So You Think You Can Dance results show! (June 21, 2007)

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Two down, seventeen to go. It’s time for the So You Think You Can Dance results show! Cat welcomes us to the show, looking ever-so-lovely in a yellow floaty dress. I’m no longer surprised to see her looking cute. This appears to be a permanent change for the better, and I applaud the wardrobe stylists who quit smoking crack and started doing their jobs right. Ridiculous costumes are for the contestants, people, not the host.

This week’s group dance is to another Wade Robson song. I wonder if he just paid a DJ to come up with some fresh beats, mumbled a few words into a mic, and called it a day. I wonder if his whole “recording career” is an attempt to show up his former pal Justin Timberlake, or if it’s an apology to the world for setting in motion a chain of events that would eventually ruin Britney Spears. Or perhaps he’s legitimately multi-talented, and I’m just a bitch.

The ladies are decked out in black unitards, tutus, and hi-tops, and attempt to illustrate how robots dance the ballet. Breakdancing comes next, then some of the guys do that thing where you put the hem of your t-shirt through the neck and pull it down so that your t-shirt becomes super slutty. Then Sabra pretends to blow a mighty wind at the group, who wiggle accordingly. Ugh, this dance sucks. I don’t think I’ve ever been so underwhelmed by an opening number. And it was choreographed by Shane Sparks?? I’m so confused.

Enough of this, it’s time to send some kids home. First to get the news: Lauren and Neil. They’re wearing concerned faces, but I think they’re faking. Everyone loves them. Cat says they’re safe, and they let out tiny sighs of relief.

More after the jump:

Jessi and Pasha are next. They look pretty confident, too … and uh-oh! America disagrees! They’re in the bottom three! I wasn’t expecting that. Perhaps the ladies are intimidated by Pasha’s Russianosity, or annoyed with Jessi’s good looks. Mary’s shocked and disappointed, and caustically berates America. America Ferrara’s like: “Shut your pie hole, Murphy, I voted for Neil!” And then she doodles Henry’s name over and over on a piece of pink notebook paper whilst devouring an empanada. (I love Ugly Betty.)

Hok and Jaimie are next, and dang, Hok’s fan base must be really dedicated, because I can’t imagine that Jaimie’s inspiring much love. They’re safe, and quite thrilled to hear it.

Lacey and Kameron head up the next group, and I still hate Lacey’s haircut. This girl needs a side part, STAT. They’re safe, and hug for an extra-long time. Hmm, maybe Lacey is getting all up in Kameron’s mohawk. Maybe next week, Mr. Schwimmer’s electric sign will read “KEEP YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER.”

Danny and Anya are up next. No surprise here, America loved them, too!

Ooh, now it’s getting suspenseful. Dominic and Sabra are next, and they were in the bottom three last week … hmm. I think this is a fakeout. They couldn’t possibly be losers again, could they? It’s true! They couldn’t possibly! They’re safe! They both completely freak out, and here’s where things get a little scandalicious. Dominic flops dramatically on the floor, Sabra jumps on top of him to give him a hug, and they kind of roll around a little. It’s not sexual, but they really aren’t wearing a lot of clothes, so it’s a little uncomfortable to watch. Perhaps sensing that his behavior’s a little too PG-13, Dominic wisely gets off of Sabra and gives Cat a hug. Nice save.

In the next group, Jesus and Sara are first up. Cat goes through the whole suspense-building windup before telling them that they have to wait a bit longer. She moves on to Shauna and Jimmy, gets them all hyped up, then starts in on Faina and Cedric. What a tease! It’s because only one couple is safe — and that couple is Sara and Jesus. Shauna, Jimmy, Faina and Cedric will be dancing for their lives. Mia takes this opportunity to remark that Faina and Cedric are the worst, and that Pasha and Jessi don’t belong in the bottom three. Mary and Nigel agree, so that really kills the suspense, because um, they’re the judges. Nigel really lays into Cedric, and the poor guy looks devastated. Plus, now he’s gotta go dance a solo. Ouch.

Luckily, he’s got some time to compose himself, because Jessi’s going first. Her solo is ew, not good. She’s got a lot of energy, but the choreography is atrocious. It’s basically a lot of spastic kicking. This is really surprising, because while Jessi’s not my fave, her choreography’s been very strong up until now. Nigel loves her, though, so she’s probably still okay.

