So You Think You Can Vote Off The Wrong Friggin’ Girl?

July 27, 2006 at 10:15 pm | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance, TV News | 38 Comments

There’s no point in live blogging this episode, since my whole post can be summed up with three letters: WTF?

While Natalie is both pretty and talented, seriously, she can kiss my ass.  Allison was adorable, fun to watch, and her elimination at this stage of the competition is a travesty.  I blame you, America!

P.S. Bye, Ryan!



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  1. I agree. I’m devastated and my bf will be too when he learns the bad news.

    I will miss her so much now, I realise I was watching the show because of her.

    I think Travis was crying, or very close to. Dancing with him was a very adorable think to do from Allison.

  2. Any thoughts on the whole Allison dancing on Travis, Travis crying episode? They looked awfully heartbroken to be leaving each other. Do you think there could be something more going on there? And I definitely agree that Allison was a huge mistake! Let me know your thoughts!

  3. I definitly noticed that extreme closeness of Allyson and Travis at the end and the rumor mill will start up especially because of her final dance included “mostly” dancing on him. IT was VERY SEXY though…no complaints here…just interesting.

  4. i was very disappointed when Allison was eliminated, i was rootin 4 b0th Allison and Natalie, and when they were at the bottom two…. well… i was very nervous, especially they are bestest friends!
    And the whole scene with Travis’s crying and his dancing with Allison was surprising… i actually thought that Ivan and Allison were gettin kinda romanticly close, but i guess i was wrong. Now there is no point of watching that show without Allison in it. =[[

  5. i totally agree. allison was definately one of the very best dancers. honestly, i though that ivan and allison had something going on, because when they were announcing the bottom 2 girls and which girl was going home, they showed ivan.

  6. Yeah, Travis was really bawling, huh? But I think he just probably started freaking out because he was next on the chopping block, and if Allison can get cut, ANYONE can. I doubt that Allison is dating any of them, but that’s just my opinion.

  7. WHAT THE HELL!?!??!! I was so disappointed and there is not one other girl on the show now who I think is worth watching, and I don’t think that any of the girls left can beat Travis OR Benji. Heidi is a freakin PARTNER dancer to Benji..that’s her claim to fame. Donyelle is ok, but she sucked it last night. As for Natalie, yes, she’s cute and gorgeous, but since she hurt her knee, she’s been lacking! I don’t understand how they could peg Allison as the one to beat and the predicted winner of the show, and then kick HER off over Natalie. As for Allison and Travis…I came on this site b/c I googled “Allison” “Travis” and “rumors”. Travis is a little bit feminine, and I thought it looked really gay that Nick Lazzarini from last season was there jumping up and down with a Travis sign, but then Allison was on him like white on rice…interesting…

    P.S. They finally made the right decision in giving Ryan the boot.

  8. I think Travis was especially heartbroken about Allison’s departure because the two became very close in the past few weeks. During one of Fox’s panels for critics, four dancers from SYTYCD performed: Benji & Heidi did West Coast swing, and Travis and Allison performed a dance that they choreographed themselves “at 2 A.M.” one night. You can read one story about it on MSN:

  9. Yeah, Allison is a good dancer but she was too damn arrogant. I think the viewers finally saw that. I don’t really like Natalie either but I was glad Allison is gone – I was really afraid that she was going to win the show. I’m rooting for Donyelle, Benji or Heidi. Even though I knew Ryan wouldn’t win the competition, I liked him a lot. I think he just wasn’t popular because he is the quiet type. And no matter how much Ivan has grown, he should have gone before Ryan…ah the popularity contests of reality t.v.

  10. Allison arrogant? I disagree, I rather saw a lot of modesty in her. Remember she’s the one who said, when she was deemed as likely to win the show and was in the bottom 3 the following day, that one could not put himself on top of the others at this stage of the competition?

    Also, the “they” one blogger is talking about is not the same “they” who didn’t vote for Allison wednesday night. The first “they” are the judges, and the second are the US viewers.

