So You Think You Can Dance (June 13, 2007)

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It’s the first partners show of the season! Nigel and company have spent weeks ridding us of bad and/or ugly aspiring dancers in order to bring us this magic moment: twenty young talents performing a variety of dances in garish, often hideous costumes. Bring it on, my sequined bitches!

Cat urges us to welcome our top twenty dancers, and man, the introductions last forever. Let’s hurry up and start getting rid of some of these kids. By the way, Cat looks adorable. I wonder if the show’s stylist sobered up or something. This year’s prize: $250,000, which definitely beats that dumb work-for-Celine-Dion scam they had going on last year. Our guest judge this evening is Dan Karaty, who is wearing a ginormous tie. Then again, he’s pint-sized, so perhaps this is just a question of proportion. Also, I think Nigel dyed his hair blondish. You’re not fooling anyone, Nige.

After a way boring recap montage, the dancing begins. I’m extremely anxious to see who the couples are, since a bad partner can destroy even the strongest of dancers. Jamie and Hok are first. Jamie’s got huge curly hair, and is from Virginia Beach, so I bet she dances at Travis’s mom’s studio. She’s curvier than your average dancer, a little bottom-heavy, but don’t get me wrong, quite lovely. The two are learning a hip hop routine from Shane Sparks. Hok obviously has no problems picking it up in rehearsal, but Jamie lacks stiffness. At the performance, Shane Sparks serves us once more — the choreography is fantastic. Unfortunately, Jamie isn’t much improved. She looks pretty and is obviously a talented dancer, but hip hop is not for her. There are some unison problems, too. Dan agrees with me: great energy, but not Jamie’s thing. Mary and Nigel are kind, clearly not wanting Jamie to go home. Nigel actually claims the choreography was holding Hok back, prompting Shane to bust out laughing and scream “OH MY GOD!” Shane will be serving Nigel after the show.

More after the jump:

Next up: Anya and Danny, otherwise known as Travis’s adopted brother and alleged egomaniac. He is … so, so good-looking. In case you care. They’re learning the jive from Tony Meredith. Rehearsals look good. And … oh my. They’re dancing the freaking jive to Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. Ha ha, I bet that little fake punk poseur is pissed right about now. The music is a horrible choice, but they’re both great. Danny’s an incredible dancer, and he totally sells it. Dan says it looked too easy, and hits on Anya a little. Mary is verklempt. Nigel remarks that they look great together, which is a little self-congratulatory, considering I’m sure he paired them up. Right now, they’re the couple to beat.

Lacey Schwimmer and Kameron are next. Kameron hasn’t gotten much screen time yet, but he’s got a giant red mohawk, so you can’t miss him. After two slightly obnoxious background interviews (during which Kameron claims “grandmas love me!”), we get on with rehearsals. They’re doing contemporary with Mia Michaels, who’s sporting a a blonde mullet. Kameron looks fine, Lacey looks awkward, which is ominous. Lacey, don’t disgrace the Schwimmer name! Amazingly, she doesn’t. The routine is HOT, all longing looks and embraces and arms askew. These two are wonderful together. Seriously, I got chills. And so did Cat! Benji and family are freaking out in the audience. Dan loves Lacey but calls Kameron a prop. Mary disagrees, clearly already wanting a piece of that mohawk for herself. Mia’s watching, looking pleased/stoned in the audience — and hey, look, there’s Travis! Nigel loves it, and we’ve got a new couple to beat.

Sabra, she of the giant afro, and Dominic are the next pair. They’re doing disco with Doriana Sanchez. Shit. These routines are always zzzz. I wish they’d just get rid of disco altogether. But somehow they make it work — it’s even kind of fun! Sabra’s quite strong and Dominic is really surprising. He’s totally committed to the cheeseball disco spirit. And he’s good! Wow, this year’s crop of dancers have really raised the bar. I loved the group we had last year, but dang, these kids are off the hook. Dan calls it good, not great — duh, cause disco sucks. Mary likes it, and Nigel points out that this is Dominic’s first time partnering. Great job, folks.

