Veronica Mars: Wichita Linebacker

October 18, 2006 at 6:11 pm | Posted in Friday Night Lights, TV News, Veronica Mars | 11 Comments

Another Wednesday, another Veronica Mars! Thoughts on this episode after the jump:
Veronica starts off the episode snarking about football, which: uncalled for. Football is awesome. She should watch Friday Night Lights. Anyway, things quickly turn better when Logan shows up. If there’s one thing we’ve been missing out on these season, it’s Veronica/Logan interaction. It’s great to see them acting like a normal couple, until Veronica recalls that she is not normal and starts acting crazy and jealous. Actually, it’s both good and bad: bad because it’s annoying and doesn’t bode well, and good because Logan does this adorable reassuring little gesture when he asks if she’s jealous. Sigh.

But, Logan does act pretty douchey later, telling Veronica he might swing by and visit her later without meaning it. Typical boy. I get that he’s hiding the gambling, but it’s much better to come clean in this situation: girlfriends would so much rather their boyfriends were out playing poker instead of out hooking up with bimbos.

What surprises me about all this relationship drama is that it’s somewhat out of character for Logan. He’s a romantic: when those two first hooked up, he wanted their first date to be a romantic dinner and sail to Catalina Island. That’s his style! If anything, Logan should be acting too intense about the relationship, and Veronica should be freaking out. Oh, well.

The real burning question in my mind is: where did the XTerra go? I miss it so. I’ll tell myself that Logan didn’t sell it; he’s just so rich that he decided to drive one of his other cars.

Weevil’s back! And apparently passed the time by eating lots of cheeseburgers. Welcome back, newly tubby buddy! Weevil’s handling the comic relief this episode; the menace is totally gone. That’s probably attributable to his outfit. The plaid shirt and tie was killing me — I couldn’t even listen to what he was saying, because I was too busy giggling. Aw, he got so excited about being a detective! It’s a shame Daddy Mars had to fire him, but I’m hoping this isn’t the last of Detective Weevil. For one thing, with his new maintenance job, he can help Veronica break into the college. She’s always gotta have her source on the inside.

Piz is also back this episode, doing the whole Seth Cohen talking-a-mile-a-minute thing. It’s not as cute on Piz, though, and I can’t figure out why. It doesn’t really seem like the kind of behavior that Veronica would really dig, so I hope he tones it down in the future if those two are really going to have any credible romantic tension. Like, it’s sort of adorable if he gets nervous around Veronica, but it’s not adorable if he’s just nervous all the time.

The mystery this week was sort of dumb, but worth it just to see Veronica emerge from her hiding place in the coach’s office and fumble for an excuse. Total hilarity. As for the ongoing rape mystery, can I just say: I am so sick of these terrible actresses playing the militant feminists. They’re all so damn phony. There have been a lot of weak supporting actors recently, actually. Get some lessons, fools!

But let’s end on a happy note: that last scene featured some freaking awesome acting from Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring, as they work out their issues to the sweet sound of Regina Speckor’s “Fidelity.” Oh, and also some hot library making out. More making out, please! This season has lacked the sense of urgency and danger that characterizes the show, and I do miss that. But the making out will at least keep me tuning in.



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  1. I SO agree! hahaha… the cheeseburgers, piz, and the L/V

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