Tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance (July 19)

July 19, 2006 at 8:04 pm | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance | 6 Comments

The wait is over. Everything changes tonight — new partners! New judges! Live blog after the jump! (This was a two hour show, so get ready for a seriously long post.)

Wow, check out how hot Cat Deeley looks tonight! Hair and dress are both awesome. Have I mentioned how much I like her? WhatEVER, Lauren Sanchez. THIS is how to be a professional television presenter.

Uh oh, looks like the stylist forgot to work on anybody else … what is Heidi wearing? What is up with Allison’s hair? Sigh. A lot of people seem to be doing the “butt dance” for their intro, including Benji, oddly enough. Maybe they’re trying to win points with ghetto fabulous judges Cicely and Olisa. And they’ve let the French guy judge this week, too. We’re off to an interesting start.

Ivan and Martha do a Shane Sparks hip-hop routine — I love the hats and trench coats! I thought it looked pretty good, except for some slight unison problems, but the real star was Shane Sparks’s choreography. He’s so freaking awesome. I think the judges are a being a little harsh on Martha; sure, there wasn’t any real chemistry, but it wasn’t exactly a “chemistry” routine. Ivan continues to rock.

Holy shit, Donyelle! Way to show up Ivan and Martha with her hip-hop solo — Martha can’t dance like that with two good toes! Except for the “Too Much Booty in the Pants” routine, this is the first time we’ve seen Donyelle do hip-hop. Even though Nigel said her specialty was hip-hop, she auditioned with a contemporary routine. And her hair and wardrobe look great!

I don’t know how I feel about this French judge. Say what you will about Dan Karaty or Brian Friedman, but their comments are typically very insightful. This guy — we’ll, I guess it’s a litle early to write him off completely.

Ew, Dmitry’s shirt is hideous. And while the boy does have very nice abs, I could do without him ripping his shirt open every five seconds. I thought his solo was boring as usual, but he clearly did put more effort into it this week. His interactions with Cat totally crack me up; I bet after the show, Cat is dialing in for Dmitry.

Heidi and Travis! This is going to be awesome, I can already tell. And it was! Those two drama queens work very well together, and I think that’s the best paso doble we’ve seen. I don’t really love Travis’s S&M outfit, but Heidi looked fantastic.

Ryan and Allison are doing a Mia Michaels contemporary routine. This should be easy for both of them, but Mia’s giving Ryan a hard time. Wow, Ryan just accidentally bit Allison in the ass. Okay, that was officially the weirdest fucking routine I’ve ever seen. Allison and Ryan are wearing leotards and eyepatches — seriously. They both were fantastic, and there was some really cool choreography in there, but Ryan in a leotard isn’t exactly something I was dying to see.

Martha’s solo … is lame. It’s like she tried to copy Natalie’s routine from last week and sex it up, except she forgot the “sexy” part. She also covered up her face with a gigantic green gardening hat. This hat … it’s even worse than the Mia Michaels eyepatches. Worse than EYEPATCHES. Do they not have mirrors backstage? Martha has thoughtfully paired the giant green hat with a polka dot headscarf and a bustier. You can’t make this shit up! As for the dancing, I guess she was trying to do something dramatically different from last week, but she really should have stuck with contemporary. Predictably, the judges rip her a new one. Unlike earlier, she deserves it this time.

It’s Ivan’s solo! He’s popping! And he’s … floating? IVAN IS MAGIC! Oh, never mind, he’s just wearing those skate shoes. His routine is pretty sweet — he’s incorporated the skates seamlessly, so it’s like moonwalking taken to the next level. And the judges hate all over it! Nigel and the French guy think the skates are gimmicky, and Cicely and Olisa request a little more personality. I disagree with the ghetto fab girls; Ivan’s all about the personality, and I loved the solo.

Dmitry and Donyelle do the Lindy Hop, and it looks really good. Poor Benji — the West Coast Swing champion never gets to dance swing! However, it’s nice to see Donyelle without Benji for a change; because the two of them are so good together, I forget how incredible they both are individually. Dmitry does well this week, but the judges ding him a little on technique. All the judges love Donyelle — she sends Olisa (one half of the Ghetto Fab Pair) into a twitching, jibbering frenzy.

And now it’s time for Benji! Benji and Natalie will be dancing jazz, and Tice is choreographing, so it should be fantastic. Natalie looks really freaked out, strangely enough, but Tice calms her down. I love the routine, and Benji looks incredible. Natalie’s not making eye contact wih Benji, though, and it really affected my enjoyment of the performance. The best part about Allison and Ivan’s contemporary routine was their emotional connection, and you can’t get that connection if you’re not looking at your partner. Natalie’s technique is beautiful, though. The judges love them, and I’m glad they don’t criticize Natalie, because she looks pretty close to a breakdown.

The judges totally suck this week, by the way. This French guy might be a fantastic dancer and fluent in English, but he needs to learn some more descriptive adjectives. And I am so over the Ghetto Fab Twins — I love their choreography, but they sound like idiots.

Heidi’s solo is basically ballroom set to the Black Eyed Peas. It’s cute and well done, and her costume looks beautiful, but these ballroom solos always look weird. The judges disagree, and overwhelm Heidi with praise — Nigel even says she doesn’t look Cabbage Patch-y! — so this is an unqualified success.