Pasha’s up next, and this promises to be interesting, since ballroom solos are kind of wack by definition. Amazingly, Pasha’s solo is not wack in the least! He’s got Benji-level energy and charisma to his routine, and really entertains. I’m wowed. He wows me.

Shauna’s got a tough act to follow, especially since she chose to dance to Lifehouse. She spins around a lot, and it’s okay, but she’s no Allison Holker. She did better than Jessi, though, so Nigel’s got a tough choice to make.

Jimmy’s next, and dang, that kid’s got some vert! He’s really wonderful, such great technique. The routine itself is also far more exciting than your average contemporary crap, definitely entertaining. This kid’s got a bright future ahead of him.

Faina’s the last girl to dance, and ooh! She’s dancing to Do You Love Me from Dirty Dancing, and wow, what a smart choice! It’s like an instant crowd-pleaser. Her dress is amazing, all twirly and multi-layered. I covet it. Seriously, if you get to wear a dress in heaven, that’s the one you’ll wear. The crimped hair, though, is not a good look. But she’s a great dancer, she performs the hell out it, and I just hope she makes it another round.

Cedric’s going last, and when the opening chords of Imogen Heap’s Hide and Seek played, I knew he was going to deliver something great. He’s unbelievably good. Honestly, his dancing is awe-inspiring. It’s indescribable. I suppose I have to try — it’s like he fused popping and contemporary. He belongs in Cirque du Soleil or something. I hope Shane Sparks puts him in movies. Aw, when he’s done, he heads over to Cat, all teary-eyed, and tells Cat that he’s at peace either way. That’s a relief to hear, because we all know how this is going to end.

While the judges “deliberate,” Daddy Yankee comes out. He’s dressed a like Sean Paul clone, FYI. I’m all for the reggaeton, but this is just zzzzzz. Let’s get on with the show.

The girls are first to face the judges, and Nigel says the judges were unanimous. First, he tells Jessi that he solo blew chunks. He tells Shauna that she really danced for her life tonight, and she’s safe. Aw, dangit, this means Faina’s going home. Nigel tells her he didn’t like her solo, and so adios, Faina. Poor kid. She’s stoic and gracious, and I’m sure will rock the ballroom circuit, but I wanted to see more from her.

It’s finally time for the guys. Nigel says the judges were not unanimous in this decision, and I predict this means that Mia stuck up for Cedric, but he’s still out of here. First, Nigel addresses Pasha, and tells him that his solo wasn’t good enough. Seriously? I thought he was great, but shows how little I know. He’s safe, though. Nigel then addresses Jimmy and Cedric. He says that last week, the judges kept Cedric based on his uniqueness, not on his technical skills, and consequently let a very strong dancer go in his place. This week, Mary caved and voted for skills over originality, and as Nigel talks, Mary’s wiping tears from her eyes. Mia stuck up for Cedric, and Nigel says he was right in the middle, but that he’s keeping … Cedric? WHAT? He’s keeping Cedric! Jimmy’s going home … wow, I wasn’t expecting this.

Usually, I get very pissed when the judges pick personality/originality over technique and versatility, but I’m actually a little relieved by this result. Here’s why: Cedric’s got more to gain by staying in this competition. Jimmy’s ready to work in a company or teach right now, he’s clearly got the ability, and the skill set to succeed in traditional auditions. Cedric has more to learn, and will benefit more from exposure on a national stage. At least, that’s how I’m justifying this. Maybe I’m still blinded by love for his solo, but I’m okay with tonight’s decision.

Plus, pragmatically, Danny and Jimmy are quite similar — graceful black ballet/contemporary dancers. So are Faina and Anya — sexy Russian ballroom dancers. The judges picked one from each type to continue, which sort of makes sense. Getting back to the show, Nigel yells at Cedric like he’s been grounded for life, ordering him to rise from the bottom three or face the consequences. Unfortunately, I think Cedric’s got a rough week ahead of him. He’ll be partnering Shauna, and neither one is good enough to elevate the work of the other. Jimmy and Cedric share a big hug, and man, Jimmy is really, really sorry to go. Aw, these are such nice kids. Even my cold heart’s been touched … but don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be nice and freezing by next Wednesday.

Later, my little danceketeers!



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  1. I am in love with this one dress that Jessi wore a few episodes ago. it was a little baby doll dress with a red flower on the chest. I need to have this dress for a trip i will be taking soon. where can i find who made this dress and where i can get one. HELP!!

  2. Where did they buy those peace t-shirts from?

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