    Maybe most people tought that Allison was safe (thinking “Many will vote for her anyway”) and voted for other dancers they wanted to keep in the competition. Anyway, Allison is still a very young, beautiful (that flowy hair!) and mostly, very versatile dancer, I’m sure she’ll become a professionnal dancer soon enough. Broadway maybe? ;D

  11. What song did Allison dance to for her last performance??

  12. Thanks for posting that great link, ENM! (I’m stealing it and posting it on the front page.)

  13. I googled “Allison going home” and found your blog. I love you for writing those three letters because those about sum up how I feel.

    Seriously, I was speechless too when I found out that Allison was going home tonight instead of Natalie. I mean, I have a feeling that Heidi and Donyelle will be the two girls remaining at the end, but tonight wasn’t the time for Allison to go home. Anyone can see that she’s a better dancer than Natalie. Natalie plays off her sex appeal to the audience (and to the judges) to win their approvals. And frankly, her bawling irritates me. Not only is it annoying, it also looks fake. Yes, she’s pretty but I think Allison has a more timeless beauty, and her sincerity and modesty show.

    About the Travis-and-Allison speculation, I heard from a lot of sources that Travis is gay. It’s sweet that Allison used Travis in her final solo and that Travis had tears in his eyes, but I think the emotions reflected their growing friendship than anything else. Does anyone else agree? As for Ivan, he’s straight, but I don’t think he’s romantically involved with Allison either. He looked shocked and utterly sad that Allison was voted out, but again, I think they were more like brother and sister than anything else. Allison was his dancing partner for the longest time, and they’ve built chemistry together.

    I’m so sad Allison will no longer be on SYTYCD, and just to be sure, I’ll vote my damn hardest for my fave dancer next week to make sure she won’t go home: Heidi!

    By the way, does anyone else notice that Cat and the judges (at least Nigel) give away whom of the two boys or girls will go home after they perform their solos? Nigel wished Allison good luck and said he was pretty sure she’ll succeed in the dancing world. To Natalie, he said America got it wrong if she was going home tonight. Then to Ryan, he also wished him the best but to Travis, he claimed that it was wrong for him to be one of the bottom two.

    Hmm … learn the art of subtlety, guys.

  14. i agree i thought allison and ivan had something going on, which would be so hot he should have just kissed ehr in those routines…but i mean allison and travis would be pretty hot too…i was deoressed to see her leave!

  15. damn i kno im so freaking mad i luved her and she was way better then natalie plus her and ivan made a rly good pair and did u c his face when cat sed that alison was voted off? that was horrible! ugh im so pissed

  16. For Donyelle to be in the top six is just not right,Benji has carried her from the get go,and for the best two female dancers to be in the bottom 2 is a crime!!!MY take on this!!Its gonna sound bad but,last night we got to see with the masks how bad Donny’ really is,facial expression is not Dancing!!! without that she is not even close to the level of dancing allison and natalie,travis are BAR NONE!!! I am not Racist my wife is a Black woman ,,but both are take on the judging is the pressure to be “POLITICLY CORRECT”there is now way they would vote off two African Americans in one night PERIOD.and the best best dancer was the fallguy regardless of race!!!!

  17. I felt so bad for Ivan last night, he obviously has a thing for Allison and when he watched her dance with Travis for her solo, you could see the hurt in his eyes, and even at the very end when he went to go to her, she started dancing with Travis, Ivan looked like a lost puppy. I am hoping that Ivan wins!!!

  18. Come on, people, Travis is GAY! But that doesn’t mean that he and Alison cannot have a deep and enduring friendship/love. And I mean, they are dancers, so they are comfortable with their bodies and expressing themselves through bodily contact and connection – for the rest of us, that connotes sex, but just because it is erotic does not mean they are in a relationship. The person who noticed the Nick Lazzarini sign is observant – yes, there’s a connection.
    Alison was a beautiful dancer; I think the best I’ve seen on the show in two seasons, but as Nigel said, the voters are typical/common Americans and they look for “entertainment” not just beautiful or technically proficient dancing. I think Alison existed on a plane a bit above the everyday voter… and she didn’t always “connect” like Benji does. It is too bad. She probably “deserved” to win if there is such a thing, but I’m not worrying about her… she’ll be just fine and make a very successful career in dancing.

