America’s top ten dancers!

July 13, 2006 at 10:52 pm | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance | 2 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen: Natalie, Allison, Martha, Donyelle, Heidi, Benji, Dmitry, Travis, Ivan, and Ryan!

All in all, I’m sorry to see Musa go, but I’m happy with the results. Musa was more fun to watch than Ryan, but was clearly struggling with the choreography. Ashlee was cute and did seem to pick the steps up pretty well, but the competition just got too stiff.

Ivan and Allison were so adorable when they heard they were staying, I could barely stand it! I take back what I said about Ivan being unattractive (but he does look like Fievel the mouse).

Okay, and when Dmitry started hitting on Cat Deeley — HILARIOUS. Easily the second-funniest thing I’ve seen all season (second, of course, to The Faceplant). So, what’s up with Donyelle’s foot? I hope she doesn’t have to drop out of the competition; that would be devastating.

I don’t usually comment on Travis and Martha, because although they’re both fantastic, I’m just not that into them. But what’s the deal with Travis constantly sticking his foot in his mouth? He’s got this pattern of acting cute, dancing fabulously, and then saying something annoyingly arrogant. He should really take a PR lesson from Dmitry.

And speaking of bad PR: oh, Natalie. She’s a great dancer, but needs to learn some diplomacy. Yes, everyone knows you got “stuck” with the untrained Musa, but you didn’t need to call him out on national television. She caught herself before she went too far, but it was still toe-curlingly awkward. Plus, although she might have been carrying Musa through the dancing, Musa’s pretty face was carrying her through the voting — the man has a fanbase.

I’m glad Nigel told her to quit it with the sex kitten persona; it was good advice. Of course, Nigel encouraged her to do the sexy thing in the first place by complimenting her on it every previous week, so it was kind of his fault.

I’m excited to see the new partners next week, but less psyched for the solos. I haven’t seen any solo this season that compares to Nick Lazzarini’s or Blake McGrath’s. Frankly, Musa’s been the most fun to watch solo. Folks better step it up!



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  1. hi i think donyelle is the BEST dancer in the show!!!!!!!!

  2. i would like to see them in like a chart like no. 1,2,3 you know and i would like to know what school they go to to learn

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