So You Think You Can Dance Finale!

August 16, 2006 at 8:35 pm | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance, TV News | 29 Comments

Get ready for a lot of filler, folks, because it’s the two-hour finale of So You Think You Can Dance!

It’s like the stylist realized this was the last opportunity to dress Cat like a freak and pulled out the ugliest, nastiest moldy dress out of the back of the costume closet. Seriously, Cat’s dress sucks.

Aw, it’s so nice to see the top twenty back on stage again! There’s Stanislav! Jason! And Allison and Ivan! And JAYMZ! Oh, how I’ve missed you all! All except you, Joy. I don’t remember Joy looking this awkward before, but she definitely looks nervous up on stage.

They’ve packed the six best judges behind that tiny table, and they all look so proud of their little motley crew.  Brian Friedman’s wearing a blazer made out of curtains, Dan’s in a rhinestoned motorcycle jacket, Shane is wearing a big black headband (what did he do to his hair?) and Mary Murphy just looks busted.  Ah, the trappings of fame. I guess it’s Ass Wardrobe night on So You Think You Can Dance.

Our top four look extra snazzy — Travis’s mohawk stripe is freshly shaven, Heidi’s roots have been touched up, and … Benji’s hair is dyed black. Why?

After more filler, the top twenty dance some Shane Sparks hip-hop.  I guess they didn’t spend a lot of time rehearsing it, because I’m spotting serious unison problems.  Aw, Jason and Jaymz look so good!  And they’ve let fan favorite Ivan dance front and center.  Ew, the camera just delivered a big faceful of Emo Hair Ben.  Gross.  Some of the guys are wearing those orange highway worker vests.  Once again: Ass Wardrobe night.  Enough negativity; did I mention the routine was hot?  Because it was.

More filler: shots from the overseas versions of So You Think You Can Dance.  Yawn, whatever.  Cat confesses that we’ll be watching the top four perform their favorite dances before we find out the results. 

Benji’s favorite was his mambo routine with Heidi, and so they do it once more. It’s still fantastic, but I think they did a better job the first time.  Even the Mormon ballroom wonders are not immune to nerves.  So, what’s the deal, will the crowded judge panel actually be judging?  Apparently not; they just give the pair a standing ovation, and Heidi announces that she’ll be dancing with Travis after the break.  

During the commercial, my friend points out that Benji reminds him of Donald O’Connor, which I totally agree with.  I think that’s why I love Benji so much, actually.  (If you haven’t seen Singin’ in the Rain, seriously, go rent it.)  But I digress.  Heidi and Travis are doing their flower routine again, and again, not quite as good as the first time they did it.  Heidi looks way stiff.  Despite that, it’s pretty great.

Cat decides to waste more time, and lets Mary gush over the ballroom dancers … wait, what’s this?  Mary says two dancers actually did hook up during filming!  Natalie and Dmitry!  I knew it! Oooh, and they’re dancing ballroom together!  Aw, they make a good pair!  Okay, this is adorable.  I’m going to die of cuteness.

Filler alert: Ciara is performing, and she’s lip-synching. Wow, that’s totally lame. Thumbs down, Ciara.  I don’t care how awesome your abs are. 

After the break, Donyelle and Benji do their Hairspray routine.  It’s fine.  I bet Donyelle chose this routine because her foot still hurts and she can wear sneakers.

Time to waste some more time, as Cat asks Mia to share her deep feelings. Aw, Mia starts talking how much she loved Ivan and Allison’s “Why” routine … she’s really speaking from the heart here, and is very nice to Ivan, and instantly, Mia and I are friends again.  And here’s Allison and Ivan dancing!  It’s fantastic, but the stage isn’t lit well, and it’s hard to see.  Still, I get chills. 

Returning from the break, we find Cat surrounded by some baroque zombies.  It’s Wade Robson time. They’ve let all top twenty perform this routine, and wow, it looks even cooler.  Under the freak makeup, I spot Ivan and Jaymz, and they look great.  I hope Wade hooks them up with some music video work.

Another montage of the top twenty, and now it’s time for Heidi to dance her solo.  She’s wearing a black ballgown, which somewhat clashes with her musical selection of “I Love Rock n’ Roll.”  Wait a moment — she rips her skirt off!  That’s kinda rock n’ roll.  Unfortunately, she has to dance the remainder of the routine in what looks like a figure skating costume.  At the end, Cat comes over with an envelope, so you know Heidi ain’t the winner.  She takes it well.  Aw, bye Heidi!  You’re wonderful!  Two to go! 

