording career? I thought he was doing Anna Kournikova full time. They must’ve broken up. He’s actually singing, thank goodness. I hate it when people lip synch on this show. He’s also not trying to dance, and I think Hillary Duff can learn a lot from Enrique here. The song is totally boring, though. Fast-forwarding!

When we come back from commercial, the judges haven’t yet reached a decision. Eek! This is a first, I think. Cat’s such a pro, though, and stalls beautifully. When they finally come tramping back in, Nigel informs us that they’re not unanimous. He calls Jaimie up first. The judges thought she looked desperate and a little off her game, but they’re keeping her. Then, Nigel gravely informs Lauren that they don’t feel she’s reached her potential. He then tells Anya that she’s a crappy soloist. They liked Lauren’s solo, though, so she’s staying. Lauren shrieks at this news. Mary looks super pissed. Lauren, now you’ve got to fear the Wrath of Mary. Anya’s beautiful and sweet as always. Poor doll. (I’m not accusing the judges of racism, but I seriously doubt anyone from the former Soviet bloc is ever going to win this show.)

For the guys, this decision was unanimous. Nigel tells Hok how much they love his unique style, and how well he, Dominic and Sara have represented b-boy style. See what he did there? He’s reminding us that Hok is expendable. Then he delivers the final blow: Hok’s off the show. Honestly, this doesn’t upset me. He’s fantastic, but his ballroom work has been underwhelming. It might not be his fault – it’s hard when your partner’s too tall for you – but I didn’t really see a lot of growth there. He’s consistently good, but I couldn’t tell if he was getting even better. For me, this is the equivalent of the Shauna boot last week. Hok’s not happy to leave but as charming as ever. I bet they’ll bring him on tour, too. They’ll at least let him do some guest appearances.

You know what this means? Danny and Jaimie, the kids from Virginia Beach, would be dancing together next week – but I think Cat told us yesterday that the partners will be randomly selected from now on. We’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, a touching moment. Cat bids us good night, but her voice is breaking up. She’s totally crying cause she loves Hok and Anya. As the dancers crowd onstage to say their goodbyes, Pasha shoves Hok to the front of the stage to perform. The audience is giving him a standing ovation, and he does some tricks as an encore. Pasha and Anya, who auditioned together, hug in the background. Ouch, my heart! I can’t take this sentimentality!

So, who’s going to win? This time last year, I was rooting for Benji. I don’t really have a favorite this year … kids, you’re gonna have to wow me! Can’t wait for next week!


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