If you miss Allison as much as I do …

July 28, 2006 at 2:23 am | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance | 18 Comments

… you’re probably tempted to rent Disney’s High School Musical and try to find her in the background.  Luckily, Duckyxdale has done the work already.  Here’s his post, complete with screencaps of Allison.  Hopefully Disney will seize on her newfound celebrity and give Allison a role in High School Musical 2, or better yet, her own show — I can already guarantee that it would be more watchable than that piece of crap That’s So Raven.



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  1. i do miss allison she was my favorite female dancer! i agree with you on giving her a part or her own show…i flet her and ivan danced beautifully together!!

  2. Alison was the best dancer in the whole commation and she deserved to win the whole thing more than crapy natile

  3. It was emotional seeing Allison and Travis together at the end when she was doing her final solo. I wonder if their was an off air romance???

  4. I really dislike natalie and donyelle. Heidi is cool and Allison was absolutely my favorite

  5. I did not like Allison at all – I thought she was totally forgetable. I think the final three are right on and that the winner should be either Heidi or Donelle.

  6. She was sooo cute though, especially with Ivan. I almost cried last night and was about to boycott the show. I guess everyone has their own opinion though and I respect yours. 🙂

  7. Allison was the best. Her solo/final dance last night was amazing. When she danced to Maxwell’s This Woman’s Worth was beautiful. Does anyone know the song that her and Ivan danced the contemporary style to?

  8. Alison was the best she deserved to win the competition. Natali have always a bitch face and donelle can’t dance all the style so..anyway i felt very bad last night about that 😦

  9. Then natalie had the nerve to cry, even though she was probably very happy that she didn’t go home. Anyways natalie has a better career chance in hollywood with her tears on cue.

  10. Thanks for the link!

    I just have to say that I was floored that Allison went home. Sure she wasn’t my fave to win, but she had a much better night then Natalie and even Donyelle (whom I love).

  11. I was so mad when allison left. Donyelle sould have left even thugh i love her. Allison deserved to win and I’m dying to know if her adn travis have an off-air romance. That was such a great solo with him but, i always felt her and ivan had a thing but on the show last night ivan looked mad and depressed that she had danced with travis. Also, the song the her and ivan did the contemporary dance to is called (Why by Annie Lennox)

  12. Allison was the best female dancer on the show. PERIOD. Technically, emotionally, in every way. It’s a crime that she was kicked off, and DONIELLE stayed? I mean, she’s sweet, and she can move, but Allison is a bona fide DANCER. She’s much more skilled. Besides her, Travis wins, hands down. He’s got all the spunk and personality that Benji does, but Travis is much more polished, and his technique puts Benji’s to shame. From a dance perspective, which I thought this show was about….Allison and Travis are the best. Period.

  13. there are so many people who loved allison, but did you guys vote for her? i think donyelle, natalie, etc. are still on the show because their fans picked up the phone and voted for them 1,000 times within those two hours. so if you have time and you really want your fave dancer to win, make sure to vote for them next week people!

    p.s. do not vote for natalie. 😦

  14. I will miss her so much!!! Her and Ivan have inspired me to be an awsome dancer !!!! I hope she will come back!!! I Miss you!!!

  15. i think natile should have left!! Ivan and Allison look so good together!! Right?

  16. i LOVE to watch her dance!!! I am disapointed in America for voting her out!!!

  17. Allison and Ivan are my rolmodles for Dancing and Life!!!! who is with me

  18. i agree with all you people! allison was amazing and i loved her! but it confuses me when i read all this and i dont know how she left. whoever lg80 is-you’re totally right.you all must not have voted because if a lot of people had she still would’ve been there. but she’s still an AMAZING dancer even if she didn’t win & i hope to see more of her.

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