  19. you took the words right out of my i think i said the exact words 2 seconds ago. allison was every style of dance, and natalie is great too…but she isn’t nearly as good as one is! i personally think that people just thought that of all people she didnt need any more votes..but obviously we all had that same exact thought! it wont be the same without her..

  20. wtf indeed !!!

    I think and feel that Allison deserved to go to the finals. Natalie, looked awfully surprised at the result… she was certainly ready to depart.

    It’s tough, because now it is between Benji (the lovable) and Travis (the prodigious). With the way Amerika votes, Benji might take it. But I do think Allison was the only girl capable of winning it.

    With the regards to Ivan-Allison-Travis triangle: my thoughts are that Ivan fell for Allison long ago (how could any guy not), but that the feelings were not reciprocated. There’s certainly an intimate connection between Allison and Travis (even if it is not romantic) – and it is a connection that appeared to catch Ivan unawares.

    “In a stunning twist, Natalie drops out of the competition citing a knee injury. Allison, the most recent eliminee, returns to the competition to fill the vacancy.” Yes I am dreaming, but I’m crossing my fingers!!!

  21. Okay guys soooo do you think that heart-broken bengii was fallin for Donyelle…noticed how after every dance they did together that randomly kissed each other and looked straight into each others eyes?? am I dreamin somethin or is this a little love spark??

  22. WTF is right. i too was watching the compotition for allison. I believe that america must have thought that she would be safe and not need votes, because as an average jane, who knows nothing about dance, i still thought that allison was the best. It frusterating to me, and anyone else who watches the compotition who cant vote because they dont live in the states. As a canadian, i feel rather helpless. As for the rumours that allison and ivan or allison and travis had a thing, i think that as the two best contemporary dancers in the compotition, it would make sense that they would become friends, as for ivan i think it was more of a brotherly, sisterly thing going on between them. they were partners for so long and when you work that hard to make chemistry come off, you cant help but have it being real. GO IVAN you will keep me watching the show, i really dont think that you can beat benji but im gonna hope just the same.

  23. omgsh.

    i think that the network is taking people off the show that are obviouly going to win so the underdogs have a chance.
    like chris daughtry.
    its just a theory, but its the only thing that makes sense.

    travis and allison.
    i seriously thought there was something more.
    think once she got off they couldnt hide how they felt.

    but heidi sucks.
    donyelle is ok.
    natalie is awsome but, doesnt deserve to win.
    beji will probably win.
    ivan has grown so much and is such a cutie.
    and travis, gahh i hope he wins now that allison is gone.

    does anyone know any truth to the travis and allison rumors??


  24. I agree as well. I thought Allison was going to win the entire thing. Oh well. It’s not like we’re never gonna see her again. Out of the top 6 so far, I think one of the girls should win

  25. I am so pissed that Allison was voted off. She was my absolute FAVORITE!
    I think that Donyelle will go home next, along with either Benji or Ivan. I LOVE Ivan, but, when it comes down to it, he deffinately isn’t the best dancer on the show. But he’s adorable, and he has a GREAT personality.
    Benji is pretty good. I mean, at this stage, it’s so hard to chose who to vote for. But I’m voting for Travis to win.
    I want Donyelle to go home next, because she hasn’t been doing so well lately, and then Heidie, because Natalie is a tad better, and then Natalie. GO TRAVIS!!!

    BTW… I really want to know what was going on between Travis and Allison??? Does anyone know for sure? That was surprising. Ivan looked so sad. 😦

  26. dummies… this has turned into a popularity contest instead of a dancing contest… Donyelle isn’t in the same class as the others… Heidi lacks versatility… Allison was good… but you need to turn off the sound and just watch the dancing, and you will see who’s really good… bad music can mask good dancing. seriously, do it and vote accordingly, and the best dancer will win regardless of attitude or personality, and that’s what’s supposed to happen. Natalie’s stage presence, strength, and skills are awesome, as are her looks. so she can be irritating… that bothered me for a few weeks, but she won me over with her passion.

