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September 27, 2006 at 11:57 pm | Posted in Battlestar Galactica, TV News, Veronica Mars | 4 Comments

So, the Veronica Mars season three premiere is streaming at, and I’ve watched it. Twice, in fact. My thoughts on the episode are after the jump, so go watch it, then come back and let’s gossip about it!

First things first: damn, Veronica looks smokin’ this season. Hopefully that’ll pull in some more viewers. Best Hiatus Makeover Runner-up? The award goes to Dick Casablancas, who looked good despite being in drunkard/brawl makeup for most of the episode. I never thought I’d call Dick hot, but life’s full of surprises, I guess.

What doesn’t look smokin’? Parker’s post-rape makeover. She’s got long hair in all the promo pictures, so what are they going to do, have her wear a wig?

When Veronica’s criminology class scene started, I immediately started freaking out, because I’d heard her professor’s voice before … on Saved By the Bell: The New Class. Yes, I’m an unabashed Saved By the Bell fan. (And no, I don’t want to discuss Screech’s sex tape.) Professor Landry was once Professor Laskey, the guy who came between Zack and Kelly, before Zack convinced Laskey to dump Kelly, won her back, and after wacky hijinks ensued, married her in a lovely outdoor ceremony. Sigh.

Anyway, it was neat to see that the actor who played psycho Lucky the janitor last year was back in an entirely different role, as Veronica’s criminology TA. I heard about that casting this summer, and I didn’t have a lot of faith that they could make the actor look different enough for it to work. I was wrong, they totally succeeded. It’s amazing what a little stubble and Jesus hair can do for you.

I loved Piz’s RA, and the little Battlestar Galactica references. As for Piz: I’m conflicted. Don’t get me wrong; the actor is totally charming and definitely pulled off the witty repartee. Plus, his adoring glances at Veronica were really cute. But: I sort of felt like Logan got short-changed this episode. It was as if the writers took all the good lines that would have gone to Logan, and gave them to Piz instead. While I accept that Logan and Veronica are going to break up (again) this season, I don’t want the characterization of Logan to suffer. Don’t make him boring, writers! Girls watch this show! It’s okay to have two cute, smart, witty guys! (Or three, counting Wallace. Weevil ain’t my type.)

I loved, loved, LOVED the new opening credits. Obviously, they were a major topic of conversation among my friends, and I might have been the only one that liked the song remix. But I really did; it really conveyed the dark side of this show, and that’s something that the old credits didn’t do. It’s not like I’m going to stick the new version on my iPod, but it works for the credits.

I must say, I had no idea that Parker was going to be the next rape victim. As for Dick, I guess someone’s going to try to pin the crimes on him, but of course we all know he didn’t do it. Even though he strongly encouraged Beaver to rape Veronica at one time, Dick’s just not a head shaver.

Poor adorable Mac. Frozen from the waste down? Damn that Cassidy! Between her and Parker, that’s going to be one depressing dorm room.

And poor Kendall … and poor Keith! Although, I guess I feel worse for Kendall, being that she’s dead and all. (This makes two dead girls that Logan’s slept with. As my friend Caitlin said, “this doesn’t bode well for Veronica.”) I didn’t really understand how Liam Fitzpatrick or Vinnie Van Lowe were involved, but I guess we’ll see.

Logan looks really hot when wielding a Taser. I so want one of those.

The one thing that I really miss from last season is Veronica’s Le Baron. It was nice that they provided an explanation as to why it was gone, but … that Saturn just doesn’t have the same pizazz. (Ha! Piz-azz! I’m saving that witticism for later in the season.)

All in all, I thought the writers did a nice job of balancing the exposition necessary for new viewers with the traditional Veronica Mars wit and mystery, and they did it without resorting to flashbacks, which is pretty impressive. And from what I’ve heard, the next episode’s even better!

One last thing. I’ve been brainstorming about what guest stars I’d like to see back this season, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

Hamilton Cho (of Cho’s Pizza fame). Sure, he implied that he was going to UCLA, but he easily could have transferred.

Corny. He could supplant his slacker lifestyle by dealing to the Hearst campus.

Casey Gant. Why? He’s hot, that’s why.



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  1. i felt kind of disappointed with this episode. they’re on a new network with more money. how did they spend the money? a godawful remake of the theme song (complete with emo shots of the cast), new cars for v&l (the x-terra is rumoured to also be gone) and weird additions to logan’s hotel room (a fireplace and a balcony?).

    in regards to piz… was it my imagination or did he and veonica have as much chemistry as wet cardboard? in all seriousness, it was hard to watch the two of them together because the scenes felt forced. even the few scenes of v&l, there was spark… nothing like that with piz.

    btw, am i the only person who felt that for a few moments there was going to be a race related incident in wallace’s room? when piz was stammering for several moments about the type of roommate he requested, i wondered if we were supposed to assume that piz wasn’t smart enough to think of a witty comeback within seconds or if he was weirded out that wallace was black.

    i actually didn’t mind parker. i get the feeling that she’s supposed to be similar to meg (doesn’t care aboout the whole 09’er thing), but more outgoing.

    i totally didn’t get the whole thing with keith and the fitzpatricks. so they wanted to kill kendall and used recently paroled older brother to do it… so what does that have to do with vinnie?

  2. The XTerra is GONE?? That’s a travesty!

    I thought the Piz thing was a bit forced — seriously, he was acting like it was love at first sight — but I liked the character overall.

    But besides that, I was a little underwhelmed on the first viewing, though I liked it a lot more the second time. And the next episode is rumored to be great!

  3. gone baby gone!

    the piz thing was very forced. i agree, it seemed like the idea was supposd to be love at first sight… which i guess is okay if you had him always acting like that toward her, but he ignores her more or less for the women laying out. i don’t dislike the character, but he just isn’t doing it for me as a prospective love interest.

    i like it the more i see it, there are some lines in there that were perfect (‘nice shirt’), but it seemed to be missing some of its oomph.

    i heard that, too about the next episode!

  4. Did you not see the Irony in the whole shirt thing? That was Duncan’s shirt, and Duncan/Logan used to be best friends…

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