Waiting for Ender’s Game

May 6, 2007 at 12:52 am | Posted in Movies | Leave a comment

Remember Ender’s Game?  Sure you do.  It’s probably the only book assigned to my sophomore English class that everyone actually read, and definitely the only science fiction book in my public high school curriculum.  Anyway, ever since The Matrix, my friends and I have been gossiping about when Ender’s Game will get the big screen treatment.

It could be completely awesome, but there are a lot of hurdles to overcome.  For one thing, it requires tons of child actors.  For another, they age considerably over the course of the novel.  Also, Ender’s video game — one of the coolest parts of the book — could really screw up the pacing of a film version.  I can’t help getting excited over seeing the battle room scenes, though.

So, when’s the movie getting made?  I read awhile back that Wolfgang Petersen was set to direct, but that may no longer be true.  Orson Scott Card told IGN last month that development has stalled yet again — still looking for financing, so the film will get shopped to other studios/directors.  Argh.

But while we wait, who should play Ender?  Bearing in mind that they’re all way too old — my pick would be Josh Hutcherson (Zathura) or Thomas Sangster (Love Actually) if he could lose the British accent.  Cameron Bright (Thank You For Smoking) would be a great Peter.


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