  27. ps – there was nothing going on between Allison and Travis… Travis is obviously gay, he was just playing his part as a prop for her routine… and I think Natalie and Allison have something working… hot.

  28. travis has the technical skills but is boring to watch… ivan, untrained and limited…at least Benji is entertaining.

  29. i really love ivan and allison..they were my fave couple adn i think they are teh ones who deserve to win..i wouldnt mind either of em see allison go was just heartbreaking=( andd wen ivan went i was just realli depressed..i felt like crying=( ivan is totally adorble and entertaining and most of all he’s a great dancer..and travis isnt gay!!!!! he’s a great dancer..natalie & allison are like best friendsa dn ivan and allison are like brother and sister..but i realli thought they had a thing goin on for each other whcih would of been really sweet!! i totally love ivan!! he’s great..and i cant believe he got voted offf=( screw ppl who didnt vote for him!! totally love ivan!!!

  30. Dmitri – gay
    Ryan – gay
    Travis – gay
    Ben – gay …. get it… Bengay? Funny!
    Benji – possibly gay
    Ivan – jury is still out

  31. Somebody deleted my comment about Cat and Nigel bumpin’ uglies. How do you think she got the job?

  32. I delete comments that are too vulgar for my taste, which is why some of yours are gone. And some are still here.  I also delete stuff that pisses me off, or that’s posted by people I dislike.  I don’t really have a set policy.

  33. I cried when Allison left the show, i vowed not to watch the show again but the curosity got the better of me. Allison and Ivan were my favorite in the compition. They were just so adorable together and apart. I always thought that they liked each toher cause they were always like the only ones hugging each other, and then i saw them holding hands when everyone else wasn’t. And when Allison got voted off you could see the hurt in Ivan’s eyes he looked like he wanted to go and hug and kiss her. But she was dancing with travis. I think she didn’t want to show that she would miss ivan. And then i think ivan danced bad because if allison wasn’t in the compition then he didn’t want to be either. And for Allison and Travis, No. I don’t see it. Everyone says he is gay and they said they saw hi boyfrind! But i think allison just danced with him cause he was sad and adorable, and she didn’t want to show she was gonna miss ivan. What do others think?

  34. Allison’s elimination was shocking and tragic…what a terrible loss.

  35. I’m from the UK, but this looks like a good slice of reality tv! Anyone know if it plans to makes its way across the pond?

  36. It is impossible not to have fallen in love with Allison. That first night when she had to do a 90 second solo, because the previous week with Ivan had landed her in the bottom two, I was totally blown away. She did the stunts: a jump split, a handless cartwheel, a bunch of followup moves. But it was all so fluid, so effortless, and so simply beautiful. I fell in love totally.

    The next week, when she and Ivan did Tyce’s choreorgraphy to Annie Lennox’s “Why,” I was crying with everybody else.

    I am an old guy writing here. Not too much works for me any more. I think that Allison and Ivan’s success with that choreography is of more professional than personal consequence to them now–and I expect that they understand that probably better than the rest of us.

    Nevertheless, dancing is all about being alive. I am proud to have Allison and Ivan members of me species.

    I plan to follow their careers on my own, regardless of whether they continue to be in the media eye.


  37. i don’t think it will be in the UK, but you can go on and they have so you think you can dance videos, but you should hurry cause some get taken down.

  38. I am so sad that Allison left, she was the bst by far! And she had a much better week then Donyell and Natalie,so they should have been in the bottom two! Anyways, in an interview with TV guide, allison said that she and travis knew each other before and were close because they both taught with the New York City Dance Alliance. So they were already friends, and Allison decided to dedicate her solo to him, as a way to say goodbye (for the time being). Allison ROCKS!!!

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