So You Think You Can Dance results show! (July 20)

July 20, 2006 at 9:06 pm | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance | 4 Comments

Another live blog of tonight’s episode, after the jump!

Cat continues to look hot, and her hair looks even better tonight than last night, so we’re off to a good start!

I can see what Wade Robson was trying to achieve with the group routine; it’s very “Thriller” meets “Mr. Brightside.” However, it reminds me most of the video for “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by the Backstreet Boys, and that can’t be a good thing. Plus, Wade’s new haircut totally makes him look like Carson “Manorexia” Daly.

Next, Cat introduces the Worst Panel Ever. Frenchie is wearing a white sport coat that makes him look like Kevin Kline in French Kiss, so I guess that’s appropriate attire. Nigel brags that So You Think You Can Dance was number one in the ratings last night. I believe the ratings system is flawed and inaccurate, but nevertheless: congratulations, Nigel!

Now it’s time for the recap: Donyelle is awesome, Dmitry is ab-licious, Martha gets trashed, Ivan skates, Ryan gets ripped a new one, everyone loves Allison, Travis does well, so does Heidi, and Benji is the most fabulousest dancer ever.

Cat introduces the top five girls; everyone smiles pretty except for Martha, who knows she’s going home and is trying not to cry. After the break, they bring everyone out on stage, and Donyelle goes first. Safe! Next up is Martha, and she’s in the bottom two, duh. Allison is safe! Natalie and Heidi go up together, holding hands. Nice costumes tonight, they both look really good. Nigel must’ve fired some stylists. Natalie’s in the bottom two and Heidi is safe! So far, I love these results. Martha and Natalie go stand next to Cat, which surprises Nigel. Nigel, that surprises me — Natalie was not excellent on last night’s show.

It’s the guys’ turn after the break, and Ryan’s up first. Ryan looks like he’s going to cry — dude, they must totally find out before the show if they’re in the bottom two. Ryan is in the bottom two, as predicted, and next up is Travis. Travis is freaking out, until Cat tells him he’s safe! Travis gives Cat a big ol’ hug, aw. Benji is next, and it’s obvious he’s practiced his surprised face. They must teach you that on the professional ballroom circuit. Benji is safe, and Cat calls Dmitry and Ivan up to get their results. Ivan’s safe! Dmitry’s not. Again, I’m happy with these results.

Now it’s time for the perfunctory final solos, and Martha is first. She dances the silly Gwen Stefani routine again, but thankfully, she’s left the hideous green hat in the dressing room. Nigel gives away that she’s going home by reassuring us all that she’s got a great career ahead of her. Ryan is next, and his solo is great as usual. Ryan tears up listening to the judges’ comments … poor Ryan. They’ve got it right, he is a soloist above anything else. Unfortunately, that’s not how you succeed on this show. Natalie wastes a lot of time in her solo by affecting the Jesus-on-the-cross pose, but once she actually starts dancing, she’s great. Frenchie says “whatever she does, she always add,” and I might agree if I could understand what the hell he’s talking about. Dmitry comes out with the same solo he does every week … HA! He fakes like he’s going to rip his shirt open, and then shakes his finger “no,” with an adorable look to the camera. Aw, good job, Dmitry! Nigel says that Dmitry’s personality and humor is hidden by the Russian accent. Man, Nigel hates Russian people! I think it’s obvious that America adores Dmitry.

It’s time for Chris Brown to perform … uh oh, more filler. There’s a little feature on what dance means to Chris Brown. Dance means a lot to Chris Brown. Now sing already! I like his background dancers, and he’s actually singing (see how it’s done, Rihanna?) Whoa, at the end of his song, they play the unmistakeable “Thriller” evil laughter. I bet Wade Robson made them do that. All in all, one of the better results show performances.

And now it’s time to watch Martha get the boot. She does indeed get the boot, and her reaction convinces me once again that they tell the contestants the results in advance. Martha’s wearing a gigantic silver dollar sign on her bustier, by the way. It’s time for the Video Montage of Sadness, set to KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See.” Natalie bawls her eyes out, possibly in relief, and Martha does her solo dance one more time. Adorably, all the other contestants clap and cheer her on. Don’t worry, Martha, you’ll be shaking it in a rap video soon enough.

After the break, Ryan and Dmitry go up to hear the results … and SHOCKER! Dmitry’s going home! Wow, I did not see that coming at all. Especially since I just asserted that America loves Dmitry. My bad! I guess the voters really do value Nigel’s opinion. Ha, the music guys totally fuck up, and can’t figure out which song to play for Dmitry’s last solo. After some awkwardness, the music gets straightened out and Dmitry does his thang, finishing with a big rip of the shirt. Then Ivan jumps on Dmitry, and they hug in a way that makes me question their sexuality, until the rest of the So You Think You Can Dancers converge on them for a big group hug. Aw, what a nice moment. And that’s it for tonight’s show! Bye, Dmitry! I’ll miss you!



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  1. You get the feeling that the judes did not want to offend black people, by letting both Martha and Ryan go the same night.

  2. yeah not after what happened on American Idol.

    but i don’t understand, Dmitry was DEFINATLY better than Ryan. honestly….you know it’s fixed…..just like AI is.

    ps……and WHAT exactly is wrong with the Backstreet Boys, again?

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I love boy bands, and somewhere I have the ticket stub from the Into the Millennium tour to prove it. I didn’t love the “Everybody” video, though. My point was that Wade Robson was clearly going for a dance with a hip, edgy feel, and while Backstreet was once hugely popular, they’ve never been edgy.

  4. no way ryan is a better dancer. demitry was full of himself and had alot of confidence thats why people thoguht hes was this awesome dancer. he just had the stage presence.

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