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August 2, 2006 at 2:27 am | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance, TV News | 9 Comments

I hope the So You Think You Can Dancers get health insurance. There’s a little rumor going around that Benji was hospitalized with strep throat and dehydration, but is all better now. Fight through the pain, Benji! Also, check out this hilarious picture of Young Benji and Heidi.  And here’s an interesting fact: Benji’s dad was scheduled to choreograph this season, but dropped out when Benji made the cut.



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  1. OMG

  2. Hehe I love the picture of Heidi and Benji. I hope one of them win.

  3. benji why you did not kiss donyell

  4. i mean when you win the title youdid not hug her
    i fell bad about it

  5. I think the picture was cute.

    That guy holding the streaming sign, was that Benji’s dad?

  6. If any of you are interested in hearing a little more about Benji’s spiritual side – you can listen to the interview on my podcast that’s up right now. :O)

  7. Benji
    i completly love you you r so good at wut u do and no matter wut you do you will always b my swing king! you r amazing my friend told me this sight (ivanobesetion247) i hope you read this!!! o i am so getting tickets for the show now!!!benji i love you! all my friends went for travis or ivan but i stuck by u the hole time i am a thrue fan!!! i wish someday i can meet u!! if theres a contest i am so entering!!! well i completly adore you and if you read this than OMG!!!!!!! i love you this has been a comment from your bigest fan biggest fan in the world benji’s female fanatic bye benji man or do u want me to call u ben or benji well i still love you bye

  8. hi it’s me um… bye cute pix of u and hidi when you were lil so adorable you r the cutest lil kid ever and u do not have a big head!!!

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