Veronica Mars: Postgame Mortem

February 21, 2007 at 7:11 pm | Posted in TV News, Veronica Mars | Leave a comment

Awesome, awesome episode.  More after the jump: Okay, so first things first: I don’t think the actor playing the basketball coach knows anything about basketball.  He just sounded super awkward saying “Where’s the passing? Where’s the teamwork?”  I’m not saying that’s a reason for his character to die, but you know, it did take care of the problem.

In other news: WALLACE!

Dick was once again in top form.  Love him locking Logan out on the balcony so that hotel management could retrieve their salt and pepper shakers, loved him throwing a sock in Logan’s face, loved him eloping in Vegas, and loved the inevitable breakup.  Favorite Dick line of the evening: “You can wear your t-shirt that says ‘I’d rather be home crying!'”

So, that Josh kid sure looks guilty, huh?  I’m sure there’s gotta be a twist — and Veronica thinks he’s innocent — but I don’t trust him.  I think it’s the hair (it’s a little Crispin Glovee).  Oh yeah, and also the eyewitnesses.  And I can’t see Mel Stoltz killing anyone over a basketball game.  Might Mel have killed off the dean?  Eh, there better be a really good reason, because that seems a little lame.

As for the adorable girl: I admit, it took me awhile to warm up to her.  It’s my cynical nature; I worry things will instantly devolve into Mary-Kate and Ashley and Raven-Symone territory.  Of course, I ended up loving her.  I think it was the audible squealing when she got to see Veronica up close, and then apologizing for him.  And oh yeah, how she requested a Nick Lachey song on the radio, thinking the gesture would get Logan his girlfriend back.  Fantastic.

Anyway, after a year of moping, the old Logan is back!  All I ask is for equal opportunity snarking — I’m sick of seeing Dick and Piz get all the good lines.  Turn it around, writers!

In other news, Ms. Dean and Landry look guilty!  No, innocent!  No, guilty!  They’re still lying to Keith, but who knows what that means … nice to see that Keith has a buddy in security at the Neptune Grand, it explains so much.

Oh, and I can’t conclude without saying what an AWESOME episode this was.  The writing was incredibly sharp, the guest stars were all solid, and we even got a cliffhanger ending.  Love this show!

By the way, my friend Caitlin had a genius idea on how Josh escaped.  He asked Veronica for peanut butter cookies, so her theory is that he’s allergic to peanuts and will escape at the hospital.  Like I said, GENIUS!  Can’t wait for next week!


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