Now Travis gets to do his favorite dance, and picks the paso doble.  Wow, Heidi’s really getting a workout tonight.  She’s a total pro, even after being cut.  

Looks like it’s time for Donyelle’s solo, which means she’s also getting the boot. (I bet they told the girls they were cut beforehand, because everyone knows this is coming down to Tranji.)  Cat comes over with the Envelope of Doom, and aw … this is heartwrenching.  Donyelle thanks everyone and starts to sob, saying that she was ready to quit dancing before coming on this show, and she feels like getting cast on this show was a sign from God telling her to continue.  Okay, now I’m starting to sob.  Love ya, Donyelle!

When we come back from the break, Cat lets Brian introduce Travis and Martha’s “Steam Heat” routine.  Brian’s still sniffling from Donyelle’s departure … aw, Brian can be such a softie!  He also says that Travis has “what it takes to win.”  Ugh, Brian, you better not be spoiling the results.

And now it’s time for Benji to do his solo … oh shit.  Does this mean Benji’s out?  I’m freaking here.  Aw, Benji’s added some contemporary to his solo!  And he’s dancing to emo punk!  He Travis-ed up his routine!   It’s great!  But now Cat is approaching with the dreaded envelope … we’ll find out after the break! Damn, Cat. That just ain’t right.

It turns out that nothing will be found out after the break, because now Travis is doing his solo. He’s apparently trying to steal a little of the Allison/Ivan magic by dancing to an Annie Lennox song. Wow, Travis is really dancing his little heart out, and it’s absolutely beautiful to watch. Well, it is until he starts awkwardly waving at the camera. I can forgive it — it’s sort of endearing, and this is his last time on the big stage, so he’s making the most of it.  I will not, however, forgive whatever sparkled monstrosity is on the back of Travis’s shirt.  That being said, I think Nigel once called him “brilliant,” and that’s exactly what he is.

As for Fergie’s performance … at least she didn’t piss herself again

Next, another audition montage, and the Chicago routine again.  I’m getting antsy.

Ack!  I’m so conflicted about this … for all my Travis-bashing, I really do think he’s amazing and fun to watch. Like Mia Michaels, I wish we could have a tie. By the way, Mia Michaels and Brian Friedman are being so cute tonight. I’m going to miss them this fall.

One last routine: the Tranji nerd extravaganza.  Oh, nice, get them all dressed up in knee socks to tell them the results.  (By the way, that bell at the end of the song?  I’m pretty sure that’s from the Saved By the Bell theme.  I know my Zack Morris.)

Okay, the show’s about to end, so Cat decides to stop jerking us around and divulge the winner. Benji and Travis are clutching each other in anticipation. Really, whoever wins, it’s going to be bittersweet, since neither of these guys deserves to lose.  And the winner is … BENJI!

Benji breaks down in tears, and Travis takes it all very well.  As he should; I bet that kid has tons of job offers.  (I bet Dr. Pepper’s already called.)  Celine Dion has taped a message of congratulations for Benji, which is a sweet thing to do, but I’d be shocked if Benji actually ends up in her little Vegas show.  But keep me posted!  If you guys see any news on our little So You Think You Can Dancers, send it my way!

And that’s it for So You Think You Can Dance … can’t wait until next season!  Thanks for reading, guys!  

Also, I want to recommend my other favorite show to you, Veronica Mars, which starts up Tuesday, October 3rd at 9 pm on The CW.  There’s no dancing, but I promise you, it’s a fantastic show.  I’ll be posting my reactions here this fall.  Later dudes!



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  1. Isn’t it totally awkward how they are booting people out (Donyelle and Heidi)? And yes Cat’s dress is HORRIBLE!

  2. They should have waited until the end to make a decision on the 4 of them.

  3. Yay Benji!

  4. Call me crazy but i was really rooting for Travis. Oh well. I hope, for his sake, he ends up having a succesful career.

  5. i was rooting for heidi, but i’m really happy for benji too!! besides from being a great dancer, he’s a total sweetheart. guys like him are one in a million (this is from a girl’s perspective).

    i didn’t like cat’s dress either.

    i really loved this show. i can’t wait for next season!! i enjoyed reading your site. keep up the good work! 🙂

    p.s. how did you know dmitry and natalie hooked up? that’s so interesting …

  6. Stopping back in for a moment — lg80, when Dmitry got booted, the next week they showed him in the audience holding up a big sign for Natalie. Since he was Heidi’s partner, and was sitting with Benji’s dad, I thought that was really weird and decided that they must have been hooking up. Plus, his MySpace page said he was in a relationship. They make a really cute pair!

