So You Think You Can Dance (June 20, 2007)

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It’s So You Think You Can Dance time! Ashlee and Ricky peaced out last week, so tonight the top eighteen will battle it out for the coveted title of America’s Favorite Dancer. Prize: $250,000, and if Benji’s performance last week is any indication, a pair of red satin gloves and some patriotic underwear. Yes, this show features fancy dance moves and highly creative prizes.

Cat fashion update: she’s continuing her hot streak, with long wavy hair and a boho chic dress. The accessories are somewhat questionable — Egyptian-ish arm band — but she makes it work.

Exceedingly long dancer intros. Random thought: I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesus ended up winning this thing. But judging from the screams, I’d say Neil gets the youth vote.

This week’s special guest judge: Mia Michaels, alongside the screamy Mary Murphy and sassy millionaire Nigel Lythgoe. Mia’s still upset that Ricky was sent home last week. Mia’s hair = still busted. Mary says this is a lesson for America: get off the couch and vote. Nigel defends America; smart move, minimizes risk of deportation.

Every time the judges talk about how “America” votes, I always imagine that they’re talking about America Ferrara. It’s endlessly amusing. I picture Ugly Betty sitting on her couch, rollers in her hair, speed-dialing votes for Benji while Hilda does her nails.

Anyway, let’s get to the dancing. Lauren and Neil are first. Dave Scott’s teaching them a hip hop routine — and I think he’s a new choreographer for this show. Dave loves Lauren and is nervous about Neil. Whatever, he’ll be great. Ladies Love Cool Neil. Ooh, and the routine’s HOT. Neil’s dressed up like a little Justin Timberlake, and they’re dancing to Timbaland, so it’s all very MTV-ready. They have nice chemistry together, but mostly it’s just a damn fine routine — a swan-diving, butt-smacking, face-kicking good time. Lauren’s a pro, and Neil keeps up with her admirably. Mia says it was a hell of a lot better than last week, and gives big love to Dave’s choreography. She singles Neil out for praise, and says Lauren was essentially disposable — not living up to her potential. I disagree; Lauren is consistently awesome. Mary loved the chemistry. Nigel says they’ve set the bar tonight, and so they have. Quick old school SAT analogy: Lauren: Neil :: Allison : Ivan.

More after the jump:
Second, it’s Pasha and Jessi. They’ll be learning jazz from Tyce Diorio, Master of Dance. J’adore Tyce. Tyce explains that the routine has African influences, and thank goodness for that, because jazz usually is a yawnfest. Rehearsals go smoothly, and so does the routine. It’s kinda bird-like, but surprisingly sexy. Pasha’s great; he’s far more versatile then I expected. Jessi’s fine, but a couple of times I saw some sloppy arms. Mia says amazing a bunch of times, and is especially proud of Pasha, who she disliked in Vegas. Mary thought it was terrific, and loves Pasha’s partnering skills. Nigel liked it too, and gushes about Jessi some more. Coasting on her looks! Ah, I kid, I kid. (Mostly.)

Jaimie and Hok are next. Jaimie has an extremely high, squeaky voice, but I guess that’s not her fault. Hok’s accent roks. They’re doing the samba, and they’ll be learning from Jean-Marc Genereaux, the wacky French-Canadian. Hok’s never done ballroom, but seems to pick it up quite well. Apparently, the routine features some spanking. Cat comments “treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen,” which must be some quaint Britishism. Love it! Oof, I don’t think this is a very good performance. It might have something to do with the height difference, but I think it’s mostly inexperience. Mia’s a fan, though. I want Mary to criticize the hell out of them, and she delivers. Mary says their feet were sloppy, and didn’t cut the mustard. Nigel said it was a great performance, but agrees with Mary about the technique. He also disliked the choreography, prompting raised eyebrows from Jean-Marc.

Sabra and Dominic will be doing a contemporary routine, but first they tell us what prompted them to start dancing. From perpetually quotable Dominic: “What can I do to get the ladies? I gotsta spin on my head!” He confesses that he still gets no ladies. Aw, D-Trix needs a woman. Mandy Moore (choreographer, not singer) is teaching them, and apparently Sabra’s a bird, too. Lot of birds tonight. Dominic will also be tossing Sabra really far across the stage. Ooh, they’re dancing to The Pretenders! I just love this routine. Sabra’s costume definitely evokes a bird of paradise, and they’re both quite good. Dominic’s a little too hip hop-stiff, but that’s infinitely better than being too loose and sloppy. Sabra’s lines are gorgeous. Mia’s got a bitch face on, and asks Dominic how he’s feeling. He admits to being scared shitless about what Mia’s going to say, but says that he’s been excited to try contemporary and wants to prove he can do well. The bitch face was just for show — Mia says she’s glad Dominic’s street attitude is gone, thanks Nigel for keeping him around, and says that he’s what this competition is all about — beautiful job. Phew! Dom’s eyes get a little watery. She loves Sabra, too. Mary loved the partnering, obvs. Nigel tells America that Dom shaved his toes this week, prompting Dominic to say “it was a jungle down there, Cat.” Ugly Betty’s like: “Ewww!” And then she complains about getting a million text messages from Daniel even though it’s way late at night, and then does a hilarious pratfall off the couch. Sigh. I miss that show.

