Allison and Ryan talk to TV Guide

August 2, 2006 at 2:08 am | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance | 3 Comments

Fantastic interview with So You Think You Can Dancers Allison and Ryan from  Apparently Allison and Travis don’t have “personal history,” but worked together last year. (Also, Travis’s MySpace suspiciously doesn’t list his orientation.  Just pointing that out.)  Ivan has a girlfriend, so it looks like Allison didn’t have any behind-the-scenes romances — but she once went to Homecoming with Jaymz.  Love it!  I also love that Allison is going to train to be a professional ballroom dancer.  Hey, does Benji need a new partner?

Ryan thinks Travis is going to win the whole competition, and is distressed about getting hit with the “no personality” label, which I think is a fair complaint.  As hard as I’ve been on Ryan, he really is a great dancer, just not my favorite — but we definitely didn’t get to see a lot of Ryan behind the scenes, and that’s not Ryan’s fault.



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  1. I love Ryan. I knew he wasn’t going to make the final four but I don’t think the judges should have insulted him like that – he was just too shy for a t.v. competition.

  2. Ryan is my aunts god son, which i guess makes him my god cousin, and I agree completely that the judges treated him so rude. I met him when i was little but my aunt told me alot about him. It was her and his mom that visited him on the show a while ago .
    Also, when he was first paired with heidi, and they made it seem like he was being mean to her was edited to make it seem that way. From what i heard she was worse to him that he was to her.

  3. i loveee allison and i wish her and ivan got together! they would’ve been perfect!

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