Veronica Mars: Un-American Graffiti

May 2, 2007 at 11:37 pm | Posted in TV News, Veronica Mars | Leave a comment

I don’t have time this week for a full-fledged obsessive analysis of this week’s Veronica Mars episode, which is depressing. For me, I mean. I’m sure you’ve already gotten over your disappointment. Here’s the abbreviated version:

The much-ballyhooed new “self-contained” mystery format — it’s basically the same as the old format, minus the “who killed Lilly Kane?” thing. This week’s mystery was kind of lame, but I appreciated what they were trying to do. It was nice to see Arab-American characters portrayed in a positive light, although I don’t think it was necessary to solve the entire East-West divide in under an hour.

But whatever, I’m all about the character development. Piz gets a thumbs-up, and Wallace and Mac had nice scenes. Logan and Parker get a big thumbs-down for being total douchebags. I can sort of excuse Logan’s behavior: the whole “come to my new girlfriend’s party! I bought her a cake with my face on it!” smacks of overcompensating. As does the “now that I’ve found someone, let me introduce you to a tool who likes to swing dance!” But Parker? Ew. She deserves a big punch in the face for insisting Veronica come to the party despite knowing how awkward it will be, and then repeatedly making it more awkward by making a big deal out of it. Lame. I’m not angry with the two of them for getting together, I swear, but I am angry with how annoying they’re being.

So, I guess it serves Logan right that he got to witness the little Veronica-Piz makeout. Oh, I almost forgot — I have another little complaint, about the initial kiss. They swung the camera up on a crane, just like with the famous Logan-Veronica smooch, but instead of panning to the side, they swung UP, so you couldn’t see any of the kissing, just the top of their heads. Not hot! Poorly done homage, I say. But that’s just nitpicking — I’m enjoying the angst. Keep it up, show.


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