So Now I Think Ivan Can Dance

July 13, 2006 at 12:35 am | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance | 2 Comments

I can’t believe I wanted this kid cut the first week. Tonight’s contemporary performance was incredible, and when Mary Murphy started crying, I almost choked up, too. He wasn’t perfect, but he was a joy to watch. Allison is fantastic, and will give Benji some serious competition to win it all (especially if the stylists keep straightening her hair — such an improvement).

Speaking of Benji, he and Donyelle rocked as usual, but damn, I hate that Hairspray musical crap. If they had to do Broadway, couldn’t they have at least been West Side Story gang members or something? Brian Friedman was making his Benji hate pretty obvious in weeks prior, so I was glad to see him admit it and eat his words.

I am so over Natalie and Musa. Don’t get me wrong, Musa is still awesome, and Natalie’s practically a pro. But I’m over their whole sexy schtick, and Musa doesn’t look comfortable with the choreography, even with this week’s hip-hop routine.

So who’s going home? In my fantasy world, Ryan and Ashlee. But that’s not going to happen, because then Heidi and Dmitry would be paired together, and the judges don’t want that to happen. Why? Because Heidi and Dmitry are actually partners on the ballroom circuit.

When I heard Nigel call Benji and Donyelle the frontrunners, I wondered if Nigel’s trying to land them in the bottom three for dramatic tension, or other nefarious purposes. After all, that’s what happened to Allison after Mary called her the future winner. And people are less likely to vote for couples who are already perceived to be safe … well, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. Can’t wait!

You can vote (again) for your favorite on TV Guide’s front page.



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  1. You took the words right out of my mouth!! Im over Natalie and Musa as well, there stuff is always the same- ‘sexy’. They need to do something different. I adored Ivan and Allison’s dance as well, even if I didnt not like him in the first couple episodes. That dance was WOW.

  2. Ya right i love their lil love thing its so cute n funny

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