The last episode of Veronica Mars ever

May 22, 2007 at 4:28 pm | Posted in TV News, Veronica Mars | 4 Comments

Get ready to shed a few tears, because tonight’s the series finale of Veronica Mars, 8 pm on the CW.  Here’s a promo:




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  1. I just want to say, that I’m really sorry I never got as into VM as you wanted me to. It really is my fault, the episodes we watched together made it clear this show was special, and it’s definitely not for lack of trying on your part.

    RIP Veronica Mars.

  2. it is sad that a show as great as this had to end. I would still watch it, and so would a bunch of my friends. why did it have to end this way. a cliffhanger isn’t a great way to end a season. does keith win the election? does veronica make it through fbi school? do her and piz get married? does wallace become a member of the castle? does logan get revenge on piz, for going out with veronica? these are the questions I want to be answered with a new season. this really SUCKS!!!!!!

  3. The Veronica Mars series should totally come back on air i mean that show was the best and the way it ended it still has me thinking about it did her dad win the election, who posted that video of veronica, does veronica go back to Logan which i hope she does 😀 i would totally watch it if it came back on me and all my freinds and family love it we bought all the seasons 1,2&3 and just repeatedly watch over again it still gives me goose bumbs when watching it i know dorky but i love it

  4. We want VMs bacck , pweasee *puppeh face * , xo <3!

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