Benji and Donyelle’s Vietnamese waltz

July 12, 2006 at 6:58 pm | Posted in So You Think You Can Dance | 7 Comments

This stuff gets pulled off of YouTube so quickly, I almost hate to embed it in the post. But my love for Benji and Donyelle will not die, so here’s their waltz from last week’s episode, set to oddly chosen Bryan Adams music.

Seriously, how incredible is their timing? Every lift, Benji launches Donyelle into the air at the exact right moment. These two are definitely making it into the final four.

Updated: Download this clip here (from Vixen on the Edge).



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  1. he wants to kiss her 🙂
    they are amazing together.

  2. How is this a Vietnamese Waltz…?
    What’s Vietnamese about it…?

  3. It’s a joke. It’s a Viennese waltz, but Donyelle kept calling it the Vietnamese waltz instead. If you get the opportunity to watch the whole episode, it’ll make sense.

  4. You Tube has already yanked it. I wanted to see this again. I google it and this came up. Thanks for saving it.

    The song has a waltz tempo, and it’s refreshing to see a traditionally musically staid genre such as ballroom dance, using popular music. Vienna, Vietnam… hell, it’s hot hot hot. And never have two people shown such charisma and chemistry that were tossed together unexpectedly as Benji and Donyelle. Call them Benjelle if you well. If they stayed together, they could be Astaire and Rogers all over again.

    America is in love.

  5. look for Benji videos on … she has Donyelle’s incredible Viennese Waltz and Cha-Cha …OMG that is a sexy woman!!

  6. Simply breathtaking.
    I love Benjelle!

  7. omg! I found it! thankyou so much for uploading this clip. I love these two together. They have so much chemistry! The show has only just started here in Australia and we seen their first dance together. So good. Had to go and find more. Thankyou for uploasing!

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