So You Think You Can Vote Off Ivan?

August 4, 2006 at 3:50 pm | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance, TV News | 7 Comments

Sorry about the late post. Here’s the live blog, after the jump …

I’ve been anticipating and dreading this show all week — I don’t want anyone to go home! Except maybe Natalie. Donyelle had a rough week, though, and I’m scared for her. I’m also scared for adorable Ivan — I don’t want him to leave! I think the top two guys are Travis and Benji, no question, but I loooove Ivan! He’s so fun to watch, and I’ll miss not getting to see him every week.

Anyway, enough talk. It’s time for So You Think You Can Dance! The guys and girls are dressed in Mugatu’s Derelicte collection, and synthesizer-y music begins to play, so you know Mia Michaels choreographed this week. Sure enough, they start groping each other and arabesque-ing all over the place. It’s pretty cool, even if it’s a little uncomfortable to watch. Cat arrives onstage in clubwear and bright red lipstick, so I guess she has plans later. The show got 12.5 million votes this week! Cat reminds us that there is “a lot at stake,” and then reminds us that the prize is a contract in the Celine Dion show, which sends me into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

Next, it’s the recap of yesterday’s show: Ivan and Natalie get thrashed, Mia insults Donyelle by comparing butt sizes, and Travis is frightened of Mary. After that brief interlude, it’s cutting time, and the top three girls line up. As always, their costumes are hilarious. Natalie looks like Anthropologie’s target customer, Heidi is unabashedly ballroomed out, and Donyelle is … Bollywood? Really? Fascinating.

Natalie’s dancing first. She’s revamped her solo, and it’s cute and heartfelt. She’s crying already, and blowing kisses to Allison in the audience. Nigel’s mean to her, but Mary is quite nice. Mia starts out nice, but can’t resist telling to stop trying so hard, which is a ridiculous thing to tell someone in a reality competition.

Heidi does her Black Eyed Peas routine, and it’s still great. Also, damn! Girl is flexible. Nigel backhandedly compliments her by saying, “if this competition had gone on for another five weeks, I could see you winning it.” Mary says that she’s incredible, and Mia tries one last time to make Heidi cry, by announcing that she’s surprised Heidi is still here, and accusing her of not being versatile enough. Mia is a bitch.

Ooh, Donyelle’s dancing to “Buttons” by the Pussycat Dolls, explaining the costume somewhat. Her solo is hot; Nigel calls her “inspirational,” and Mary almost starts crying when contemplating the awesomeness that is Donyelle. Mia doesn’t like that at all, so decides to be seriously heinous, and lectures Donyelle on not making enough progress in the last couple of weeks. Mary jumps in and defends poor Donyelle, and the two feign a catfight. Seriously, Mia, you are not the Simon Cowell of this show, so try some politeness. This is not American Idol. Donyelle looks dazed by the whole experience.

It’s time for our top three guys! Up first is Travis, who’s rocking the Abercrombie wear once more. Um, his collar is popped. I can’t believe it — he’s dancing to Westlife a cappella. Seriously, I’m not going to make any comments on Travis’s sexuality, but with a music selection like this, it’s understandable that people question it. I love it, though — Westlife 4EVER! Nigel says he doesn’t understand why Travis doubts himself, but I think Uncle Nigel has it wrong. I really don’t think that Travis has a self-esteem problem, I just think he’s kind of neurotic. Mary loves him, and Mia is completely nice, because she wants him in her stupid Celine Dion show.

Ivan’s next, and dancing to another Wade Robson song. I bet that was a mandate from the producers, rather than Ivan’s actual choice. Once again, the song isn’t terrible, which surprises me more than anything I’ve seen all night. Wade, do you really have hidden talents, or did you just pay off one of Britney Spears’s producers? Will you shortly be challenging Justin Timberlake for the title of “White Guy with Most Flava?” Getting back to Ivan, though: his solo is awesome. His confidence on stage has improved so much. Nigel is nice to him while simultaneously plugging a movie, Mary uses her lame Seabiscuit analogy again, and Mia fawns all over him. Seriously, what the fuck, Mia? This is what bothers me about her: she’s only honest when she wants to be.

