Tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance (August 2)

August 2, 2006 at 9:03 pm | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance, TV News | 11 Comments

The live blog starts now, after the jump …

Cat Deeley is attired in some sort of Roman goddess outfit, which actually looks pretty good. Benji continues his ass-shaking in his introduction and makes Cat bust out laughing. I love this show. What I don’t love is the stage — it looks so empty with only six dancers! Sigh. Miss you, Allison!

It’s time to meet this week’s judges, and oh my word, Mia Michaels is on the panel with Nigel and Mary! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is her first time judging this season. She still has the odd Mia Farrow haircut, unfortunately.

Natalie and Ivan are doing the jive, and they seem a little uncomfortable in rehearsals. They look super cute in their jive outfits, though, and I really like the performance. It looks like Heidi and Benji gave them “pull your face” lessons. Nigel hates on them, though, because he totally wants them to go home this week. Ivan gets nailed for his footwork, which my untrained eyes actually thought was good. Mary loved the ending, but again starts hating on them. Mia calls it “no fun,” and I categorically disagree with Mia. So does Natalie, who states that she was having “a darn good time.”

Now Travis dances his solo He’s dressed in his best American Eagle wear, and he’s dancing to Lifehouse. Despite all this, I like it. And actually, it’s sort of nice to to see him in the preppy gear — since those are probably his regular old clothes, it brings honesty to the performance. Very nice. Then, Travis pulls up his shirt to reveal a shirt underneath with his TEMPO-01 phone number, and okay, that’s pretty funny. Cat fakes like she’s going to pull up her dress — take that, Lauren Sanchez!

Benji draws Donyelle out of the hat, and they’re doing hip-hop and Broadway — starting out with Broadway and Tyce. Lucky them! In rehearsals, they flirt and call themselves “Benjelle.” Looks like someone’s been reading the message boards! It’s great, of course — I like Tyce’s choreography this week, and these two are such natural performers. Benji looks slightly stronger, though. Will Nigel dare hate on them? Not exactly — he criticizes Donyelle for getting out-danced. Mary agrees, and Mia does too, but in some bizarre New Age-y bullshit sort of way.

Natalie’s solo is next; it’s less sexed-up than her earlier solos, and quite nice overall, but you know, I feel like I’ve seen it before. Same goes for Travis; neither is showing a lot of versatility in their solo work. You know who did show off his versatility? Jaymz. Miss you, Jaymz!

Travis and Heidi will be dancing together, dancing pop and smooth waltz. Travis is worried about getting two of the more crap styles, because he is completely unable to hide his emotions. Nevertheless, he wants to make America “fall in love” with their waltz. Aw, I can’t speak for America, but I sort of did! It was really beautiful, maybe the best one we’ve seen yet. I loved the one Benji and Donyelle did, but I think I prefer this choreography. Nigel compliments Heidi, and Mary compliments Travis, and they’re both ecstatic. Mia says that Travis is intense, which, duh, and says that Heidi has a special place in her heart.

Time for Ivan’s solo, and he’s apparently dancing to a song by Wade Robson. Wade, do you really need to branch out? Does he even sing, or is this a DJ sort of thing. Because when you let choreographers record albums, you get Paula Abdul, and I’m not so sure that’s a good thing. It’s actually a hot song, though, and a hot little solo. My favorite solo of the night, easily.

Donyelle and Benji’s second dance is going to be choreographed by Shane Sparks. Shane’s been a little mean to them this week, since this routine isn’t anything too special — not nearly as adorable as Ivan and Allison’s umbrella routine. It has a cute moment when Donyelle gives Benji her phone number, he rips it up, and she slaps him. Nigel likes it, Mary kisses Benji’s ass, and Mia compared Donyelle’s slightly sizeable butt to her own massive ass. Wow, that’s just rude.

And now, Heidi’s solo, and it’s quite good, despite being her typical modified Latin ballroom thing. She’s mixed it up a little more than usual, and I wish I had a better vocabulary with which to describe it. It’s just cute. And I covet her hot ballroom dress.

