Top five TV shows

March 8, 2007 at 1:20 am | Posted in Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, TV News, Veronica Mars | Leave a comment

With only a few months of regular season programming left, now’s as good a time as any to reflect back on this season. Here’s my current top five tv shows:

1. Friday Night Lights

At first I was mildly curious, now I’m completely addicted. The acting is incredible, the stories are compelling, and the boys are good-lookin’. It all adds up to near-perfect television.

2. Veronica Mars

I can’t believe I’m ranking my perennial favorite in the number two slot, but the twists were just less jaw-dropping this year. Plus, Wallace was MIA, Logan was declawed, and Lamb was offed by Richard Grieco, of all people. It’s still awesome, but it’s got some work to do.

3. Ugly Betty

I shouldn’t like Ugly Betty as much as I do. A secretly undead trannie fighting for control of the family business? That’s way too campy over-the-top soap opera … but I can’t get enough of it. The klutzy heroine, the gorgeous scoundrel boss, the hilarious dialogue — it’s Bridget Jones’s Diary! (And that’s a good thing!) And it just keeps getting better.

4. Battlestar Galactica

This show’s also taken a hit. The past few episodes were — dare I say it? — boring. Then, they killed Starbuck! This could be the show’s shark-jumping moment, depending on how it all plays out. Is Starbuck a Cylon? Is she some supernatural guide to Earth? Or is she just gone for good? Eh, I don’t love any of these possibilities. That being said, Matt Roush says good things are in store, and I trust him.

5. Rome

Folks don’t gossip over this show like Sex and the City or The Sopranos, but I still adore it. Even though the major plot twists have been spoiled hundreds of years in advance, it doesn’t lessen the anticipation. I knew Marc Anthony was going to marry Octavia, but I didn’t think Atia would be alive to see it, much less standing by her side. Plus, it’s got the best credits of any TV show ever.

Honorable Mention: The Amazing Race: All-Stars. I couldn’t bring myself to put a reality TV show in the top five, but I’m really obsessed with this season. I’m rooting for Danny and Oswald or Rob and Amber, because they’re competent racers, funny, and more importantly, having fun. Charla and Mirna are some of the most appalling villains on reality TV, and it’ll be sweet, sweet justice when they get the boot.

The Rest: NBC’s comedies, particularly 30 Rock, are still must-see TV. Scrubs and The Office can be uneven at times, but 30 Rock just keeps getting better. A hilarious exchange from last week:

Kenneth: You need to take some of your own advice! Aren’t you the man who told me to live every week like it’s Shark Week, and who told me that nothing’s impossible except for dinosaurs? Don’t give up on life, sir!

Tracy: Wow. The manatee has become the Mento.

Of course, House is still awesome, and South Park. And I’m still watching Grey’s Anatomy and Lost, even though I can’t remember why sometimes. (Thank goodness for TiVo, otherwise I’d never get anything done.)


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