Ricky, already pegged as “the weird one,” is partnered with Little Miss Apple Pie Ashlee. Alex Da Silva’s teaching them Argentine Tango. Aw, Ivan won me over with his tango last year, good memories. At the performance, Ashlee struts out looking like Cyd Charisse in Singin’ in the Rain. Girl is TALL. Maybe it’s the choice of music, maybe it’s their performance ability, but their routine actually leaves me kind of cold. I don’t know anything about footwork, but I have a vague sense that the feet are the problem. Adorable Cat is excited to have another tall girl on the show, saying, “I always felt like the bodyguard before!” Hee! Dan brings the hate, saying it wasn’t sexy, and Mary agrees. Nigel blames Ashlee’s height, and Ashlee manages not to cry. I expected more from these two.

Sara the b-girl is with Jesus/Chuy. (Although he constantly introduces himself with two first names, henceforth he will be known as Jesus.) They’re learning pop-jazz from Wade Robson, who’s calling the routine “vagabond cabaret.” It’s quite good, but dude, what is up with Wade these days? This is a lot like last year’s zombie dance, all crazy flailing and ghoulish faces and atonal music. Maybe working with Britney all those years made him go completely insane. The kids do the routine well; there are some unison problems, but that’s to be expected with this music. All the judges love it, but I doubt the folks at home will be inspired to vote for the crazy vagabond duo.

Jessi and Pasha are next. I’m biased in favor of Pasha and against Jessi, so this should be fun. Tony Meredith is teaching them the smooth waltz. Jessi claims she’s more “yo yo” than waltz, which … seriously, she’s the whitest person ever. She does look fantastic in her little waltz dress, though, and looks quite graceful. Pasha is HOT. He’s a great partner. There’s something very Gene Kelly about the way he carries himself. Yum. Dan says he’s usually bored by the waltz, but he really enjoyed watching. Mary and Nigel love it. Dang, this competition is getting rough.

Faina is partnered with Cedric, who Nigel had serious reservations about in Vegas. He’s another cutie, and incredibly fluid. They’re doing hip hop with Shane, so Faina’s the cause for concern. At the performance, well, it’s interesting. Watching them individually, I think each is fine, though Faina’s a little too careful. But they don’t look connected. Dan says they aren’t feeding off each other’s vibe, hates on Faina, and loves Cedric. Mary’s kinder to Faina, but Nigel says she was dancing-by-numbers. Even so, he doesn’t think they’re going home this week. Well, someone’s gotta!

Lauren and Neil are next. Lauren, in my opinion, is the sickest female of the bunch. Neil’s foxy, does contemporary, and amazingly seems straight. (For now.) They’re learning salsa with Alex Da Silva, and rehearsals are rocky. The dance, however, was awfully cute. It’s not the best salsa we’ve seen, but they’re both talented and know how to work it. Dan says they danced the routine really well, but thought it was cheesy. Mary said they looked like cheerleaders, and she’s got a point. Nigel says Neil needs to get down and dirty, and says Lauren’s going to be the new Allison — who’s in the audience! I think he’s right.

Shauna and Jimmy are last. Jimmy’s way skinny, and Shauna’s a little pear-shaped. In all seriousness, I’m pleased that this show’s promoting a healthy body image, which is sorely lacking in the dance world. They’re working with Tyce Diorio! HI TYCE! I love Tyce!! They’re doing some wacky, zany Broadway. Oh, hilarious, they’re dancing to The Wiz. He’s the scarecrow, she’s Dorothy, and it’s way perky. Dan says Jimmy outperformed Shauna, and loved it. Mary did too, but Nigel doesn’t like Shauna’s outfit. Like that’s her fault, Nigel. We get a shot of Travis booing in the audience, and hey, there’s Ivan! Nigel continues on to say he didn’t like Shauna’s performance overall. Ouch.

And hey, we’re done for the night! Those are our top twenty dancers, and two kids are going home tomorrow. Hmm, if I had my druthers, I’d send … oh, Jamie and Jimmy home. But that’s kind of arbitrary. Really, I don’t want anyone to leave yet. Until tomorrow, homeslices!


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  1. Holy crap. I had to rewind Lacey and Kameron’s performance to watch it twice. Big ups to Mia!

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