So You Think You Can Dance (July 18, 2007)

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It’s So You Think You Can Dance time! Tonight’s show is only ninety minutes long, because only twelve dancers remain! After tonight, two dancers will go home! Leaving only ten! (This concludes the math portion of tonight’s recap.)

Cat’s back to her usual hot self, with wavy hair and a clingy coral dress. The intro dancing is much better than usual. I wonder if Uncle Nigel had a “chat” with the kids after last week’s show. Sabra also looks phenomenally hot — when did that happen? Danny’s also got a big geniune-looking smile on his face … okay, we’ve officially entered Bizarro Land. Then Cat does the whole “please welcome your judges” thing, except she lets the audience yell “jidges” in a crappy imitation of her cool British accent. She’s been doing this for weeks now, and it annoys the crap out of me. It’s only fun if Cat says it! She’s particularly psyched to have Wade Robson on the panel this week, and so am I. Weirdo Wade always makes for good television. Ugh, Mary’s wearing another atrocious outfit this week. It’s some sleeveless, high-necked jungle print thing, and I just wonder what she did to deserve this kind of public humiliation.

Nigel informs us that only the top ten dancers are going on tour this year, so it’s a big night. Eh, I don’t know if these kids are really dying to go on a fifty city tour — it sounds exhausting. Mary says that there’s no front-runner this year, and continues to beat the hot tamale train joke into the ground. Then Wade starts blathering about intimate, spiritual, human vulnerability and connections or whatever, and here’s where I remind myself that Wade’s a visual person, not a verbal one.

Okay, let’s get to dancing. First couple: Sabra and Dominic. In the pre-performance footage, each dancer is asked their likes and dislikes about the other. Sabra thinks Dominic is funny, but dislikes getting dropped on the floor all the time. Dominic trusts Sabra and likes her puffy hair, but dislikes that Sabra’s afraid of getting dropped all the time. We see a montage of Sabra busting face as Dominic claims that he never drops her. Don’t lie to the cameras, kids, or they will END YOU. They’re doing the jive with Tony Meredith, and folks, this routine is awesome. Sabra’s decked out in a short sparkly Tina Turner dress, and she and Dominic light up the stage. It’s fast-paced and fun, and I’m amazed by Dominic’s footwork. He totally commits, and doesn’t miss a step. In the grand finale, Sabra kicks him off the stage. Awesome, awesome awesome. Wade loves their focus and positive energy, and gives them a “right on.” Mary thought it was terrific, and cautions them to be a little more careful with the footwork. Nigel calls them the best partnership, and makes a weak joke about gold from Sacramento that’s not worth explaining.

Next, let’s hear some of Jaimie’s deep thoughts: “What I really like about Hok is the whole idea of him … he looks Japanese, but he talks with a British accent, and he cooks me Italian food at night.” Hok sincerely says the best thing about Jaimie is her hair. Damn, that’s cold. Jaimie dislikes having to eat Hok’s braids all the time, and Hok doesn’t like her height. Jaimie also reveals that she split her toe last week and bled all over the stage. Gross, dude. They’re doing Broadway with Tyce Diorio! They are so lucky! Except then Tyce says that they’re dancing to “Mr. Bojangles,” and I no longer think they’re very lucky. Way to alienate the teen audience with the song choice, Tyce. Hok’s supposed to be an old man, and Jaimie’s the spirit of the dance or something. It’s beautifully choreographed, but Hok is the picture of youth. It’s almost a little unfair to ask someone his age to dance like an old man, actually. Seriously, he’s got this beaming grin on his face, and I get what he’s going for, but it just reminds me of Oliver Twist Wade says Jaimie has come alive in recent weeks, but didn’t get that Hok was supposed to be old. Mary also was untouched, but thinks maybe the problem was Hok’s technique. Nigel also hates on Hok, and Wade actually chimes in and says Hok could be nervous. I didn’t think Hok seemed nervous, and Hok doesn’t really think so either, but diplomatically says he’ll work on the nerves.

When we come back from commercial, a naked Homer Simpson streaks across the stage, pulling a banner for The Simpsons Movie. Heh. Sara loves Pasha’s partnering skills, but dislikes his girly beauty regimen. Pasha admires Sara’s “guns,” and is genuinely shocked to hear that he’s the girly one. Seriously, his “surprise face” is hilarious. Pasha argues that Sara’s the prissy one. Whatever, I appreciate their attention to appearance. I’m not trying to watch any Dancing Uggos. They’re dancing Jazz with the other Mandy Moore, and unlike that super fake jazz that Wade choreographed, this appears to be the real thing. I’m concerned about this routine when I see the major jazz hands and suspenders in rehearsal, and I’m even more concerned when I see their performance outfits. We’re talking total eighties workout gear, with ridiculous suspenders. Then Queen’s “Body Language” starts to play, and my concern turns into awe — awe at how cheesily AWESOME this is. It’s over-the-top ridiculous, like the musical Cats mixed with Olivia Newton-John’s video for “Let’s Get Physical.” These two totally sell it, too, making these super intense faces. The crowd goes nuts. My favorite routine of the night. Wade’s like, “I think that was sick,” and compliments them for being so versatile. Mary doesn’t think it’s much good. Nigel seems to be concerned about whether the audience will buy it. Well, I do, anyway! Also, Sara’s so much better at this stuff than at her b-girl shtick, and more likeable, too. She should stick to this!

