Ratings boost for Friday Night Lights

October 31, 2006 at 7:46 pm | Posted in Friday Night Lights, TV News | 2 Comments

Finally, some good news for Friday Night Lights! Last night’s airing of the show received its highest audience to date, and got over a million viewers more than Studio 60 in the same time slot. I think Monday night is a great time for this show to air; I was concerned about the competition from actual football, but it looks like this experiment worked out well. (Of course, CBS was in repeats last night, but I’ll take any victory.)

Last night’s episode was fantastic as usual, and it’s reairing tonight at 8 pm on NBC. I have a little crush on Matt Saracen. And I want to punch Buddy Garrity in his stupid face.



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  1. I also feel Studio 60 works better on Sundays as opposed to Mondays. Somehow it just feels more “right”. It’s on Sundays after Desperate Housewives here in Canada and I love watching it then, yet when I try to watch the NBC broadcast, I tune off and go to sleep. (The lead in must help in Canada because it gets over 1 million viewers which for us is huge and considered a hit).

  2. oh but yes. thankfully more people are watching FNL which is the best new show this year.

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