So You Think You Can Dance: The Top Twenty!

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Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance: the top twenty are revealed! EXCITEMENT IS IN THE AIR … and on my television! First we’re tantalized with clips of last year’s finalists, then we head to the desert, as Cat explains that the kids in Vegas will get one last opportunity to dance solo before the judges make their decision.

We see a few clips of the solos, including Faina’s full solo. She’s fantastic and looks great, rocking a little black dress. So few ballroom dancers have both talent and fashion sense, I must say. Mia and Shane watch with poker faces, but they’re not fooling anyone. Uh oh — Faina starts collapses crying after her solo. Thoughtfully, a camera crew tries to film up her nose. Faina later says she was dehydrated, but girl better get her act together.  This competition is stressful, and proper hydration is required.  For reals.

Before the judges begin their final deliberations, Nigel calls a whole bunch of people to the stage for what Cat calls a “surprise.” Surprise, you’re getting kicked off the show! This group includes Kaelyn and crybaby Olivia, who looks remarkably composed. But wait! Instead of exiting with dignity, Olivia vents to America: she would’ve rather gone home the first day than had to hang around, work her butt off, and be around people she doesn’t like. Wow, I bet that made her mom proud. I pity Olivia’s future college roommate.

Final decision time — the judges have to cut seven boys and girls each. Things are very tense. Kevin Hunt, who argued with Lauren about their group choreography last episode, is up first. He’s out, and so are two other no-names.

Then we meet a new kid, a hot black guy named Danny. Ay carumba, he’s Travis Wall’s adopted brother! Um, so why weren’t we introduced to this kid before?! I swear, sometimes the editors of this show are such assholes. Lacey Schwimmer and Faina Savage got tons of face time, but Danny is ignored? Is it because he’s adopted? Sigh. Cat informs us that Danny’s audition was brilliant, but he didn’t do so well in Vegas. In fact, Shane said “his whole vibe was wack.” Judgment time: Nigel puts Danny in the top twenty, while telling him to lose the ego. Shane doesn’t look happy, and afterwards, calls the decision a mistake. The panel hopes being on the show will change Danny for the better. Eh, maybe not, but having drama queens around usually makes for good television. (Hey, you know who else is a drama queen? Travis! They are brothers!) Anyway, an unsuspecting Danny vows to win the show, failing to realize that he’s this year’s “bad guy.” I can just picture him watching the show with Travis in their basement as he realizes he’s about to be vilified on national television. Heh.

More after the jump:

Next up: another new one named Ashley, who has a bad hairdo but is otherwise awfully cute. She’s in! I think we’ve found our new Allison Holker-esque Disney Princess.

Dominic, the whirling dervish b-boy, gets the news next. I think Dominic’s definitely going through, and my suspicions are confirmed the moment Shane opens his mouth. I can just tell he’s getting ready to give Dominic the big fake-out. And he does! Dominic appropriately dances with joy. Hok’s genuinely happy Dominic made it, which is adorable. I love b-boy bonding.

Next, we see meet Cedric. Flashbacks reveal that Cedric is crappy at ballroom, but the judges love his solos. This pissed Nigel off, who argued that putting Cedric in the top twenty would be a punishment to whoever’s his partner. Another fake-out — Cedric’s in. Nigel applauds, but is clearly already planning Cedric’s demise.

Two more finalists: a frizzy-haired girl and one with a big Fame afro. Then, it’s time for 1.5-armed Janet to learn her fate. We see flashbacks to some weird question and answer session, where Janet talked about her arm and made the judges cry. I don’t know, maybe they got bored one day and had a pageant. Anyway, Nigel says “you touched me … a great deal,” and I totally ruin the moment by bursting out laughing. It sounds dirty! Hee. Janet’s going home, though. Janet handles the news gracefully, but her Vegas BFF sheds some tears, and then smells her hair. Weird.

Awesome at Lyrical Ricky is next. Ricky sucks up the choreographers in an interview, and also reveals himself to be in need of Elliot Yamin-style dental intervention. He’s got that spacey artist personality, which might not play well with the viewing audience, but he’ll get along great with Mia. Nigel starts out by saying “I find you a little strange.” Ha! Despite his pervy comments, Nigel and I are almost always on the same page. Nigel explains that this is also a personality competition, and Ricky gets worried. But not for long — Mia tells Ricky he’s in, and he immediately rushes off for a squeeze from Cat.

Anya and Pasha are next. The judges don’t fuck with Anya, and put her straight through. Mary tells Pasha that they were very uncertain about him. To illustrate, we see footage from his lyrical rehearsal, which is hilariously bad. Mia tells him he sucks, but Mary swoops in and tells Pasha he’s in! Shane, Mary and Nigel share a convivial giggle while Mia sulks. Get over it, Mia. Pasha’s too cute to boot! Ladies, we’ve found our new Dmitry!

This depresses Faina, who thinks it hurts her chances. Faina, calm down, you’re so getting in. Mary exploits Faina’s fears by reminding her that Anya made it through, and once Faina looks sufficiently suicidal, Mary tells her she’s in. Faina rejoices, and so do I, because I just realized Faina sort of resembles Minnie Driver. That’s been driving me crazy.

Lauren, Tyce’s girl, is finally up, and why even kid around? She’s so in. Nigel takes the lead, telling Lauren how he can’t show any favoritism. Lauren looks devastated — and this is why we kid around, cause it’s fun! Obviously, Lauren makes it.

Next, there’s a female b-girl named Sara. We’ve never seen her before, but she’s in. So’s a mohawked dude named Cameron, some guy with a crazy haircut, a blondie girl, a blondie guy, and Jesus/Chuy. A beauty named Heather ends the winning streak. We’ve never seen her before, so it’s no real loss.

It’s Jessi’s turn, and she’s nervous. Nigel basically asks her to come back next year, which I think is taking the fake-out a little too far. You’re not supposed to actually tell them no before you say yes! Nigel’s losing his touch. But it does elicit tears when Shane tells Jessi she’s in. Jessi shows Nigel how to do the fake-out right when she runs backstage crying, upsetting everyone before finally admitting she made it.

A few more cuts, then cute Caitlin from Atlanta is up. And she gets cut! Wasn’t expecting that. Only four contestants left: Hok and Twitch, and Lacey and some random chick. Hok and Twitch, who was the other charming b-boy from last night, face the panel first. Twitch is out, Hok is in. And Hok is SAD. Seriously, he’s so upset about Twitch. Aw, what a good heart. He kind of reminds me of the Cho brothers from The Amazing Race, like “I don’t want to win, I’m just here for the experience.” Mia’s like: cheer up under penalty of deportation.

Lacey and random chick, named Kristen, go last. It’s gotta be Lacey, right? Lacey is dressed like a crazy person, by the way. Sparkly headband, asymmetrical flamenco skirt, and t-shirt with suspenders printed on it. It’s heinous. Mary tells the girls how hard this decision is, and Kristen starts sobbing, because she knows as well as I do that the judges can’t resist another Schwimmer. Lacey greets her good news by yelling, “shut the front door!” Mormon expletives are so cute. Kristen takes her bad news hard. Bye, Kristen. Mary rains on Lacey’s parade by telling her how close the decision was. I think Lacey’s outfit is giving the panel second thoughts. Whatever, the stylists will dress her from now on.

It’s a little anti-climatic, but that’s our top twenty! I’m pleased. No one obviously craptastic made it, and this bunch does seem as adorably wholesome and clean-cut as the last batch. Next week: actual pairs dancing! I’m so there!


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