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August 1, 2006 at 2:04 am | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance | 6 Comments

One more day until So You Think You Can Dance, and I can barely wait. I’ve noticed that folks are expressing some strong opinions in the comments, so I thought I’d share mine with a little more specificity. Basically, if it were entirely up to me, here’s how this season would have gone down:

Week One: Goodbye, Emo Hair Ben and Erin!
I’m still pissed that Stanislav got cut so early, and I was down on Ben and his dumb emo hair from the start. Obviously, I wasn’t sorry to see Erin go.

Week Two: Adios, Stanislav and Joy!
I know, I just said I wanted Stans to stay on, but since he got cut so early, it’s hard to predict how he would have done with hip-hop. Might as well get rid of him now.

Week Three: Peace out, Ryan and Aleksandra!
Yes, I honestly would have gotten rid of Ryan this early — Jason was a lot more enjoyable to watch. (But hindsight is 20/20, and it was easy to believe in Week Three that Ryan would improve, instead of just stagnating.)

Week Four: Farewell, Ashlee and Jason!
Same deal as Stanislav, I don’t know how good Jason would have ended up being, so I can’t say with confidence that he deserved to stay on the show longer than Musa.

Week Five: Adios, Jessica and Musa!
Tough call cutting Musa here, since he’s quite loveable. I thought the judges gave Jessica too much shit, but she did have annoying facial expressions. I could’ve seen her lasting out Martha, though.

Week Six: Buh-bye, Martha and Jaymz!
I was torn between Jaymz and Dmitry here. I really do like them both, and I thought Jaymz did a great job with everything he was given. Sometimes his solos were lame (FELL OFF THE STAGE!), but he shouldn’t have been “dancing for his life” in the first place. I was never a big Martha fan.

Week Seven: See ya, Natalie and Dmitry!
Week Eight: Since I have to choose … Heidi/Donyelle and Ivan.
Okay, so I didn’t exactly choose. But here’s where it really starts to hurt, since it could be argued that Travis, Heidi, Ivan, Donyelle, Benji, and Allison each deserve the win, and they’re all adorable. I truly believe that Allison should have been in the top two, so it doesn’t matter whether I bump Heidi or Donyelle first. It kills me to cut Ivan at this stage, but I just can’t see him beating out Travis or Benji

Week Nine: Donyelle/Heidi, and … Travis.

Week Ten: Stormin’ Mormons Allison and Benji, and my ultimate pick to win … Mr. West Coast Swing himself, Benji.

Feel free to disagree with my picks (or tell me what a genius I am) in the comments. I fully expect to get some hate from the Ivan-lovers, so let me explain that a little more: he’s awesome, but he’s had rough nights. No matter what the judges have said, I think Travis and Benji have been consistently excellent. If Ivan were a little older, had a little more training in contemporary/ballroom, I think he could have won, but this competition is just too tough.



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  1. i don’t think Natalie should have been cut so early in this compitition of yours, i like the ppl like heidi benji and natalie who have tons of energy and personality, and on the other hand i just really like travis so i wanted him 2 stay 2. I can’t say i liked allison very much, but her last 2 dances with Ivan I liked alot.

  2. At least you and America seemed to get one thing right. I think Benji is definitely America’s favorite dancer.

  3. BENJI sure has gotten taller! The last time I saw hai was when he was in the fourth grade. I was his teacher. Good things happen to good people, so I think he will win!

  4. Natalie’s very talented and basically gorgeous, but she’s not my favorite girl. She’s not even my third favorite — I’m very dedicated to Heidi, Donyelle, and Allison. That being said, if the top three girls ended up being Martha, Natalie, and Donyelle, I’d want Martha cut before Natalie. If that makes sense.

  5. okay agreed with the most part. but i like natalie better than donyelle AND heidi.

    i think travis should beat benji. and allison should’ve won! i absolutely LOVED her and i was sooooo angre to see her leave! she deserved to win more thany anyone else. i’m still not over it!

  6. I agree that Martha should leave before Natalie too. No question

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