Veronica Mars: Show Me the Monkey

January 24, 2007 at 4:11 pm | Posted in TV News, Veronica Mars | Leave a comment

It’s back, it’s back!  This episode had everything: intrigue, romance, and a monkey named Oscar.

But first, a complaint: Veronica looks old.  Now, Kristen Bell looks about fifteen, so this is definitely the fault of the stylists.  Quit it with the crunchy-looking wavy hair and smoky eyes; it’s way too much.

Of course, the show’s most important eye candy, Logan Echolls, was looking foxy as usual.  However, Dick Casablancas and I agree on one thing: Logan’s got to quit moping around.  Well, two things: Dick’s Polaroid trick was hilarious.  But anyway, I miss the old Logan.  And I get it, he’s got relationship troubles and daddy issues, but the boy needs to start having some fun, otherwise it gets boring to watch.  They’ve managed to keep Veronica’s edge but let Logan totally lose his.

Actually, they haven’t lost it — they’ve just given it to Piz.  Piz’s little “I love you” speech was a nice fakeout.  I actually started yelling “NOOOO!” at the TV before he was even finished.  A part of me sort of wanted Piz to win Veronica over, but it’s because they give all of the clever lines that would’ve gone to Logan last season and let Piz say them instead.  He’s got borrowed charm, and it’s not fair.  Believe me, there’s nothing I love better than angst from afar, but I demand equal treatment for both boys.

Mac fared much better with Piz with her new little liberal agitator, Bronson.  (Hysterical name, by the way — I can’t hear it without thinking of Charles or Pinchot.)  That actor, Michael Mitchell, was great in the first episode of Standoff — hopefully he’ll be recurring.  Anyway, he and Mac were adorable together.

I don’t really feel like addressing the dumb monkey mystery.  I called it immediately, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.  Also called that the Amy chick was Bronson’s sister.  I’m no genius; it was just really predictable writing.  The dialogue seemed off this week, too, particularly Dick and Logan’s interactions.  Veronica Mars is still my number one, but this show’s still fighting for viewers and needs to step it up.


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