So You Think You Can Dance at the press tour

July 28, 2006 at 2:04 am | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance, TV News | 3 Comments

Here’s a great report on the So You Think You Can Dance session at the TCA press tour (thanks to poster ENM in the comments).

A few thoughts on that article: I guess some people have a problem with Cat Deeley, but I love her.  Please let her host season three, Nigel, and keep that scary Lauren Sanchez away from me!

Natalie says she’s “very good friends” with Dmitry.  I could totally see them hooking up — it would explain the sign Dmitry was holding last night.

Travis and Allison made up some contemporary dance to perform at the press session, which I’m betting was the dance they performed as the credits rolled last night.  That also helps explain why Travis was crying so much at Allison’s elimination.  Sigh. I feel for ya, Trav.  I miss Allison already.



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  1. i was wondering why her and trav danced together….i always thought her and ivan were perfect but i suppose her and trav would be a good couple too..i thought it was cuz they had a thing going but i guess not!

  2. I agree, keep Cat Deeley for season three. She is a sweetheart and very down to earth. I enjoy watching the show also because of her. I did not like season one’s host at all. She got me so annoyed watching the show. I cant wait til the tour starts!! I hope they tour in New York!!

  3. season 1’s host sucked… i could barely watch.
    cat is funny and great at the ad’lib.

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