  7. Joy was my Blake for the season. I hated her. I always thought she looked awkward and she had a bad attitude.

  8. I knew that Benji would win, but in the end I was rooting for Travis; but it is definitely not the last anyone sees of him. And WHAT DID THEY DO TO CAT?!? I look forward to seeing what she wears, and last night was like “WTHELL?!?” But congraaaats to Benji!

  9. I watched it last season and loved it …

    but i did not have a TV this year… Thank you for all these inputs…. I read it from begining, and now I think i should let you know how thankful i am for your work….


  10. The way they kicked off Heidi and Donyelle isn’t cool. I don’t think they would have told them beforehand either. My wife was pissed that they kicked her off so early.

    We all knew Benji was going to win. Do you notice that Celine didn’t say she was excited to work with him or something like that. She just said, Congratulations on winning.

  11. Thanks for recapping, we fast forwarded through th whole thing (except the Wade Robson routine – I could watch that over and over) and I missed the part about Natalie and Dmitry! Wowza!

    I’m proud of Donyelle.

    Didn’t Travis already have a Broadway career? I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

    I don’t think Benji is the best bet for a Celine Dion show, but who knows?!

  12. Does anyone know what song Natalie and Dmitry danced to in the finale? The official site says “Magahlena” by Tito Puente but I cannot find that song anywhere….

  13. I was just so happy that the top two were Tranji. They deserved it. Either one of them winning would have made me happy. So I am. Everyone else rocked too. I thought the guests sucked though.

  14. I was happy to know that the bottom 2 was Tranji but i was hoping Travis would win. Does anyone know if Travis Wall is gay or not?

  15. cg – the song is magalenha. Itunes has it by Mendonca Do Rio, but the version on the show was by Sergio Mendes, hope this helps.

  16. I was rooting for Travis and Benji since the top twenty, so I was thrilled when they recieved first and second! “Tranji’s” dance was so awesome and hot. I believe Travis was the best dancer and he deserved to win, but I love Benji’s personality. Ivan was so cute and improved the most. When he performed his first dance, I thought, “how in the world did he get on this show?! All he did was stand there!” However, by the middle he looked like all he’d done in his life was dance. Ryan was such an awesome solo dancer and it was sad to see him leave, but he couldn’t possibly have competed with Benji and Travis and Ivan. I believe he has an awesome career ahead of him. It was beautiful to watch him do ballet and contemporary.

  17. p.s.: Travis is so hot!!!!!

  18. Oh MY Goh I loved Benji I new he would win I really loved Travis too and I think it was really cool show benji always got partnered with the same person but you know what they Always rocked…..I LOVE BENJI……I counld’t go a day missing it and when they were goign to anounce the person who won I counld’t stay in my seat I Loved the whole show and wish I caould go see them in concerte well neways….oh yeah one of my favorite dances is were travis got to break out of his shell with that contemperary peice I really could’nt take my eyes off the tv…Can’t wait for next Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I loved the show and now my wednesdays and thursdays suck! Benji was my favorite from the auditions. Come on’ ….how adorable is that guy??

  20. The song is by Sergio Mendes, not Tito Puente.

  21. i wanted travius to win and does anyone kno if he’s gay or not cuz he aint that bad looking and he should oof won even tho allison was the best dancer out of all opf them

  22. i mean he’s so hott!!!

  23. ciara did not lip synch

  24. Ciara totally lip-synched. I’m sure she is a wonderful person, but she did not sing live on the show. Whatever, it’s better than actually singing and sounding like ass, which happens a lot when you’re dancing at the same time.

    This post reminds me of when I was little and tried to convince my brother that Mark-Paul Gosselaar was really singing on the “Zack Attack” episode of Saved By the Bell.

  25. Hey, just figured out that the fox website is wrong. Magahlena is by Sergio Mendes, not Tito Puente.

  26. hey i do west coast swing and i go to a lot of benjis dads competitions. benji is usually there. not to mention i used to go to his dads dance studio.
    Benji told me he didnt take the celine dion deal. but he did get offered another job at the escalaber.
    By the way, benji is one of the nicest people you will meet. heidi is way self centered though.

  27. Magahlena is also spelled Magalenha, which might help you in your search if you’re looking for it.

  28. anyone know the name of the song that they did the whole group victorian zombie dance to? I really want to get it.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    yes, i know the name of the song, it’s Ramalama (Bang Bang) by Roisin Murphy.

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