September is for television

October 2, 2006 at 12:10 am | Posted in Battlestar Galactica, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, TV News, Veronica Mars | Leave a comment

I’m so disappointed with myself. I usually spend September watching all the new television shows, hoping to find new favorites, but this year I’ve been way too busy, dang it. That being said, I still managed to fit a whole lot of TV in.

I did get to watch Ugly Betty, and I really liked it. Sure, it’s a little over-the-top, but endearingly so. (Desperate Housewives, pay attention. You could learn a thing or two.) Plus, I’m a sucker for anything Bridget Jones’s Diary-ish. Eric Mabius is adorably clueless. He’s been on my radar since Cruel Intentions, and was great on the short-lived series Eyes. I’m a fan!

I figured that Heroes would be kind of “eh,” but it exceeded my expectations. The premiere was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait until Greg Grunberg shows up next episode. It’s like the X-Men, but with a spooky, Unbreakable vibe. Which is a good thing. (I’m like the only Shyamalan fan left, I think.) That being said, I hope the writers have a really good plot charted out, because while all the destiny mumbo-jumbo is intriguing at first, it can get old really fast. (I’m looking at you, Alias.)

I tried to watch The Class and Shark, and didn’t like either of them. James Woods is creepy.

As for the returning shows, let’s start with Grey’s Anatomy. The season premiere was lame, I thought, except for the McDreamy speech at the end. I wasn’t in love with the second episode, either. Burke’s mom pissed me off excessively. And don’t get me started on Patient Eats-a-Lot shoplifting and racing a damn wheelchair all over the hospital. It’s a place of healing, not a hotel! Not that I’m condoning shoplifting in hotels. Let’s keep it legal, kids. But I loved drunk Addison and I loved Chris O’Donnell being all hot, and I loved McSteamy showing up. More McSteamy!

I have yet to watch the second episode of The Office, but that premiere was killer. Oscar and Michael … there are no words. Oh, wait, I thought of one: awkward! I liked the resolution to the Pam and Jim situation, although it irritates me a little that after basically turning down Jim, she called off her wedding anyway. What’s she doing, having a little “me time”? She could be hooking up with Jim, and instead she’s wasting time. Sigh. I like seeing Jim in the head office, with a whole new bunch of freaks to contend with. Another Pam and Jim interview here.

The Amazing Race is as fun as ever, although I’m feeling some guilt at not rooting for the 3.5-legged couple. They’re just too intense for my liking. An interview with the cheerleaders here.

And there’s a lot to look forward to in October: season premieres of Lost, Veronica Mars, and Battlestar Galactica, as well as The Nine. I may never leave my couch.


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