Ashlee and Musa open up to

July 19, 2006 at 2:51 pm | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance, TV News | 2 Comments

Great interview with So You Think You Can Dancers Ashlee and Musa here! Ashlee’s going on tour with someone, which is awesome. I’m going to give a little hate to Ashlee’s bowler hat fetish, though — girl, your hair is cute, stop covering it up. It sounds like Musa and Natalie didn’t get along well in rehearsals, which just means they’re even better actors than I thought. I’m glad the two of them are getting encouragement and offers, because they really were fun to watch. I hope Musa gets an offer to do a tour, too — I would totally pay to see that kid. Get him on stage with Kelly Clarkson.

I think I’m going to live blog So You Think You Can Dance tonight (EST).



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  1. Why does Natalie pretend to love musa and then hang all over Benji?

  2. Omg No way she her n Musa were so hott she wasent pertending they had Great chemistry they were like best friends. N she was not hangin ova Benji. is that the only episode u have seen she n musa r always doin weird stuff n its fun n entrtaining srry but she did love Musa did u see how bad she cryed when he left. I was sad to!!!!!
    Them n Ivan n Alison were mahh fav. couples n i liked Dmitry He was SOOOO funny

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