Prison Break and more

August 22, 2006 at 12:54 pm | Posted in Entourage, TV News | 2 Comments

Fox is offering free streaming video of new Prison Break and Bones episodes on affiliate websites. Speaking of Prison Break, they killed Veronica! HOORAY! I loved Robin Tunney in Empire Records (“oh Rexy, you’re so sexy!“), but she was insufferable on Prison Break, and I’m not sure whether to blame the actress or the writers.

As long as I’m thinking about TV, a few more comments: I’ve read some complaints about this season of Entourage, but I still love this show. Poor screwed-over Turtle! Poor misguided Vince! And thank goodness Drama finally got a job. Can’t wait to see Ari scramble to get Vince’s movie back next week.

I’m still reeling that Allison got booted off of Project Runway. It reminded me of what Tim Gunn said while kicking Keith off the show, something along the lines of “Project Runway is nothing without its integrity.” Guess what, Tim: it just lost all its integrity. It’s like the idiot editors think that viewers find Vincent entertaining to watch — but he’s not, he’s just creepy, and all his clothes look like shit. At least Michael Knight is finally getting some screen time; he’s by far my favorite designer.



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  1. RIGHT ON SPILL! I am really enjoying Michael as well…and as much as I hate Vincent, I think they keep him on for his insanity. It seems like they are getting rid of all the nice people (i.e. Bonnie). I am sad about that too.

    As for Entourage…holy shit. I just started watching it this season and I am hooked even though I haven’t seen the beginning seasons. I guess it’s an easy show to catch on to. Ari is my hero. I wish I can speak the dialogue that he does….

  2. Me too! Honestly, you can get away with not watching the first season of Entourage, because it didn’t really hit its stride until the last couple of episodes. But definitely watch season two! There are some awesome, awesome Ari moments.

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