Lauren says the best part about Neil is that he’s a really good-looking guy. Neil says the best part about Lauren is that she’s a really good-looking guy. Lauren dislike’s Neil’s terrible jokes. Neil responds, “the worst thing about Lauren … is that she never laughs at my awesome jokes, and I’m pretty sure all of them are like, the funniest things ever, so …” and he says it with exactly the right inflection to make me burst out laughing. I want to be friends with Neil. But then he makes a reference to his “acting chops,” and I’m grossed out a little bit. They’re working with Mia Michaels, and it’s obvious that the two of them are quite suited to Mia’s quirky moves. This should be fantastic … but wait. Their performance outfits are insane. Not good insane. Remember the eyepatches from last year? This is worse. They’re wearing skullcaps, GOOGLES, skinny ties, skinny jeans, and what appear to be dishwashing gloves. It’s hideously distracting. Okay, but that being said, this routine is fantastic. It reminds me of Mia’s routine for Melody and Ashle first season. There’s also a really sick lift where Neil kicks his leg way up in the air, and as he brings it down, kinda flips Lauren over his head. But seriously, what would be wrong with doing it in black leotards. Wade respects Mia’s twistedness, and thinks Neil came alive. He sort of disses their musicality, but says they’ve improved tremendously. Mary hates the routine, but claims she liked it. She hates, hates the costumes. Nigel says they look like welders, says it was technically accomplished, but personally wasn’t into it. Dang, that’s harsh. These kids needed a little boost from the judges tonight, and are getting assassinated by the costume decision.

Danny’s loves Anya’s costumes, but dislikes her Soviet work ethic. Anya’s into Danny’s hotness, but complains that he’s kind of ADD. I gotta say, I appreciate that Danny’s showing a little more personality this week. I don’t know whether he’s actually taken this long to loosen up, or if it’s a calculated decision to appear more approachable, but it’s a smart choice either way. It could just be that Danny and Anya have finally clicked, too. I didn’t think they got along that well initially, but they’re joking around now. They’re doing foxtrot with Jean-Marc Genereaux. Geez, these two have the best luck with dance styles. Anya’s also working on a hurt ankle in rehearsal. No sign of it at performance though, she looks fantastic. But even more surprising — Danny! He’s good, of course, but his whole demeanor has changed. As I’ve established earlier, I don’t think that he’s necessarily arrogant, but he definitely keeps the audience at a distance. It doesn’t make me dislike him, but I can completely understand if it bothers other viewers. But tonight, there’s no distance whatsoever. His whole face is lit up, as if he’s been waiting his whole life to do this routine. There’s even a bit of chemistry between these two, which is a first. Wade says that he was preparing to yell at Danny for the emotional fakery, but can’t do it — he loved it. Mary gushes over her golden couple. Nigel says they’re stars, and it’s kind of true. Danny says this was a dream come true for him, dancing to big band. I finally get it: he’s the ballet dancer who dreams of being Fred Astaire! Heh, Danny’s Billy Elliot.

Final couple: Lacey and Kameron. Kameron loves Lacey’s ballroom skills, Lacey loves Kameron’s pretty face. Kameron hates Lacey’s stinky weave! Okay, EW! Lacey hates Kameron’s sweatiness. You know, I didn’t believe it at first, but now I sort of think they’re hooking up. They’re doing hip hop with Dan Karaty. They’re dancing to Fergie, and Lacey’s doing her best Fergie/naughty schoolgirl impression. Kameron’s a shy guy who’s down with her groove, but after Lacey basically keeps simulating sexual acts, he get disgusted with her scandalousness and runs off with an audience member. Her folks must be so proud. Now, I don’t hate Dan Karaty routines, although they’re often hit-or-miss. There’s something amiss here. Ultimately, I don’t think it’s the fault of the choreography, but Lacey and Kameron aren’t connecting well. I think this just requires a little bit more acting and attitude than either can comfortably deliver. Kameron’s also got a little solo section which isn’t that interesting. Wade calls Kameron’s dancing “heavy” and said there was a lack of musicality. That’s such a weird phrase, but I think Wade means means Kam’s not exactly hitting the beats. He also calls Lacey’s emotion a bit contrived. Well, that’s valid. Mary smells what Wade is baking, but singles Lacey out as superior. Nigel hates on Kameron’s solo. All this criticism will probably end up mobilizing their fan base, though.

Who would I put in the bottom three? Lacey/Kameron, probably Hok/Jamie … and I don’t know who else! The other routines were solid! Which means I’ll inevitably be disappointed tomorrow. Sigh. It’s hard being a fan.


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