Mel Gibson busted for DUI

July 28, 2006 at 3:41 pm | Posted in Gossip | Leave a comment

Add this to the list of this week’s WTF moments: Mel Gibson got busted for DUI last night.

Updated: is reporting that Gibson got agitated and made several anti-Semitic remarks during his arrest. While is what I consider to be a “tabloid” website, they have a link to what they claim is the actual police report.

When I saw the first story, I thought it was troubling but amusing, and appreciated the opportunity to make drunk Irish Catholic jokes. Sure, drunk driving is a serious offense that can ruin lives, but in this instance no one’s life was ruined — no one was injured, and a DUI conviction has almost no punitive effect on a movie star of Gibson’s stature. It’s not like freakin’ Mel Gibson fills out job applications that ask “have you been convicted of a felony?”

But after reading these new details … I don’t feel like making jokes. If these allegations are true, then no amount of apologizing will make up for Gibson’s actions. If false, the reputation of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars has been destroyed beyond repair.

Updated again: I’ve noticed that a lot of people looking for “Mel Gibson jokes” are ending up at this site.  While I have no jokes, I would like to direct future joke-seekers to McSweeney’s.


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