It’s time for Ivan and Martha’s second routine, and … uh oh. The dreaded waltz! Ivan’s acting pretty goofy in rehearsals, and I am very scared for him. And poor Martha, having to go out and dance after being destroyed by the judges. I thought Martha’s lines were nice, and Ivan’s were very good, better than I was expecting. However, the judges hate all over it, and criticize Ivan for not holding the frame. They continue to say that Martha’s “holding something back,” and she looks close to tears. I don’t know, perhaps the form wasn’t perfect, but I still enjoyed it. The judges are clearly out for blood — Martha’s blood — so it think it’s safe to say she’s going home next week.

Travis’s solo is next. I like his outfit, and I like this solo better than the one from last week. He looked very comfortable, and it really fit the song (Gavin DeGraw’s “Belief”). It was a lot more joyous than his typical angst-ridden work. Aw, good job, Travis! The judges like it, too.

It’s time for Allison and Ryan’s second routine, and Tice is choreographing! I love Tice! This is the best Broadway routine I think I’ve seen on the show, and they looked really cute. Allison’s hat fell off at one point, and she made this adorable face and picked it up, staying in character the whole time. She’s such a pro. The judges kill Ryan as usual, but I think it’s a little undeserved this week. He looked better tonight than he has all season. He just has this upper body stiffness that’s a little off-putting. Everyone loves Allison, of course.

It’s time for Natalie’s solo, and she’s taken the judges’ advice and toned down the sex kitten act. She does an emotional contemporary routine, and it’s really fantastic. Her parents are in the audience, and Natalie pulls a Travis (a Benji?) and cries.

Benji’s solo! I LOVE THIS GUY. He ends his solo by shaking his ass into the camera and pulling a Doctor Evil face. The judges think he’s wonderful, because he is, and Nigel praises him for no skates, no open shirt, no gimmicks. However, I feel that it’s my duty to report to you that Benji looks like he’s dressed for Middle School Prom 1994. Two words: Glitter Tie.

It’s time for Donyelle and Dmitry to samba, and it is fantastic. This might be the best performance of the night. I’m glad to see Dmitry doing well for a change, but I’m impressed to see that Donyelle totally comes up to his level. She looks incredible, too, in a hot blue dress. I can’t believe she rocked those heels with a broken toe. I feel bad for Dmitry, because his shirt is open to his navel, and Nigel just slammed him for flashing his pecs every three seconds. Whatever, it’s not like he picks his own clothes.

Heidi and Travis are next with a contemporary routine involving a bench and a flower, and Mia Michaels makes Heidi cry. Damn you, Mia! Heidi will be great, I’m sure. And … she is great! She’s got a little of that Ryan upper-body stiffness, but it’s really pretty good. Unfortunately, it looks like Mia got frustrated with Heidi and left her sitting on the bench the whole time. Nigel doesn’t care, and tells Heidi she was sensational. The Idiot Twins like it, and Frenchie does, too.

It’s time for Allison’s solo, and it’s wonderful. She’s dancing to Pat Benatar’s “We Belong to the Night,” her costume is really cute, and even though it’s very similar to her other contemporary solos, it’s very well integrated with the music. The judges criticize her for being too smiley. The judges are officially weirdos. I would understand if they’d said that to Ivan after his waltz — there, the smile looked goofy. With Allison’s routine, it looked totally appropriate.

Natalie and Benji are doing hip-hop! I’m so excited for another Shane Sparks routine. Apparently, Natalie has trouble with booty-popping, and I guess that’s what she was crying in the earlier video, because she doesn’t exactly have it down. I love watching Benji do hip-hop, it’s so hilarious. Actually, I don’t think this routine was Shane’s best work. The dancing looks pretty good, though. Not fantastic, but good — they’re both fabulous dancers and it was fun to watch. Nigel says they didn’t have chemistry, or unison, which is definitely a legitimate critique of this performance. The Idiot Twins agree, but Frenchie likes it. Of course, the Idiot Twins are the experts, so suck it, Frenchie.

Ryan’s solo is last, it’s contemporary, and it’s pretty much what I expected. The judges praise him, but it’s clear they think he’s going home. And that’s it for tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance!



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  1. The Idiot Twins is the perfect word for them. They suck. Thankfully they have calmed down since some of their earlier appearances. The first time I saw them I wanted to break my own TV. They are the human equivalent to a dog whistle or worse Tyra Banks. I’m sure they can dance well or whatever but perhaps they should just stick to that because they lack the ability to a r t i c u l a t e thoughts…not sure if they have any. Frenchie has the same problem. “Keep going weeeth ze grate moooovmenT!” lame. I just watched tonight’s show. I felt like I could see the dollar signs in Nigels eyes. Best show ever. Donyelle and Benji need to move next door and make my life worth living. i need to see their solo cat ran away and while looking for him..I missed their dances!!

  2. I wish the judges would stop parroting Nigel and actually have some original thoughts. Can I just say that I Olisa just embarrassed black people every where with her really ghetto catcall or whatever the hell that was

  3. i think you’re totally right about the judges i mean i seriusly did not get the french guy…you’re awesome mann and keep goin wit the good movement?? yeah i would rather have mary screaming over him and the ying yang twins who in my opinion are 2 of the most annoying people everr

  4. I don’t like those twins, they are so stupid just like that french judge. ughh…

  5. Why isn’t Shane Sparks judging anymore? Not only is he hot, he is respectful and critical in his comments. I’m disapointed I don’t get to see more of him.

  6. I miss Shane on the judging panel, too — he hasn’t been a judge because he choreographed routines. Hopefully he’ll be on the panel next week. He’s definitely one of my favorites!

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