Benji’s solo is last; he spends most of it running around the stage instead of dancing, and finishes with a cool move where he slides under the stairs. Nigel loves him, Mary loves him, and Mia’s going to “start with the negative” by saying “before working with you, I didn’t realize how many limitations you had as a dancer.” Mia, you are unbelievable. You’re going to say that to Benji when you let Ivan get off with “I just love you!” Like I said, only honest when she wants to be.

Omarion performs next, and it’s pretty average until his backup dancers come out of nowhere and jump onstage. I wonder if they’re nervous to be dancing in front of a bunch of choreographers. I bet they’re scared of Mia, too. I can see the fear in their eyes, especially in the one wearing the pink tie. He’s all: “don’t eat me, Mia!”

Nigel plugs the tour again, and now it’s elimination time. Cat starts with the girls, and they all seem pretty calm, which is nice to see. There’s really no good reason to freak out once you’re in the top three. Best case scenario: you lose and get tons of job offers. Worst case scenario: you win and have to work for Mia Michaels. Heidi is safe! It’s down to Natalie and Donyelle, and uh oh, Donyelle’s starting to look scared.

Now, they’re switching to the guys — tricky! And now for the shocker, Travis is safe! Actually, this isn’t shocking at all, because Travis wasn’t the top vote-getter, he’s just one of the top vote-getters. Benji isn’t necessarily in the bottom two. Damn manufactured reality show suspense! Travis freaks out, and it’s pretty hilarious.

Back to the girls … Natalie’s going home! She’s fine about it, and doesn’t cry for perhaps the first time on this show. That is, until she starts talking about the other dancers on the show. Aw. Bye, Natalie! Back to the guys, and … Ivan’s going home. Sigh. I knew this day would come, but it still hurts. Ivan is calm and gracious, but Benji starts crying, because Benji is extra-sensitive. Ivan thanks everyone for voting for him, and flexes his non-existent guns. Ivan’s so adorable. Miss you, Ivan!

Next week: finale!



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  1. So let me guess, you don’t like Mia? HAHA! I know I’m crazy, but I love her and her comments. I know, shoot me.

  2. I have this weird love/hate thing with Mia! This week it’s a hate thing, but I actually wish that she’d been on the panel more this year. (I feel the same way about Brian Friedman — some weeks, I want to slap him, others, give him a big ol’ hug.)

  3. I hear ya. I sometimes think the judges like Brian and Mia should have a weekly spot. Anyone but JMG.

  4. I actually like Mia’s comments. She gives honest, fair criticisms – which I prefer over Mary’s neurotic screams and “I love you!!”… She’s like the weird Paula Abdul of SYTYCD. Seeing that Allison has been voted off, I’m rooting for Travis to take the win. I’ve actually been rooting for Trav since I first saw him audition and thought that he was technically the strongest dancer.

  5. I thought Nigel’s psedo-compliment for Heidi was sarcastic and mean. He said she’d win the competition if there were five weeks left in the competition. But there’s only one week left (as Cat pointed out), so what was he implying … ?! Poor Heidi. For a moment there, she didn’t know whether to take his comment as a compliment or criticism. I totally disagree with Nigel though and I think Heidi’s really incredible and she should win it!! Sorry Benji (and Trav) fans.
    I agree with you … Mia goes by her multi-faceted moods. A lot of these judges aren’t consistent with their comments and sometimes they’re too nice when they should say it like it is.
    Woohoo! Finale next week! 🙂

  6. I actually agree with duckyxdale, as much as she has mood swings, I always love it when she’s critiquing. I knew Ivan would go, and it hurt so much, he has start quality. He is amazing in all aspects. It doesn’t hurt that he’s super hot, either. But everyething he does is adorable.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks Ivan looks like he is twelve?

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