Veronica Mars: There’s Got to Be a Morning After Pill

February 7, 2007 at 7:46 pm | Posted in TV News, Veronica Mars | 1 Comment

Another Tuesday, another great Veronica Mars episode.  Thoughts after the jump:

We open up with Veronica and Logan looking all adorable in bed.  All of a sudden, it’s snowing in Neptune, and clearly this is a dream.  CRAP.  This gives Veronica and Logan’s “I don’t want you to go”/”I wish I didn’t have to” exchange a whole new meaning!  Damn, Veronica, just get over it already.  Sure, Madison’s a stupid whore, but YOU WERE ON A BREAK.

Apparently, this drama is keeping Veronica up nights, and since I love sleep more than anything in the world, she’s gaining my sympathy.  Okay, fine: I give Veronica permission to break up with Logan just one more time, hook up with Piz and get it out of her system, and then go running back to Logan.  Also, I would like her to deliver a heart-wrenching speech in which she proclaims her steadfast Logan love, and how he means more to her than Piz or Duncan ever could.  This is my request, so heed it, show.

So, Veronica confronts Logan, and dammit, he did sleep with Madison!  I still think it’s out of character.  Also, I don’t appreciate the show’s misdirection by showing us that other slutbag hookup.  That scene was completely unnecessary, and actually takes away from some of the impact of the Madison thing.  I’d have rather Madison showed up out of thin air instead of having the infidelity foreshadowed.  I’d have been more shocked, and I really enjoy a little Neptune shock’n’awe.  Anyway, Veronica’s all “this is something I’m never getting past,” which: not true.  Ross and Rachel DID get back together, FYI.  Give it like three months, or until May sweeps, whichever comes first.

I’m very grossed out by Veronica deciding to stalk Madison as a way to deal with her grief.  Thank goodness she didn’t crush the car!  If she’s thinking about a little Christian forgiveness, she should direct some of it Logan’s way.  Eating pizza, sitting in the dark, not shaving, making hilarious drunk phone calls
— that’s a much less criminal way to nurse a bad breakup.

Another good mystery!  Some chick got RU-486ed.  (Yes, I made it a verb.)  What an appalling crime — the serial rapes sort of lost their impact as the mystery went on, but this one made me instantly sympathetic.  It’s impressive, considering Bonnie made such a horrible impression during her first appearance.  Also, we got a lot of good, plausible suspects.  Because I am a genius, I knew it was the roommate the instant that ho showed up on camera.

Oh, Dick Casablancas, how I adore you.  Not only has he become this show’s comic relief provider #1, but his hurt reaction to the Logan/Madison news was fantastic: that hurt look in his eyes while saying “what, me worry?”  And his confrontation with Logan: “Not cool.”  He brought depth to his hilarious lines, and I even felt bad that the Nadia chick gave him a fake name.  Dick needs a gal pal.

Comic relief provider #2 for the episode was (surprisingly) Veronica.  It’s no secret that she’s been getting on my nerves this season, but the hissy fit she threw to get access to Tim Foyle’s office was hilarious.  And I call bullshit on TAs getting offices, by the way.  No university is that generous.

Great guest stars — Bonnie’s dad, the TV preacher is a total Hey, It’s That Guy, from Alias and tons of movies.  And DOUG from SCRUBS showed up!  And Richard Grieco, all hopped up on meth!  FANTASTIC.
All in all, a great episode, and with its combination of sadness and hilarity, a return to form.

Where’s Wallace?


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  1. At first I thought Veronica’s reaction to the Madison and Logan thing was a little out there too, until I remembered that Madison was responsible for Veronica’s rape and car/window shield damage. So I can totally understand why Veronica was pissed that he slept with Madison. I mean after all ,Veronica did tell Logan about Madison’s involvement in her rape. It seems wrong that Logan forgot, but then again so did I!

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