Natalie and Ivan are doing contemporary with Tyce next, and oh man, I am excited. It’s good, too — not as good as the “Why” routine, but still very pretty. The judges hate it: Nigel says there was no chemistry (for which I blame Natalie). Nigel kind of does too — says she’s wearing a mask. Nigel tells Ivan that he doesn’t have the technique, and Mary agrees. Mia continues being a bitch: she calls Natalie’s facial expressions false and contrived, and calls Ivan out for the lack of technique.

Benji’s solo is a lot of fun, but not too different than what we’ve already seen. He finishes with a big split and caresses his legs pseudo-sexily. Poor kid looks genuinely worried that people won’t vote for him — HA! Listen to the studio audience, Benj. Hear that sound? That’s five hundred oddly-attired teenagers yelling your name,

Wade Robson’s choreographing Travis and Heidi’s pop routine, thank God. If you’re going to make up some bullshit dance style and put it on your show, get the master of the bullshit dance style to teach it. Wade has confused “pop” with African dance, but it’s still cool. Their unison is sick, and I mean that in a good way. This is the first routine I’ve seen that’s really highlighted Travis’s strengths — he looks phenomenal. Nigel says it’s the best of the night, but you know, he might just be kissing Wade’s ass. It was damn good, though. Mia starts freaking out because it appeals to her hemp-infused sensibilities. And I quote: “African pop? So be it.”

Donyelle dances her heart out in her solo — she really is giving it her all, but doesn’t look impressed with herself at the end. She thinks she’s going home, and I’m starting to worry about her, too. Cat gives the judges one last opportunity to sway public sentiment, but instead of blind Benji-pandering, Nigel graciously advises America to vote for its favorite. Mary liked Heidi and Travis the best, and Mia takes this opportunity to depress them all about their post-show life. Then she cryptically advises America to vote for the person who can handle fame and fortune — who’s she dissing here? Travis? Ah Mia, you confuse and fascinate me. And that’s it for tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance! To the phones, Batman!



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  1. Wow. Definetly a great night. I personally am a TOTAL Benji groupie. So sue me.

    Anyways, I voted the ENTIRE two hours. I claim credit for Benji’s henceforth success. 😀

    Loved reading your take on the night!


  2. I completely agree with you, Nigel wants Ivan to go home this week and unfortunately he will.

  3. I personally loved Heidi to the death. She’s the most versatile dancer of the bunch right now. Well, she and Travis.

    Wait, you think Wade Robson is a bullshit-style kind of coreographer? I think he’s great!! Ever since his “Ramalama” group dance coreography, I was happy that he’s coreographing another dance for the show. And yes, the African Pop he coreographed for Heidi and Travis was pretty good. Heidi pulled it off. Yay Heidi!!

    Let’s see what will happen on tonight’s show! 🙂

  4. Ivan rox but i guarentee (i KNOW thats not spelled right) will go home =[

  5. I was looking forward to your comments on the elimination last night! Can’t wait to see what you have to say.

    Again, Nigel was very pointed in his commentary and it was way obv who he wanted to go home.

  6. About the judges’ comments … you wouldn’t think it but they really influence how America will vote. After kissing Natalie’s arse for the past 5 weeks, Nigel made it clear two nights ago that she wasn’t as good as the other contestants (thank God he finally saw the light!), and look at what happened at results show! She got eliminated. The next girl to go is Donyelle. She’s overrated … all due to her eyes. This is a dance competition, not “So You Think You Have the Prettiest Eyes?” Her movements are sloppy, lazy, and Benji had been carrying her to the judges’ graces from the start.

  7. Everyone is talking about Allison and Travis… my question is what’s the deal with Natalie and Allison … looks like more than a friendship to me.

  8. I don’t think that there’s anything romantic between Natalie and Allison. I think they’re just really really good friends who have been through the toughest weeks of their lives together. It’s kinda sweet actually.

    Not sure why Donyelle’s still around – she’s heavy – no disrespect to the heavier girls but as a dancer, she can’t really do all the delicate moves and twirls and jumps that Allison could. I was so disappointed that Allison got cut, and not Donyelle.

    With Ivan gone, the show is officially over for me.

  9. need phone number to vote for Benji tonight HELP

  10. benji’s # is tempo-04

  11. does anyone know the name of the Latin Jazz song they danced to? That was by far my favorite no matter what the Judges said…

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