Where were we? Oh, yes. Sabra and Dominic were becoming the NEW new Allison and Ivan. Next up, odd couple Faina and Cedric. Cedric says he started dancing because he had “emotional issues” as a kid. You can just tell he’s spent many hours in the time out corner. Whatever, he’s hot and talented now, so emotional issues have won the day! Oh, crap, they have to learn the fox trot. Ugly Betty doesn’t vote for fox trot. Ugly Betty likes kissy contemporary routines. Cedric and Faina will be learning this kiss of death from Hunter Johnson, who vaguely resembles Tim Blake Nelson. Faina’s predictably fantastic, Cedric’s only okay — sloppy feet, stiff back, the usual vices. Mia says he looked insecure, and tells him to step it up. Mary agrees with Mia, taking it a little farther, saying Cedric let Faina down. Nigel predicts bottom three. Poor kids.

Lacey and Kameron are next. Lacey needs a better haircut. They’re doing Broadway with Tyce Diorio, Master of Dance. They’re really cute in rehearsals. He’s a good-looking dork, she’s a Schwimmer: it’s a match made in heaven. Ew, they’re dancing to All That Jazz. The routine’s fab though. Lacey’s bod is sick, y’all. She’s totally been hiding it under those emo outfits. Aw, Heidi’s in the audience! Mia calls them the sexiest couple, but says they were missing the pizzazz, which I can agree with. It was a little more contemporary than real Broadway. Mary liked it, also, she still wants Kameron’s jock. Nigel liked it, and tries to convince America that the two are hooking up already. Ugly Betty’s like: “I’m not convinced, old man.”

Anya and Danny will be rocking the Viennese waltz this week, if one can be said to “rock” such a dance. Hunter Johnson explains its a faster version of the slow waltz, shocker. They all seem worried in rehearsal, but of course they’ll be fine. And they are. In one sexy move, Danny plays with her hair while they glide across the stage. Anya looks very graceful. Danny’s doing ballet arms and wrists but it works very well for this style. After they execute one difficult spinning move, Danny’s performance face cracks and he smiles out of genuine relief and happiness. It’s pretty damn adorable. Aw, I think their partnership really came together this week. Mia comments on their professionalism and on Danny’s fascinating wrists. Danny’s all, “my wrists thank you for noticing.” Mary gives them a scream, and dubs them her faves. Nigel says it’s the routine of the night.

Our penultimate couple: Shauna and Jimmy. They’re doing hip hop with Dave Scott, who tells us he’s adding step elements to the routine. Dave Scott, that’s hot! They have some trouble with it, and I hear that — I’ve learned a few in my day, and it is harder than you’d think. At performance time, they kill it. Mia loves Jimmy, but wants a little more abandon from Shauna. Shauna’s giving me such a “save the cheerleader, save the world” vibe right now. Mary loves them both, but loves Jimmy most of all. Nigel also loves it. Dang, the contestants are all so strong this year.

Sara and Jesus are last, and they’re doing paso doble with Jean-Marc. This could be tough. The rehearsals just make me remember Nick and Melody from season one. Now that was a paso doble. Bizarrely, they’re dancing to We Will Rock You. I really dislike the choice; it’s distracting. They do a nice job considering, with a lot of attitude. Mia found it a little awkward, and also hated the music. Mary really liked the routine, and gushes over Jesus’s passion. Nigel also loved Jesus. They like Sara too, but Jesus got the big ups.

So, who’s going home tomorrow? Hard to say. Faina and Cedric might get in trouble again, and even though folks love Hok, I don’t know if they love Jaimie. Maybe Shauna and Jimmy will fail to inspire. Everyone else seems pretty safe to me. Until tomorrow, kids!



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  1. any ideas on what Mary M was wearing this night? It was a great white dress with bold orange, lime, and black scribbles… can’t find it on any of the mainstream or fringe fashion web sites and it looks sooo familiar!

  2. I can’t get the bird song out of my mind. I’m referring to the song used in Pasha and Jessi’s jazz routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio.

    Would you happen to know the artist and title of that piece?

    Polly Swings 🙂 (Lindy hop!)

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